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  1. In the games (since I've never played X/Y) I have yet to encounter a shiny beyond the Red Gyrados.... In Reborn, I find shiny's a lot and catch them when I can...but I was fit to cry over the loss of the Shiny Drifloon for that event...
  2. Name: Draconemeon Type: Dragon Abilities: Tough Claws/Strong Jaw/ Super Luck (Dream World) Base stats: HP- 130 Atk- 60 Def- 65 SpAtk- 95 SpDef- 110 Spd- 65 Total- 525 Evolution Method: Eevee levels up holding a Dragon Plate Pokemon Classification: Mysterious Dragon Weight: 250 Height: 2'6" Egg Group: Field Level-Up Moveset: 1: Dragon Rage 5: Twister 10: Dragon Tail 15: Dragon Pulse 20: Dragon Dance 30: Dragon Claw 45: Dragon Breath TMs/HMs: All normal and Dragon type TMs, All HMs except Surf/Whirlpool/Dive/Waterfall/Fly Egg Moves: Dual Chomp Outrage Charm Growl Bite Move Tutor: Draco Meteor Short Description of Pokemon: Draconemeon is a Dark Blue based pokemon, with highlights of Cream on his feet, ears and tail tip. His scales are a light blue blending into the dark blue of his back. If Shiny, the pallet swaps, and he becomes Cream with Dark blue ears, feet and tail tip. His scales blend from dark blue at the base to cream at the base, staying light blue. His scales run from just behind his ears to just before the base of his tail.
  3. <--- Me and my son. He's cute, must get it from his Daddy.
  4. My team (right now) Heart-- Woobat Female Glimmer-- Butterfree Female Purrs-- Persian Male SHINY!!-- Noibat Male Beauty-- Ducklett Female Sionnach-- Braixen Male Some of my box pokes have good ones too.... Sagittarius the pansage, Spyke the Cacnea, Flame the Pidove, Candi the Swirlix, and Stomach the Gulpin to pick my best....
  5. All you have to do is extract the file to where you extracted the other files. Your save file should stay intact, no moving needed. Episode 13 will be availiable after you after you extract the file where your game is now.
  6. Um...Hm....Ah! The Wings of Fire saga is good. That one's by Tui T. Sutherland And so is the Blazed triology....and Meet Me Halfway Sagas. Those are by Corri Lee...availiable for free, I think...Look on Smashwords or in your Nook Store...Amazon charges. also, nsfw because they're adult books
  7. Ha, yeah, like it says....I'm stuck on a rooftop. Mrrg. I don't wanna restart....I just captured my first ever shiny.... Game.rxdata
  8. Ok, so where to start.... My name is not really Lilia, nor any form of name that would shorten to that...Lilia is my first ever MLP OC, as well as being (on another site) my unofficial-official Pokesona. I've been playing Pokemon since the original US releases--I played Blue version, starter of choice: Bulbasaur. I've noticed I have a kind of trend with my starters for each generation (I don't have X/Y, so....) It's been Grass, Grass, Fire, Water, Water. If I ever get a 3ds and X (because I want the cool Fairy Uber), I'll be taking Fennekin because...stuff. Oh, and I like (love) MLP:FiM....I'm a Pegasister. Yep yep, I'm a girl! More importantly, I'm a mom. I have an adoracute son, always happy and smiling. I bake cookies when I'm depressed but don't eat them...in fact, I rarely indulge in sweets....when I'm mad I clean. A lot. Until I'm calm. Usually that takes a good three hours to do....go figure, when I'm mad I hold it for a while. I'm a Leo....I have a fierce temper, but an even fiercer loyalty to my family. Um.... Oh, I've been enjoying playing Reborn, at least until I got stuck on a rooftop that wasn't there before....I'm in the Lapis Ward. My team is: Heart (Woobat), Glimmer (Butterfree), Purrs (Persian), SHINY!! (Shiny Noibat), Beauty (Ducklett), and Sionnach (Braixen). I have 2 badges in game.
  9. I downloaded 13.2....saved in Lapis ward (outside) and once I installed my update....I'm stuck on a roof. >.< And here I was hoping I could keep my team since it had a shiny on it.... *cry*
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