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  1. eh, I'm not as optimistic. just because Victory Road may be close to being done doesn't mean EVERYTHING is done. I'm sure there's plenty of other random eventing and story that Ame needs to go back for. Or maybe that was a part of the earlier percent. Who knows.
  2. does the last update imply a lot of death? yikes
  3. Juice

    SH3'S B4CK

    "bootleg bugsy" lol
  4. https://twitter.com/HoodlumCallum/status/1112477025506336768/photo/1 Yikes. At this point it's probably best to just lock down this thread. Nappy's YT/Twitch career is likely over. Nothing good is coming out of this. And it's only getting worse.
  5. Video from Mo: Makes it very clear that he's no longer a part of Nappy's "group of friends". Edit: I suggest you peep Nappy's twitter. He just tweeted out his side is coming.
  6. yeah. I was coming here to post this, there is MASSIVE drama going on right now and I don't think there's any way this comes back. for purposes of this thread, it's appeared to have resulted in at least Nexus breaking away from Nappy, if not Jay as well.
  7. knowing how quickly the Ampharosite is available after you get the MegaZ Ring. I was spoiler-free for it and getting it when I wasn't expecting to was AWESOME.
  8. I will say, I check the site daily for Ame's update
  9. I rage quit my first playthrough at the wasteland. I really didn't feel like dealing with all of that wasteland field BS and having to grind up a whole different team. This was back ep 15. I didn't come back to the game until ep 17. This time I understood better what the game was trying to do. Did I struggle? Hell yes. But I wasn't punishing myself anymore.
  10. It's more just being realistic about it. I have no idea, but game dev takes a long time. Don't forget the extensive testing that'll have to go into the finished product to make it as polished as possible.
  11. I know we're still a long, long way from release (as in, not 2019), but I still get excited to see even small progress!
  12. Nappy does not care about YT anymore. It's painfully clear.
  13. Picking up a Pokemon with Fake Out is a REALLY good idea for this game. It'll come in handy for gym battles and rival battles, as you've already found out. Keep those Blast Powders. You won't need them for a while but they have some use later.
  14. So uh, what KO'd that Level 950095 MegaMeech? Do I dare to ask?
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