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  1. you can pressed A to switch between Aelita and Ren.
  2. Many shuckles were harmed while making these animations
  3. WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!! Despite my crowded schedule I have finally completed V11 and now I am ready for V12 ;3 here is my team (for now) Edit:Ok so it turns out I haven't read the earlier treads and you can no longer post your teams anymore....so sorry...
  4. *sniff*Aww you actually care about me,good to know :3 Also why do you torture yourself by goggling these pokemon pillows you r nasty. BTW is it bad that I'm starting to like Venam recently...well at least she will never replace Aelita and Amber for best girl >:3
  5. How about Froslass with Snow cloak with Hail holding a brightpowder ,combining them with A-Ninetails with Snow Warning and Aurora Veil + A-Sandslash with slush rush and let me tell you they wreak everything including Amber.
  6. In my defense I'm currently suffering from College syndrome so I don't have that much time to spend on pokemon or any other games anymore,But I still check on your playthrough from time to time :3
  7. If only Arceus can help me get through college right now...
  8. It is almost end of my first semester and I......finally realized why people said College is hard, I almost cannot keep up with my assignments and the presentation....oh the presentation, I am very bad at speaking in front of a crowd and having to do this a few times a month is making me wanting to rip my hair out. Also I need to find a few part time jobs in my next semester to get some cash I am really grateful I don't have to pay rent and having my aunt grilling me about how I need to be independent for 24/7 is really....tiring like God I wish I could sleep for a long time right now and playing games feels more like a chore instead of relaxing like it was used to be. I don't know why...but I feel really lazy to even studying now,the only reason I still make an effort to get good grades is because I would be kicked out of my house and I rather sleep in a bed instead of a park bench thank you very much. I was wondering if anybody has gone through this before and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice for surviving this hellhole College.


    ps: I like my new profile picture thanks Zumi :3

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    2. Angelkitsune


      Oof trying to organize my timetable is easier said than done, my daily routine just has wake up,get dressed ,eat,do assignments,college,eat,do assignment,work,do assignment,go home,eat,do assignment/study and then go to sleep (TwT) I'm an art student so I spend most of my day drawing and only study for history and General Language Training *shrug* as I was getting closer to the end of my semester,I feel more stress and tired .Don't know why actually....but thank you for your suggestion 😄


      ps: I like your avatar too ;3

    3. Candy


      Oof TBH idk if I can give much advice because every major is different. Some questions you gotta ask yourself are: are you in the major that fits your personality? Are you overloading your course work? Because if either of those questions aren't answered favorably, you might want to adjust that. College is like a time for self-discovery in a sense (at least in the US). If you find that presenting is stressful, maybe changing to a major that isn't pres-heavy might help and that way you'll narrow your career choices to those you feel comfortable with. And you should balance your coursework so that you don't take too many labor-intensive courses in the same semester. Try to space the hard classes over the years you'll be in college. Hope that helps, ganbatte fren!

    4. Angelkitsune


      Well drawing is one of my favorite hobbies so I don't regret choosing it,and I don't know if taking 5 classes in one semester seems overloading but I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and chooses Creative Multimedia since I have difficulties talking to RL people. Of course I hope I can get used to talking in front of a crowd after 1 or 2 semesters so wish me luck :3 and thank you Candy-sama for the advice (:D)

  9. there is a high chance that Ep 19 will be released next year. And Ame is still not sure if she will add any Gen 8 mechanics, but there will definitely be no Gen 8 pokemon . Edit: Dynamax sounds so cool but I doubt that can be implemented to Reborn.
  10. you should check this out,not only does it allow you to see relationship points it also have other mods for you to play with. (:D)
  11. Sorry about that....I didn't play mystery dungeon before and I definitely didn't have a surgery so I don't know how much pain you went through.And I also apologize for being insensitive as I sometimes don't know I have hurt someone with my words.Again I'm really sorry.
  12. Oh my god this is so sad (T-T) I hope Vulpix is fine...also I like the inner monologue when Flannary is unconscious lol so cheesy I was scared that Torkoal was really going to die and was glad that he is just hurt whew . And you did a great job making Reborn city really feel like a post-apocalyptic place,I'm really mad at those boys talking about Flannery like she is a piece of meat but in a dump like Reborn city there is bound to have scum like them looking at you Fern aaaand I miss Jacques already (TwT) hope he is alive....somewhere....and well. Can't wait for best boy Cain's appearance next episode (:D) Thank you Q-Jei (*^▽^*)
  13. Rip Masquerade....tbh I really like Delta Roserade as I rekt everything with it. Also I love Flygon but Delta Torterra is a great Ground type as well but the ancient art of throwing rocks man... and why do I feel like Not-Wally will be the comic relief of this game hmm.... Nora is second best girl :3
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