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  1. (UwU) Sleppu-senpai glad that u are back!!! I have admire you're drawings when I first came here and was sad to find out that you and other artists have been gone for a long time, now I am happy that you have come back to show us your beautiful drawings again. (>w<)
  2. spoilers for Persona 5 Royal but goddamn this music is soooo....GOOD~
  3. to me, Unown is more useless than Magikarp. Magikarp can learn tackle at lv15 and evolve into gyarados at lv20 while Unown can only learn.....Hidden power,thats it.
  4. you are either dreaming or you are from the future, because it is confirm that in EP19 postgame you can interact with each characters to build up relationship points or some other stuff .
  5. yeah, now that Belly is gone he will have a hard time finding a tanky pokemon that can outtank Aya's tanky poison types. Unless he trains Wonja so she and Karen can sweep her team, but then again its hard kill her tanky pokemon in one turn. Or he can just use Kiki to Yawn and then sand attack them to hopefully stall them.
  6. hewwo!I have just finished drawing my first fanart and I'm now shamelessly posting it here to show everyone that I can draw wow what a surprise.



    ps: pls tell me how it looks I accept constructive criticism :3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. J-Dawg


      It kinda looks weird without the color.  I can still make out what each pokemon is though.

    3. Chrixai


      It’s awful! Kidding lol nice fan art :3 👍🏾

    4. Candy


      me likey~

  7. first time doing a pokemon fanart and i found out i suck at spacing and colouring
  8. I guess that deep down I'm just a sadistic a**hole that likes to see him squirm and white out at some point, that is why whenever he manages to defeat those gym leaders at first try blind while I'm stuck there losing to them multiple times makes me kinda frustrated. and I am ashamed of myself...sorry
  9. 11/10 because it is James the best Team Rocket member evaaaa!!!!
  10. but Ttar doesn't have a Meowstic. Honestly i think he has a higher chance at winning if he trains Wonja. not only does it have simple but the field also boost psychic types, the only problem now is if he can outspeed all of her pokemon because medicham only needs one meditate to sweep his whole team. Belly wouldn't last long because of psychic types, Jacques is weak to ice punch and dishsoap has not evolved yet.
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