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  1. Did you have a back up save option enable? If you do try loading it instead of normal save file using this guide. You might be able to find some back up save before the event you stuck on. PS. In case you can choose where you go back(Save file name will tell you like badge 3 mean somewhere after Shelly fight.) You might want to go back and stock up since at that point of story it'll be a long while before you can go back to Reborn.
  2. You can find honedge in the mirage tower in tourmaline dessert same place where you can find Mimikyu. Just solve the puzzle it will be on the top floor.
  3. Early game in this game is tough since there aren't a lot of good pokemon to use and hard to come by. Great pokemon in early game mostly come by static encounter so try explore everywhere you can. For now just deal with what you have and keep exploring and if you feel under level there is always a trainer in grand hall to grind. Also you can find a lot good pokemon via some static encounter or sidequest such as Espurr in Peridot ward, Growlithe in Beryl ward etc. Another tip I found out is unless you can sweep everything in your way, try find some tank or hazard setter or something that can disrupt opponent this will help a lot in a long run(AI in reborn is no joke like main game).
  4. Your team and box are looking great to me. For Solaris his team hit pretty hard and fast with mega Garchomp as his ace, your team is not gonna outspeed him even with noivern in your box(I've already try that since noivern is my ace too ) From your box you may try using trick room since his mon are pretty speedy or train up Exacadrill since it can set up sword dance and sweep. From my playthrough I use this same strat but change Excadril Aegislash to set up sword dance while lower his team attack with king's shield then sweep them all with shadow sneak(240+ power with priority).
  5. Pokemon Rejuvenation - Lycanroc dawn(midday is fine too), Decent speed with priority move and good movepool (stun lock and kill groudon for me lol) . Never take him off my team since start of the game. Pokemon Reborn - Aegislash, even though it's a bit late in the game but it wreck everything in following major battle including infamous 6v30 gaunlet.
  6. I think Breloom fit your team more in my opinion since Breloom itself have more variey movepool compare to Roserade so you can change its moveset to fit your need on the fly also ability wise I also think Breloom is more useful to your team more because all 3 ability Breloom could have is pretty handy. Effect spore might save you in a clutch. Poison heal this open up to Facade+poison combo which is pretty devastate. And Techinician, if combo with mach punch and some stat raising move it's pretty scary.
  7. Randomus is not that hard to take down unless he can set up trick room. Just make sure that you can get rid of Reuniclus ASAP. Your team and reserve are looking good to take on him but you might want to bench Noivern and switch to Zoroark for this fight since the field effect give psychic type move gain a rock type so Noivern gonna get wrecked(Trust me on this Noivern is my ace too). You might want to try Persian from my playthrough oddly enough he wreck Randomus team pretty horribly(Techinician+Fake out+Assurance = RIP Reuniclus). About Leavanny, I don't think it's not a great idea due to how his field work. Don't get me wrong Leavanny is pretty good pokemon to train but just not for this fight.
  8. Base on my experience, I don't have any leveling problem in early game since there a lot of Audino trainer around with variety of level range so lack of rare candy in early game or even the whole game is not that much of a problem IMO. Also the fact that EV in HP is not a concern since Ev reducing berry is not that late to be obtainable(Akuwa town is still consider early for me and it's very cheap).
  9. It's pretty good already again don't worry too much about IV. About Florinia the only problem for her is her ace cardily since your level cap is 25 which mean you're not gonna have access to pokemon and move so you have rely on tactics rather brute force. Beside from my experience this game want you to use variety of pokemon rather than using one or two team of perfect or good pokemon, you always have to be able to change tactics on the fly. I'll share my team with you may be it'll help you see what you gonna have to face in your journey through Reborn. Have fun on your Journey and plz don't pull your hair out if you lose some major fight(just kidding ). REBORN TEAM AND RESERVE
  10. IV recommend for Blaziken is attack and speed the rest is not that important Getting perfect IV is hard unless you gonna take time to find it or reset or ask around for perfect IV in the forum so the range I think that is consider good is 20 or above in desired stat. Still don't worry much about IV you can still beat this game without EV or IV training just adapt to around your pokemon you may face a brick wall sometime but you can do it. Good luck
  11. About coverage, Strategy-wise I think you should find a screen setter or hazard entry setter for early access I suggest Meowstic you can find it at the alleyway in the lower peridot ward. If you got male it's a very handy support thanks to trickster that let you set up at least one screen for free, if you got female it's a good attacker have access to variety of coverage move for it's own type. Type-wise(take this with a grain of salt), I don't think there is anything to suggest at the moment because IMO your team need some grass and ground type so catch anything with those typing for now since you don't have much choice in early game. The best option for now I think is a Palossand(Bulky and have a sustain move) with a 2% chance encounter on apophyll beach. PS> In case of you haven't finish the game yet this fight in not mandatory to win because spoilers...
  12. Aya main strat is to use sludge wave since she doesn't care if her pokemon get hit also she tend to set up toxic spike or other entry hazard to have it deal additional damage using the the field effect. Your team is looking good to take on Aya so try leading with other pokemon and keep your Meowsitc alive at all cost as an ace since at this level it can one or two shot Dragalge. Another tip is not to focus Toxapex let it sludge wave since it'll chip her team a bit too also Toxapex itself is design to be a tank so it's not gonna hit that hard (watch out for the toxic spike though).
  13. Without knowing what in your reserve I can't help much. In general you should try to keep your partner alive. AI for partner in this game is pretty good it can hold it own ground unlike in main game. Even though they do some goofy thing sometime you have to watch your partner back too. With that point made, I suggest you should try to cover Florinia if possible she will take care of most pokemon for you if you can keep her team alive. Also I suggest you should change Drapion movepool to hazard setter with toxic spike(mine set are toxic spike/cross poison/Brick break/crunch). it can help in this fight a lot and many upcoming fight too.
  14. Glad you have fun with game. Hope you have a great time here and have fun journey through reborn.
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