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  1. I can see now how that is a possibility but it's a grey area until the topic creator clarifies as the first post is unspecific. It wouldn't be inaccurate to refer to the players as trainers. Same basic answer either way. NPC shines are not an abnormality either, they're intentional.
  2. Most Hated Team Meteor Member: Fern comes off as the obvious vote for his blunt arrogant asshole attitude directed at us for nothing we did, which pisses us off but there is more to it than that. Not a minute after I submitted my votes, I found myself in a conflict over which is worse and/or more dangerous between his naivety and unaccounted for self-loath driven impulsiveness and Solaris's and Sirius's cold blooded murder spree. Solaris and Sirius, I believe can be categorized as psychopaths as neither seem to have an ounce of value for human or Pokemon life, snuffing them out as casually as a candle flame and neither has shown any capacity for compassion or remorse. The Water Treatment Center event's suggestion that Solaris would assassinate his own son for treason is a testament to this. If Criminal Minds uses accurate science, then research has suggested that psychopathy or the predisposition to a homicidal nature is assigned just as one's biological gender is, as some form of malformation in the brain and can be inherited. Fern's behavior is seeded in deep resentment, his own inability to accept his flaws and grow better from them. Basically, there was more of a deciding factor on his part. Interestingly, however, I sensed some possible psychopathy in him as well in his response to Corey's suicide. Granted, Corey wasn't the most innocent of people, he was consumed and misguided by pain (I'm wondering if the same is true of Connal, these spells he seems to have of speaking remorsefully to this Elizabeth AKA "Lizzy" who is deceased, I wish we'd learned that perhaps in ep 19?). Which Character as my BFF: Easily Cain. As inappropriate as he tends to be, he radiates a positive energy, is comfortable in his own skin, has worship worthy patience and there is a tragic shortage of real people as compassionate and open minded as he is. I believe his inappropriate humor and singing is a masque for his own fear/discomfort. Admittedly, I was a bit pissed when he got that Poppilo at the beginning of the game but I grew attached to my Ducklett/Swanna and now have a Primarina of my own. Favorite Belrose Sister: Charlotte. She has a great strength, possibly the darkest of pasts (and I love characters with dark pasts) but she doesn't run from it. The guilt will always lie deep within her but she doesn't let it break her, she holds her head up high and takes crap from no one.
  3. Sirius didn't seem like half the threat Solaris is until he killed Eclipse. Although he was a bitch to beat, he didn't really get my attention until then.
  4. I've got at least a dozen shinies and counting all of which I encountered during grinding sessions rather than intentional hunting or just a handful of static soft resets. I'm currently working on soft resetting the Corrupted Pokeball Raltz shiny. Shinies are borderline a commonality in this game, the Shiny Charm is actually hardly necessary.
  5. Speaking of Ame, I know this is getting quite a bit ahead but he's gonna have the ultimate freak out when Lin kills her. I'm still processing that myself. Now who's gonna get Laura's Elite 4 position back?!
  6. Same. I never go anywhere without Pokeballs. Hell, when I start a game for the first time, I avoid most encounters pre-Pokedex/first handful of Pokeballs. I agree, since his going through route 3 without Pokeballs WAS NOT a scripted situation but rather just his own negligence, those encounters should have counted. Lots of commeneters have also pointed out the bunch of high price selling items he has which he's also ignoring as he complains about having no money. You're assuming he'll think of that and he literally called the Rain Dance TM useless when he got it. I feel his current team is gonna have quite a bit of trouble with Charlotte. Half of it is Grass, Ice and Steel.
  7. Well I did not beat Soloaris's Garchomp in the scripted loss battle. I'll let you know what happens but it might be a while. I just beat Devon Corp and am now trying to soft reset the Corrupted Pokeball Raltz shiny.
  8. How far Post Restoration are you? I've just finished Devon Corp and can still enter the rail nets from the original entrances.
  9. Ttar: We're so in sync! Aya is the best partner! Me: *thinks about the shiny Graveler in my first encounter with Aya which she instantly one shot.* XD Really though, she is one of the bulkiest partners in the game. The way he complains about needing a water type and fails to catch a Lumineon with Charlotte as his next Gym battle is poetic irony even though with the super heated field ground is more effective against her.
  10. When my research revealed it to be basically a choice between beautiful lies and cruel truths as a realist and believer in honesty, I chose cruel truths: the Reshiram route (refusing Taka the battle in the Water Treatment Center). I also based this decision on my findings that on this route you later get the option to partner with Taka which in turn gets you some Meteor backstory. I've already missed some backstory by doing the Sirius/Connal choices without enough knowledge of what they entail. Yes, I did also read that ultimately taking this route gets him killed and this did prompt extra consideration but I decided it was worth it. I DID NOT read about the Luna freak out. That almost makes me rethink it, ALMOST.
  11. I've seen multiple mentions of his Gauntlet but haven't reached such an event yet. It doesn't sound fun.
  12. It exists. I recently finished Devon Corp with a Ryperior on my team and there were times when my entire team were knocked out by the tiles but it. @Shiruu34 You can use the A button to toggle the tiles as you progress to get through the puzzle taking minimal to no damage. Lit tiles are safe. It's also advisable to carry a handful of potions and revives.
  13. I found it amusing that he thought Samson was the ground leader when Terra's name is literally the Latin word for 'Earth'. In regards to the X-Defends, I personally never use X items but believe it was fair use here. Considering Samson is the most pure brute physical strength focused character in the game that battle is probably the most logical use of them and he still struggled and lost over half his team. Additionally, since he doesn't use revives, he needs to put extra effort into avoiding fainting. Next Gym Leader: Charlotte. His current team is gonna have a lot of fun with her. XP
  14. Funny thing, I don't know if he plays Kingdom Hearts but there is a male Terra in that franchise. He did figure out this Terra is a woman though as someone referred to her using a female pronoun. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing him in the Glitch Realm. Dude's probably gonna go nuts being thrown back into the Gen One rules. Especially when Terra's 2 or 3 Synthetic candies are thrown in which turns the holder's type to unknown (???) so most of the time she only takes neutral damage.
  15. Same. I recently found out watching Dai Laughing that I missed out on at least 2 event Pokemon possibly 3 that are gone forever post-restoration which is where I'm at; the Mystery Egg, Gothita, Igglybuff and potentially Chesipin. I have to double check 7th street after I can get this damn Corrupted Pokeball Raltz shiny but I don't remember the woman being there last I was. The whole secret area with the Yureyu key got by me as well. Granted it didn't take me as long as him, it did take me some time as well to figure out what the stickers did. It's not exactly obvious nor do any of the Department Store staff NPCs explain it. This despite that I've frequently used the Wiki and various older threads here to figure out quite a bit in this game. He doesn't have the same luxury to research stuff that we do and this game is so jam packed.
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