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  1. Yo, I'm replaying this game since it sounds like there's new content and it's been a few years since I played this last iirc and I have a question. I'm trying to get a hidden ability eevee at the lillium ranch but I've soft reset at least 30 times, very possibly above 50 as well, only having gotten run away and adaptability. I know hidden abilities are possible to get naturally since I have encountered a hidden ability nidoran male earlier on, but with how much I've tried for an anticipation eevee I'm starting to doubt that it's possible. My question is basically if anyone knows if it's possib
  2. ohhh thanks dude, lowkey pissed at myself for not finishing the last 10% bc I'm pretty sure I did like 90% of this when I was in the dreamscape for the first time.
  3. yooooooo i have just finished e5 and very much got the bad ending. how do i not, if possible. cheers. just told me i didn't have enough insight, for the record.
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  5. It appears that if you enter Zone Zero and leave for me, you have the sand overworld effect on in areas that it shouldn't be, for example in Sheridan. I was able to fix this by going to Sashila then to Zorrialyn Coast, but it's still a bug worth reporting I suppose.
  6. I just experienced a bug where, presumably because I flew away from the grand dream stadium instead of taking the train, the train from route 9 only lets me go to route 9 and grand dream station. This took place after beating Adam and before I got in Nastasia's vehicle, as I paused to do a bunch of sidequests on Floria and Terajuma. I was able to use debug to warp myself to the map, but anyone without access to that would be properly screwed. (I think this goes in major bugs, but apologies if not) Edit: This bug also appears to continue even after I take the train from grand dream stadium. N
  7. I keep having an issue where, on occasion, a sound effect will just keep looping. This has happened particularly often for pokemon cries, and it will continue happening until I reset or close the game. Notably, when this happens for pokemon cries, the cries of ALL pokemon will start looping, so if I encounter a pokemon it's cry will loop, my pokemon's cry will loop, and all pokemon until I reset the game will have looping cries I believe. I have also found that this behavior will continue, even if the sound resets, after reset. It eventually goes away, generally because I close and reopen the
  8. I know several people have reported this bug but I'm very confused on what the workaround is. The bug is that after doing something in the safari zone, iirc it was fight the vileplume leading to the corrupted cave, every wild pokemon has strength sap as its fourth move. I've made significant progress since this bug happened, including catching several highly annoying safari zone mons and a shiny or two that I'm partial to, so is it possible to fix this bug without losing my progress? (Btw sorry if this is in the wrong spot I couldn't figure out where to put it) Edit: Just gave up on this
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  10. Is Sheridan Wetlands not being on this guide intentional? I don't think anyone else commented on it, but I don't see it on my end, so I'm not quite sure.
  11. Oh yeahhh I remember that now. Thanks! EDIT: So although I'm pretty sure that was what you had to do in previous versions, he is actually in a different location in V11. He is now in the oricorio meadow with a bunch of ludicolo.
  12. So I know that in previous versions Rorrim B has been on the left side of the cave you have to surf through when you need to find him for Crawli in Terajuma, but I went to the exact location he has been shown to be before and I can't find him. Was he moved in some recent version or something? If someone knows where he is I would be very grateful. (The location I looked at is in an image attached below)
  13. Ah, that makes sense. Also, I think I found a bug- it seems like the whole section in Marigold city where you join Electivire/Magmortar is bugged. I went to the Electivire side and went in, at which point nothing happened so I explored to the magma side and walked through the magma entrance guy. Then, I resetted because I figured it was a glitch, and when I came back there was a ton of Electrivire guys waiting around or something. I figured I would have a choice, but since there was no one on the Electivire side I ended up just joining magma. Edit: So I just finished episode t
  14. The reason I figured I'd be able to change to hidden abilities is that all pokemon are able to get them. Since the main games don't have that, I don't see any logical reason whatsoever that would suggest that for some reason hidden abilities for some reason shouldn't be able to be ability capsuled. If it's not a bug, then I think it should be fixed but I'm not the developer. However, neither are you, so we'll see if Silent Chord actually thinks it's a bug. Plus, I find that it's better to report things that might not be bugs than to not report them, since there is no harm done if a bug is repo
  15. I found what also seems to be a bug- my Torracat has blaze and I was going to use the ability capsule Del gave me to change it to intimidate but every time I use it it just reshuffles to blaze, which leads me to think that you can't use ability capsules to get hidden abilities? I don't see any reason for this, so I figure it's a bug.
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