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  1. wonder what he'll win first, Undertale Genocide Sans battle or the gauntlet
  2. nah, there was the one point in the Big Top where he catches the dialogue re: Terra and realizes she's a woman
  3. surprised he cut it off right in the middle of that scene, I'd have just stopped right in front of the mansion
  4. I don't think he's a very smart dude, but he somehow still makes everything entertaining. He or his editor is very good at their job. Watch the Insurgence playthrough too, it's fantastic editing. FIND THE DAMN DEPARTMENT STORE!
  5. He realized that putting up the sun was a good idea, his team just isn't good enough to truly take advantage of it. I think we all cried with him when he used that Blue Moon Ice Cream....I was screaming at him not to. Perish Song was going to do the job. Considering that he's installed the mods for type display and buffs/debuffs...and got the Medicham up really quickly in levels (probably using the mod for easy XP), he should really just level train EVERYTHING he has before going to the Circus.
  6. To see TTar win Radomus in one try makes me seethe. I love the playthrough, but this was one of my hardest gym battles. He gets off a Sing and Slowking threw that battle and it's all over. It's not supposed to be like that!
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. Juice

    Battle Tower V1.0

    "you, dear player, will find the battle tower on the upper level of the nightclub. " But the tower goes down? If it starts on the upper level, then we better be able to see level 2 from the first floor
  9. I like how Ame "responded" to me Keep on keeping on! I just like checking in every other day or two.
  10. let me guess, it has an ability that either automatically heals itself in battle, automatically puts up screens, or is completely immune to Perish Song/Toxic/other cheese strats
  11. you have just pushed the release date back another 3 weeks
  12. it's the AI, it's gotten out of its cage and it's our job to put it back
  13. Okay, I didn't think so. I suppose I can work with this sandbox in a way with a random number generator to generate a random Pokemon for each encounter I get. Then just sub it out using the NPC. And then play the game as normal. That might be enough for me. Thanks!
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