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  1. Hey guys I'm needing a Frilish for my mono ghost run. I didn't get it from any of the eggs and I'm where I get surf and need Frilish. Good IVs in defense sp def and how preferably. Any nature that lowers attack.
  2. Does anyone know when the servers wil be fixed?
  3. for some reason i can not create a new account or login into the server. Any help?
  4. Lets Start with Mother Magic. She is the sentient being that gave magic to any magical creature. For she, it can also be a he or non binary, doesn't really matter, I just like the flow of Mother Magic. Which she sorta acts like that to her children. Her Beginning? Who knows. Her Origin will be unknown. Her existence is just like any 'God' Not reallyto be worshiped, but to devote something to her, since she is the reason you have magic. The Conflux realm is just that. A realm formed by Confluence. Were high magical concentrations merge together, but how it was built, I do not know yet. I was
  5. Would you, dobby the elf, care to help me write such entertaining plot? I can easily put it on google docs so you can edit etc. just pm me your email and i can send an invite!
  6. Thank youJericho, and what do you mean, "what to do with this further"?? and jelly... please don't what?
  7. Hello y'all I am elfen. And i am a fanfiction addict v.v Yes, I admit it.... But to the point! I have read plenty of Dark Harry fanfictions, that I want to try my hand in one! Here is a brief plotline -There is Harry Potter and his Twin Benjamin Potter. The fiasco with LV still happens and the Potter parents die. But Mother Magic(She is a sentient being who bestows magic to living creatures, etc) transports him to an orphanage, but somewhere in Russia, Rowan Ivanovich Raskonikolv, a baby that was born April three months before Harry, well Rowans mother is a squib, and she was able to get a
  8. Sooo why is the 10th floor blocked???
  9. (I'll progress on her later) Rowen sat, listening to the male before him. Interested, Rowen finally saw who this male, Skull, was. A Vampire. Such a rare oddity. How an undead has aether reside in them to convey them with life, but being able to still life force form others. 'Hmm.' Speculations began to process though Rowen's mind. The reason why vampires had to feed, despite being claimed undead-like, was due to the low amounts of Aether in their system. So they have to gain that life force from somewhere, interesting. With a small grin Rowen thought to himself, 'Tch, people thinking they su
  10. Rowen remained on the ground, not noticing the loitering silhouette near him, fluxing his mana through his body. For some reason, it felt different. The usual easy flow of mana in his blood seemed disconnected. He tried to release his mana through a simple incantation. It was suppose to create ropes bound by the casters mana, but the mana didn't flow and form at all. 'Huh, why the hell is my Sangromancy nullified?' Rowen thoughts became dismal with the frustration of not feeling complete. With a second thought, he tried to connect his aether string to the astral plane. With a sigh of relief, h
  11. Ward B or C(need clarification on this part) ((we need people to play as doctors/Nurses as well...)) "Nurse, please read me the file on..." The doctor was soon interrupted by a blonde haired woman. She had a physique of a military officer, her back erect, hair tightly put up in a bun, lips pursed in a small smile. "Rowen Evans. Age, 18. Species, Unknown, but he is half blood elf, fourth warlock and a fourth human. Abilities, Sangromancy as primary attributes, Necromancy as secondary. Intellect, superb for his age. Such a pity, his passion, second best for the urge to kill, would have taken t
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