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  1. So... it's been... six months?  Eight months?  since I've last picked up Pokemon Reborn.


    I've just got... one thing to say to everyone... All my favorite characters whose names I can't remember, Cain, Charlotte, that one chess game gym leader, anyone I know on here whom I've sadly forgotten... And of course, to Amethyst, who I can't thank enough for making this addictive story... I'M BACK, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!


    *Doctor who theme 'I am the Doctor' plays*


    Now... let's get to work, shall we...? *grins slyly*

  2. *slow claps* ...I honestly, sincerely salute you for your marketing genius.
  3. Also, I just had an idea. I have a lot of free time lately (winter break and all.) Since I'm good with grammar/vocabulary and such, if you want, I could proofread your work, edit it, and then you and I could go over what I changed and we can tweak it to where you like it. That way you don't have to worry about grammar as much, and I'd have spent my free time well. Just a thought~
  4. ...Well, this is awkward AF. I'm kind of stuck on what to write for the next chapter. I know I want him to head to the Team Prometheus base, but at the same time, I feel like it's too soon. I'd also like to have a flashback for when he meets his second teammate, as well as a 'proving battle' for both Undai and Ignis Deus (the new Cyndaquil buddy). But other than that I've got nothing, because my muse seems to be on vacation and isn't accepting calls. Could anyone leave some suggestions here? Almost any little thing is a big help. Also, who should I have the two new teammates fight? Please no extreme matchups like lvl 10 Cyndaquil vs lvl 27 Wartortle or some such craziness. ALSO, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!
  5. 0.0 Oh dear lord that picture is amazing XD It looks like Joseph Joestar took up pokemon training hahaha Edit: Upon downloading said image that's exactly what it is XD
  6. ...I'll try not to take offense to that. Since that's all I end up doing XD Seriously, though, I've found that if you can't read your sentence aloud in one comfortable breath, then there's often something you need to change. It's a neat little trick you can use for 'pacing' your sentences.
  7. I read a good bit of your fanfic and I noticed a couple recurring problems. Your paragraphs are good, but your sentences often need to be broken up a little bit; Try using more commas, it'll make it easier to read. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to overdo it, so be careful. Also, some of the sentences have a strange 'cadence' when you read them. If you're not sure about a sentence, try saying it aloud--you can alter it verbally and then type that in. Other than that, and a couple small grammar issues, your writing seems pretty good. Keep it up!
  8. XD Um... I don't know why this ticks you off so much but ok then haha Also he wasn't really 'born with a silver spoon' as you say. Yes, he is the son of a gym leader, but that gym leader is Norman from Pokemon Emerald. And while he doesn't replace Brendan from the same game, he is the 'little brother' of said replacement. Lastly, while he did beat three leagues, he's only the champion through technicality, as he never truly accepted the title, just the win. All that said, I'm glad you want to read more! ...I also hope you don't mind waiting a bit between chapters because I have no outline and it takes me a while to write XP
  9. Chapter 3: Thief I stood outside my parents’ home, hood up and hands in my pockets, looking as inconspicuous as possible. I walked around to the back of the house, not wanting to make them aware of my presence. If they knew I was here, they would want me to stay. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching, I quickly and quietly scaled the side of the house, avoiding the windows. My old bedroom was on the second floor, and the porch beneath it had a roof extending out. Using this as a landing of sorts, I slid the window open, climbing inside and crossing the room. Feeling like a thief in my own house, I avoided the creaking spot on the floor, pulling out my pocket knife. The glass case with my weapon inside had a simple, one tumbler lock. I stuck the tip of the knife into the lock, and with one quick, up and down wiggle, the lock turned. I opened the case, pulling out the sword, and replaced it with a short note to my parents: Mom-Dad-Serra and Eric Sorry I couldn't stay. I'm sorry I left for six years. I'm going to make things right, I promise. Going to try and get my team back. I won’t be going alone. I hope you're doing better than I am. I'll be back as soon as I can. Please understand. ~Seth I left the case open, then, making sure to step good and hard on that creaky spot. I jumped out the window, making a second short jump off the porch roof in time to hear my door burst open. I sprinted for the forest, stopping at the edge. I watched my window, half hoping one of them would look, half begging them not to. My father stood there, watching me. As we locked eyes, he nodded once. Go. I nodded back, my face wet. I wasn't sure if it was rain or tears. I turned, sprinting through the thick woodland. I had to get far away, and fast. I shouldn't have gone there--Team Prometheus was almost certainly watching my house. I headed for Oldale town, hoping that next time I was here, it wouldn't be simply to grab my blade. Cutting through the woods, I saw lots of small Pokemon, from Zigzagoon and Poochyena to Oddish and Wurmple. Taillow flitted between the trees, singing their songs and bickering. It all brought back memories, from when I had first set out as a trainer. I had just left town, a new Pokedex in hand and trainers ahead of me. Elesa was more than ready to battle, and I was looking forward to testing my mettle against other trainers. Fortunately, everyone here was probably too low-leveled to take her down, even with a full team of six. ...Right? As I turned the corner, I spotted a familiar brown pilot jacket with the black and ‘burnt orange’ baseball cap. I flinched inwardly, half hoping he wouldn’t see me. He was sitting down with his back to a tree, his new Quilava curled up next to him. Cracking one eye open as I came closer, he stood to greet me. “Hey Seth! I didn’t know you were coming out today; I would have joined you.” he said, hands in the pockets. Under his jacket was an orange button-up shirt, and he wore black jeans and a pair of shoes matching his hat. “Hey, Eric. Let me guess: you want to battle.” I said, greeting my older brother. “Heck yeah I want a battle! You’re my little brother, and I want you to beat me. I’ll even let you pick who you fight.” he said energetically. I sighed, my former enthusiasm gone with the wind. Elesa’s, however, only mounted higher, and her eyes were already glowing blue from her Psychic energy. “Are you sure about this? You’re level 36, his team’s gotta be level 75 or higher.” I said to her, getting a firm nod in reply. I looked at the Quilava, who was now sitting next to Eric’s leg, looking back at me curiously. Too young; it wouldn’t be a challenge for Elesa, and I didn’t want to wimp out in front of my brother. “Show me your team then. I want an even fight.” Eric smiled, pulling out his pokedex and showing me his team. Flygon, Aggron, Manectric, Quilava, Mightyena, and Swampert. Almost all of them high-leveled Pokemon, except for… “Mightyena. He’s only level 45, it’s close enough.” I said, figuring I could probably balance it out with his neutral attacks and Elesa’s Fairy moves. “Alright, let’s do this Mortdecai.” Eric said, sending out the large black and grey hound. Elesa hovered slightly, her eyes glowing. The Mightyena growled, its hackles raised. Each stared the other down, waiting for their trainer’s commands. “Elesa, be careful. His attacks may be neutral but he’s still a level 45. You’ll definitely feel it if he catches you.” I said. She nodded, and I moved back, giving them room to fight. Eric looked me in the eye, saying “I won’t take it easy on you just because you’re my little bro. Got it?” I surprised him with a grin. “We wouldn’t have it any other way.” He smiled at that. “Good answer! Mortdecai, use Snarl! Keep lowering her stats!” “Surprise him with Secret Power! Try and paralyze him!” she dove forward, drawing power from the forest around her. I was fairly sure the move would get a chance to poison, but it wasn’t what I was betting on. If he was paralyzed, she could use Double team to dodge all his attacks. Wait, didn’t he say keep lowering her stats? But the battle just started--he couldn’t have lowered them yet, right? I thought. In a direct contradiction, Elesa’s Secret Power hit Mortdecai directly in the forehead… doing almost nothing. Instead, she was hit with Snarl at point blank range, pushing her back and leaving her open to a painful looking Headbutt, sending her flying back. Crap! What happened--it should have forced his head down, making the attack miss… ‘Keep lowering her stats!’ “That’s not very fair of you, big bro. Having him discretely use Growl constantly from the second he was out of the Pokeball, and stalling for time with idle chat.” I said calmly, watching Elesa. “Start using double team! Don’t attack yet--just do it!” I shouted, feeling something itching at the back of my mind. “Seth, the battle starts from the moment the pokemon are released. You’re not gonna see this trap from many trainers, but you shouldn’t be afraid to fight a little dirty--it could give you all the advantage you need.” Eric said, not bothering to tell his Mightyena what to do. Instead, it attacked without prompt, chasing Elesa and destroying her after images. I swore under my breath, remembering the second effect of Snarl. It lowers the special attack of the receiver--he was constantly making her weaker. “Disarming voice, now! Hit him with everything you’ve got!” I shouted, focusing on Elesa. She had taken a lot of hits, and should have fainted by now. She was also moving slower, showing how tired she was. If I didn’t finish this soon, she could get seriously hurt. Don’t you mean we? Elesa said to me. You’re forgetting who’s doing all the fighting. Sure, you lose too, but I’m the one who has to take the pain. And then there’s your brother; He’s not ignoring his pokemon, he just trusts him. Unlike the two of us right now, they are a team. I flinched, her words stinging a little. What do you suggest? I said. We’ve been avoiding my Psychic powers since he’s a dark type. But do you remember the Flygon we met with Earth Power? We can replicate that here. I thought it over in my head. Do it. We might still lose this, but at least we’ll leave a lasting impression. I said to her. She immediately used her psychic abilities to pull herself away from the battle, then switched to ripping up sizable chunks of the ground and either building a wall or hurling them at Mortdecai. She hid behind the earthen barrier, using the ground beneath Mortdecai to hurl the Mightyena into the air, breaking it into smaller pieces and battering him with it. Clever as this plan may have been, though, her strength was fading. When Elesa was well rested, her eyes would glow blue when she used her powers. However, the more power she used, the less her eyes glowed; it was an effective gauge for how much longer she’d last in a fight. At the moment, her eyes had a minimal glow, and her attacks were very weak. I looked at the two combatants, taking advantage of the brief lull in the fight. Elesa had caused a lot of damage to the black hound, but considering their current states, it looked like a single blow would finish off either of them. You’re close, Elesa. One more good hit. I said to her. I saw Elesa grin at me, a green orb forming above her palm. He won’t expect this, will he? she said. Realizing her plan, I smiled back. Eric, wasting no more time, shouted “Mortdecai! Rush her with Headbutt!” As her opponent rounded the wall to run at her, Elesa launched her Energy Ball, striking the ground beneath Mortdecai. However, she misjudged where he would be, and the resulting mini-explosion only pushed him towards her, and she didn’t have time to make a second attack. They collided, the Mightyena’s Headbutt striking Elesa in the gut. I froze, watching her crumple to the ground, wheezing; Eric had won the fight. In a way, I wasn’t surprised, just frustrated and worried about Elesa. I helped her up, turning to my brother. He slowly clapped his hands, whistling lowly. “That was incredible; you not only nearly beat the level and type disadvantage, but you did it with style too! Substituting Earth Power with her natural telekinesis… I haven’t had a fight like that in a good while. Even if you did lose, that’s a fight to be proud of!” I smiled at Elesa, letting her lean on me for support. “Well, we did have a good teacher. Dad was letting me watch fights in his gym, and we had a few 1v1 matches. After I started playing to her strengths, things got a lot easier for us.” Eric nodded, saying “Yeah, Dad taught me some stuff too. I owe him a lot--in fact, I was meaning to visit him today but he wasn’t at the gym. On the other hand… it’s best we get Elesa to a Pokemon Center ASAP. I’ll get you to Oldale town, so you don’t have to battle the other trainers. Besides, Quilava here could use the experience.” Pulling her Pokeball out of my pocket, I said “I’d appreciate it. Do you want to walk or sleep in the ball, Elesa?” Wordlessly, she pressed the Recall button, getting sucked inside the plastic sphere. Putting the Pokeball safely in the inner pocket of my vest, we jogged the short distance to Oldale town. *** I sighed, the memories bittersweet. It was one of the few truly memorable moments I had with my older brother, since we were both always on the move. I missed my family, and right now, my brother seemed like the only one who could truly help me. But what about Cory and Mira? Those two seem like capable trainers. I’m sure they’d be able to help me get my team back. Besides, they know what they’re getting into. It’s just as much their choice as it is mine. I snapped myself out of my mini-trance, hearing something whimper. It was coming from a bush to my left. Cautious, I knelt down, slowly lifting the branches. Seeing what was beneath them, I tilted my head back, chuckling darkly at Fate's sense of humor. It has a peculiar way of dredging up memories made sore from loneliness. A young Cyndaquil with black and cream fur was curled up under the bush, hiding from the rain. I opened my jacket, reaching out to pick him up. Opening his eyes, he let out a startled squeak, puffing bright blue sparks, but not really able to make flames in the rain. I picked him up regardless, pulling him into the dry and safe confines of my jacket. Feeling him shake from cold and fear, I quietly comforted him, making small shushing sounds until he fell back to sleep. Smiling, I tilted my head back again, seeing the rain begin to dissipate. I began to wonder: was fate really laughing at me, or was it trying to tell me something? *** I am actually pretty happy with how this chapter turned out! It took me a long time to write four pages (almost) but in the end I feel like it was worth it. As before, please let me know if you spotted anything I need to fix, and I'll edit the post, and later the original document. I am open to all suggestions and criticisms!
  10. Please keep in mind: (I actually should have put this in the actual story, but...) All Cory's ever heard of Seth is underground whispers of a legendary trainer who could only be beaten if dozens of team Prometheus lackeys set upon him at once. I AM going to have Cory see that Seth is only human, and (spoiler alert) get into a fight with him to try and get his head on straight. Mira sees Seth as a strong trainer that her cousin decided to help. She's not sure about his abilities yet, but she is willing to trust him. As she only really wants to protect Cory in all of this, she'll help however she can. (I'm struggling to keep her from becoming a literal third wheel character.) Hopefully that makes things a little easier for you to understand.
  11. Telekinetic: Causes the user to Levitate and sharply increases sp. atk. Cannot be used multiple times. Effects end if Pokemon is swapped out.
  12. Please keep a couple things in mind: The fangame Pokemon: Light Platinum is referenced here with the Zhery and Lauren regions. Nothing else about the game will be spoiled in later chapters, but I wanted to give a nod to what I believed was a well-made fangame. Also, this is possibly the last chapter placed in Reborn. Last but not least, I made a slight alteration to the Gym system, where they have the main leader (say, Amaria) taking challenges during the day, and at night, a substitute GL takes his/her place if they want to get some sleep, but not close the gym to challengers. Now, enough with the monologue--let's get this story posted. Chapter Two: Second Start As we walked, I felt guilt and pain. Yet again, I felt shame at my own cowardice, and wished I could take it all back. I could remember all the Pokemon in my team clearly, like they were right in front of me. My first team member was Elisa, who I’d traded my starter Pokemon, a Marshtomp, for. She was from another region, with the extremely rare fairy type. Trading a level 27 for a level 6 probably wasn’t my wisest idea to date, but it was very worth the risk. At the time, I was a casual trainer, not challenging the league but just training with my friends. My brother Eric had long outstripped me, challenging the league and winning badges. He wanted to be as strong as our father, Norman, the Normal Type gym leader. He ended up being stronger, my dad proudly handing him his badge on TV. I had watched the battle, studying them both. My brother and I had very different styles, with him wanting his Pokemon to take the hit and walk it off, while I wanted them to dodge everything. My Marshtomp had a low speed stat, and we didn’t get along. When a trader from Unova had come along, I was fascinated with the strange Pokemon he brought. Marshtomp and I said our goodbyes and I swapped him out for Jade, later to be re-named Elisa. She and I did very well in battle, as she used Double Team to dodge attacks, Draining Kiss to restore her HP when she was hit, and Confusion to push enemies away while damaging and disorienting them. When she evolved to Kirlia, and later Gardevoir, we began talking telepathically, and soon we began considering the League Challenge. I remembered that day, replaying it in my head. We were in my bedroom, Elisa sitting on my bed, me stargazing through my window. “Maybe we should challenge the League like Eric said. It couldn’t hurt, right?” I said, leaning back in my chair. She tilted her head, and I could hear her thoughts. “Perhaps this league isn’t right for us, though. You’ve shown no interest in the Hoenn gym leaders, but I’ve seen you looking through books and websites covering the Zhery and Lauren Leagues, their regions, and the native Pokemon. If you get a Pokedex, then we could use that to travel there.” It was true, I had always been more interested in foreign regions. Plus, there was little fun in taking on a league my big brother had already beaten. “It’d be fun, I think. Sure, I’d be away from home, but I have a phone so I could call every once in a while. I’d be able to make new friends, put together a good team, and we could all get stronger.” I said. Elisa stood, walking to my side. Staring out the window with me, she said “I’ll go wherever you do. We’re a team, and a good one at that. We can talk to your mom in the morning; it’s already midnight. You need to get some sleep, alright?” I nodded, already feeling sleep tugging at my eyelids. The very next day, we were on a ferry to the Zhery region. After an hour of walking we arrived at my friend’s house. Cory had been silent the whole way, while Mira had repeatedly tried to strike up conversation. I’d given her short, unhelpful responses, knowing I should talk but not in the best mood. I knocked on the door, waiting patiently. After a moment, I knocked again, thinking maybe he was asleep. After all, he did work night shifts… I tested the doorknob, finding it unlocked. Slowly walking inside, I saw a Zangoose in the adjacent room, growling at me. “Easy, Havoc. It’s me. Where’s Ionas?” I said. A voice issued from down the hall, saying “Right here. You caught me getting dressed, sorry ‘bout that.” Ionas, a substitute Water Type gym leader, came out of his bedroom and greeted us. We sat down at his table, watching as he got prepped to go to the gym. “So, Seth, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while, I was starting to get worried you’d gotten mugged.” my friend said. I smiled slightly, saying “Why would I be mugged? I own nothing of value, and anybody who looks at me knows it.” I paused. “I… need to ask a favor of you.” I waited for his response, and as he nodded to me to continue, I said “You’ve been wanting to sell a Water type. I don’t have any money, but I was hoping to borrow it. I’m going back to Hoenn-you know what that means, right?” A soft smile lit his face. “It’s about time you went back for them. She’s a Milotic named Undai. She’s got a defensive moveset, but she’s right up your alley. Take her-no charge. Don’t argue,” he held his hand up, making me close my mouth. “You helped me catch half my team, and you held on to them when I had to leave the region. You trained them, taught me, and I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. This is my way of repaying you. I’d even come with you, but I need to clear that with Ame.” He pulled an Ultra Ball out of a drawer, tossing it to me. “Go get your friends back. If you need me, I’ll be there.” I nodded, smiling. I should have figured he’d do this. “Thanks, Ionas. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to drink that…” I said, watching him lift a mug of what he considered ‘coffee’ to his lips. Bracing himself, he downed the whole mug as fast as he could, grimacing severely at the bitter taste. He gagged, making us laugh. Wiping his mouth, Ionas said “Yeah, keep laughing. I hate it, but it’s all that keeps me awake at work. Get out of my house, you lazy street rat.” We all left, still laughing, heading for the train station. When it came to part ways, Ionas and I shook hands, and bid each other goodbye. *** We were on the train, on an intercontinental railroad. Spanning an enormous ocean, it was a marvel of human construction. Cory had a Vaporeon in his lap who was purring contentedly as he stroked her spine. Mira was reading a book, and I was just staring at the Ultra Ball. Memories floated over my vision, threatening to strip me of my good mood. I remembered one particular day with Elisa more prominently than the others, and it sparked an idea within my mind. I was sitting on a log, and she was across from me, staring into my eyes. I was trying to use telepathy, and failing miserably. She was gently coaching me, encouraging me to keep trying. She had opened a link between us, but it was one way-from my mind to hers. I was trying to peer inside her mind, and while she swore she wasn’t resisting, I couldn’t change the direction of the link. “Can you go over it again? I think I’m missing something.” I said, trying not to wince at the headache I was developing. She broadened the link, allowing her to speak in my mind. “Focus on the link. You can already see it-the pink/blue line connecting us. Now just focus on relaxing all the various parts of your mind. Once you’ve done that, feel the link. It’s narrow, only flowing one way, much like a small river. You need only make it wider, allow the energy to head both ways, side by side, forming a circuit. If you can do that, you’ve succeeded.” I nodded, glad she was so patient. My own frustration was nearly palpable in the air, and I felt stupid. I forced myself to relax, feeling the link return to its narrowed state. When I had calmed down, I felt around for the link, found it, and ignored everything else. I tapped my finger against the log, contemplating the intrusive psychic presence. Elisa was using it to monitor my emotions, but allowed me to keep my privacy. Perhaps I could use that. I began raising memories at random, putting them in front of the link. I could feel it trying to avoid them-they were blocking it from accessing my emotions. I forced one through the link, allowing my consciousness to follow it, making a blind spot for myself. Suddenly, I could feel Elisa's mind, her surprise and confusion, then a mild sense of satisfaction. I had essentially made a Trojan Horse... hiding within a seemingly innocent object to sneak past her defenses. I smiled, pulling back into my own head and letting her speak. “Nicely done, Seth. I didn’t expect you to get through so easily; most Psychic Type trainers take months to even push an emotion through.” My smile broadening, I said “I have a good teacher. What’s next?” She laughed, saying “You rest. I can feel your headache, and that’s only going to distract you. When you’re better, you can try different methods of widening the link, and when you’ve mastered that, you’ll have to break my defenses-and create your own. I’m also hungry. Let’s get some berries.” Back in the present, I decided to try speaking to the Milotic inside the Ultra Ball. I had little else to do for a good ten hour train ride, and though I had never succeeded in breaking her defenses, I could certainly alter existing links. Perhaps I could make one of my own… Relaxing as she taught me, I focused on the ball. With my mind, I poked at it, pushing past its shell into the murky interior. I could feel a mind, pulsing with life, calmly snoozing. With surprisingly little effort, I pushed inside it, just to the edges of her consciousness. Her mind woke, and I could sense her observing me curiously. I struggled to not only maintain the link, but widen it, and after a moment, I succeeded. In my mind, I saw the two of us, floating in a vast sea of black. I spoke first. “Can you hear me? I’m Seth. Are you Undai?” She nodded, saying “Yes. It... might be nice to meet you, Seth. How are you in my mind?” “My Gardevoir, Elisa, taught me a few things. This is the first time I’ve ever made a mental link though. Apparently I’m your new trainer. I hope you don’t mind…” I said awkwardly. Undai shook her head, chuckling. "That's the first time I've had a trainer ask me for permission." Satisfied, I said “I need your help, but we’d be facing a lot of tough opponents. We won’t be alone, but it’ll still be dangerous. I don’t want to put you through anything you don’t want to do. You don’t have to choose right now; we still have ten hours on this train.” Suddenly, another link formed. It was weak, filled with what could best be described as ‘mental static.’ The static passed, the link strengthened, and for an instant, I could see Elisa. Just as I reached out to grab her, the image vanished. The link disappeared. She had been forcibly cut off. Conflicted emotions flashed through me. I knew Undai could see me breaking down, but I didn't care. I was slowly going insane from all my inner torment. When I regained control of myself, she nodded slowly at nothing in particular, then said "I'll help you. No one should go through what you have. This... Team Prometheus your thoughts are so cluttered with will not succeed in breaking us." I stood, saying "Thanks, Undai. I owe you one. I'll close the link and let you sleep. Sorry you had to see all that..." She smiled. "Sometimes it's best to show others these things. Keeping them locked away inside will only serve to make it worse." *** (Cory's POV) I watched him, curious. It felt odd to see someone capable of beating three leagues reduced to so little. I felt truly sorry for him, trying to imagine how he felt. I could tell he cared about his team; leaving them behind like he did must torture him. I knew a fair amount about Team Prometheus. They relied on brute force rather than careful strategies. A common Pokemon in their teams was either Tyranitar or Golem. They also used Poison and Dark types, but their personal favorite was, in accordance with mythology, Fire Type. They generally had a single squad assigned to each city, with six people and a squad leader. In some larger cities, they had two. It would be hard to avoid detection. I had a few trustworthy friends, as did Mira, and we could hide with them if necessary. I remembered what Ionas had said. I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. Perhaps there was more to Seth than met the eye. Leaning back in my seat, I resumed stroking Rika. It was going to be a boring train ride, but once we arrived in Hoenn, I knew things were going to get far more fast paced. I smiled, pulling out an MP3 player and putting in the earbuds. One of my favorite songs began playing, and I slowly nodded my head to the beat. Yes, when we got back, it would be dangerous... but we'd be ready. *** (Mira's POV) I was worried. We were going up against team Prometheus, who had taken over Hoenn in three days. They were powerful, dangerous, and their leader was almost certainly unhinged. And yet... Cory smiled. It was the first time I'd seen a true smile from him in a year. Since the Prometheans had taken over, he had grown increasingly introverted and callous to his surroundings. It had pained me to see this from him, since he was like a brother to me, although we were only cousins. It was good to see him smile again. Seeing Seth, practically a living legend, had given him hope. Cory wanted to fight, to take Team Prometheus down a peg. He wanted to avenge all the lives ruined by them. He was a vigilante, always fighting for those who were too weak to fight for themselves. I plucked at my sleeve, remaining silent. If Cory decided to follow Seth, then I would too. I only hoped his happiness would last... Aaaand that's the end of Chapter 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you see things I should change, feel free to leave a comment below. I'm currently halfway through the third chapter, so you should see that sometime soon, but after that.... I don't know for certain. I have other books I'm writing, schoolwork to keep up with, and I'd like to get out of the house at some point. That being said, I want to see this fanfiction completed and completed well, so I will be putting significant time into this. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day/noon/night. ~Decibel. IMPORTANT EDIT: I changed Gawain the Dragonair to Undai the Milotic. This is basically because it makes more sense for Ionas to have a water type on hand, and I didn't know what to do with Gawain once Seth gets his team back, and I have NEVER used Dragonair correctly. However, I do know how to use Milotic, and it is my preferred Pokemon, so I hope none of you mind.
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