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  1. let me guess, it has an ability that either automatically heals itself in battle, automatically puts up screens, or is completely immune to Perish Song/Toxic/other cheese strats
  2. you have just pushed the release date back another 3 weeks
  3. it's the AI, it's gotten out of its cage and it's our job to put it back
  4. Okay, I didn't think so. I suppose I can work with this sandbox in a way with a random number generator to generate a random Pokemon for each encounter I get. Then just sub it out using the NPC. And then play the game as normal. That might be enough for me. Thanks!
  5. So, maybe this is the place to post this. Does this include a randomizer? Is there a randomizer at all for Reborn? I tried searching and I could only find one for Rejuvenation.
  6. S tier: all double battles D tier: all single battles
  7. I feel there's a difference between hard and sadistic and you may have crossed it
  8. yes, Ampharos is a surprise beast in that gym as long as you can get Power Gem and E-Terrain on it. (I am in no way biased, lol)
  9. yep, there's that to be concerned with too I still think Uranium only got C&D because Poke-fever was at a height again with Go.
  10. yep, I have said all along to not expect E19 in 2019, and I have not changed that line of thinking
  11. eh, I'm not as optimistic. just because Victory Road may be close to being done doesn't mean EVERYTHING is done. I'm sure there's plenty of other random eventing and story that Ame needs to go back for. Or maybe that was a part of the earlier percent. Who knows.
  12. does the last update imply a lot of death? yikes
  13. Juice

    SH3'S B4CK

    "bootleg bugsy" lol
  14. https://twitter.com/HoodlumCallum/status/1112477025506336768/photo/1 Yikes. At this point it's probably best to just lock down this thread. Nappy's YT/Twitch career is likely over. Nothing good is coming out of this. And it's only getting worse.
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