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  1. What this mod does is when your pokemon has max EV's and Perfect IV's it's sprite will change. it's a way to incentivise breeding and ev training. I'm also aware that some of the sprites look like shit, a program recolored them. had I done them by hand it would have taken forever to replace all the ones who look terrible.
  2. Ever felt like training your pokemon to the best isn't as rewarding as it could be? Ever wanted to boast about how strong you pokemon is without having to say anything? This mod if for you. Welcome to the Sage System. The Sage System takes the luck away from shiny hunting and turns it into a labor based effort to boast about how powerful your pokemon is. Upon maxing out a Pokemon's EV's and IV's a pokemon will undergo a pallet swap and it's strength will be shown rather than hidden. Download the rar file and extract it's contents to the base of your Reborn Version 18.4 game and enjoy seeing your hard work show through more than just combat. Requirements: SWM Modular Mod Pack [E18.4]: Reborn E18.4 the Data back below Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j4qmel5w9vy5fh/The Reborn Sage.rar?dl=0 Some pokemon will look terrible, you are free to modify them to your heart's content
  3. How would I go about making a mod compatible with this?
  4. In Darchlight Caves, if you go Florin Route, not telling him about Flora, once you get to the part right before the glass making section, the game bugs out and swaps to Erins route
  5. Narcissa sidequest, in the old mansion, you can 'flip the lever' behind indefinitely, allowing the event to be reset eternally
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