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  1. Is someone willing to trade me for an ice stone?I've been stuck in 4 membershit tickets for a while now and i dont know how to get the rest :c.Giving a rare candy/shiny mon in return
  2. Is there a way to lower a pokemon's level though?(Got softlocked :D)
  3. I have done a big mistake and now i am softlocked in Belrose Manse with a team that is above the level cap and since they arent obeying me i cant beat the battle against the orderlies and the Meteor admin,any help?(mostly a way to lower the pokemon levels since im out of common candies) :c
  4. I have been stuck on this fight for well over 5 hours,but over the last hour i have come up with a strategy that works but Muk survives with 20% hp (just of the oneshot) and the rest of my team is either spec oriented pokemon or pokemon outsped and oneshot by Muk so i dunno what to do,Criting the Muk would be perfect but i dont know if its possible,if it isnt i dont know how to beat that thing(at least 2 hyper rly :c)
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