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  1. Take your time on testing! Make it real good. But also since I mod a lot, recently I've been messing with Deso stuff, and found that the new mkps has been ... how do I put it nicely mmmm annoying. Especially when working on my old mac due to being away from home. But at the same time there might be errors if the code has already been adapted to the newer mkps. Might just be mac issues since I haven't messed with it on my windows PC. So yeah, tbh I think using the old one might be better. Dunno what is wrong with the mkps, guess it just wants to be that one kid in class who stands on the desk and screams every 5 minutes.
  2. No Pokémon Left Behind Mod Now, I'm not 100% sure about posting this here as when I asked to put Desolation forms into a Reborn/Rejuv mod they did not want it to be used yet and I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it seeing as Desolation has no Mod Market yet. However this is just changes to the Pokémon themselves and nothing else. I will remove it if I am told to. I give all credit of Desolation to the developers. As the idea is only to make some of my favorite Pokémon actually usable in a playthrough instead of sitting in my box so why make just my favorites, I'll just make all the Pokémon that sit in the box usable to make people really confused on what they could team build with. The goal of this mod is to make every Pokémon just as viable to pick and use as any other while still keeping the game balanced. To add to your game, first unzip the files, then drag and drop the Scripts folder into the Pokémon Desolation folder and say yes to replacing all files. In the future I might do some changes to some trainer teams to make them a lot more fitting to these changes. I will not be doing changes to story teams or quest teams as those have meanings to their teams most of the time. But the teams that don't have too much story meaning I might change to be a little more challenging. If you want to see the changes of the Pokémon look at the README file that is in the folder Current version 1.0: Currently the changes are done through the 151 Pokémon of generation 1. Over the next week I hope to get through generation 4. NPLB 1.0.zip
  3. I know that there are some abilities that can be edited in battler and battle. But I've wanted to know how to make custom abilities myself as well.
  4. Accessing the staff area of the Grand Hall comes after you finish the whole circus and route 2 arc and get fly to go back to Reborn. Then you need to pay for one of the construction projects at the front desk. The new ghost added is at the bottom of the staff area map. yw :)
  5. The code is there for hisiuan, just the models are backwards and the maps are not coded in for where it spawns, I can mess around with it to make at least Zoroark work but idk not too fluent with Reborn's code, so might be buggy, and need Kenzie's permission for that as well.
  6. Since I love the work you're doing with these I'll give my two pieces since you're working on the crests right now. So Ledian and Ramparados crests are ridiculously broken. Ledian's crest used to be balanced when it only had 35 base atk, but now with 75 its too strong. Ramparados always 1 shots pretty much so it gets a free ddance every kill is too op, plus the healings is too much. Maybe for Ledian reduce damage by 50% each punch and for Ramparados remove the atk increase. Keep it up! edit: For the mega lapras update, once you mega Lapras will be perma-megaed.
  7. It doesn't seem that the gmax megas work properly, when I try it with at least Lapras the mega symbol doesn't appear for it to be activated edit: claydol crest check seems to be VERY broken when an enemy trainer sends out a claydol, with or without the crest
  8. This happens if you theoretically use meteor beam with prismatic core
  9. Haha, I'm back with the same issue but now in Reborn, still no way that I know of to get it on a mac, anyone got a clue?
  10. I tested it, its compatible just you can't add in the new moves. Also has anyone seen what comet punch ledian with crest can do LOL I got 18 hits once.
  11. I love 90% of the textures, I think its just Flying and Dragon type colors can barely be distinguished and the menu11/speech11 text is unreadable with the background, I love the design but if you could change the text to white instead of grey it would be perfect.
  12. Since the mac version has a few small differences and the mod isnt just a mod folder add on, it doesnt seem to work
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