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  1. @theSenex here you go!!! Game.rxdata I have put the ice stone in the bag. Sorry it took longer that I though.
  2. It's a small building in the Gearan Park where you can't enter at the beginning of the game.
  3. Angelkitsune

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Don't worry I got the Guns.
  4. She just said that the people in the Parks and Recreation center finally respond but in voicemail which is illegal according to Jan so she tell us to get ready to visit the place and investigate it just like the Devon Corp in Reborn.But we cannot do that yet so we must wait for V12 to continue the sidequest.
  5. Angelkitsune

    Pokemon Word Chain

  6. not gonna lie,the entire void trip is depressing AF.Also it is nice to see some differences in the Zekrom route and Reshiram route TAKAA.....WHYYYY!!!! also we lost some good people here like Cain,Luna........yeah those two only. also r u sure you can cover Radomus explanation,Team meteor in Agate,Solaris fight,Lin doing Lin stuff and Hardy's gym battle in one chapter?
  7. Angelkitsune

    Lycanroc Dusk Form?

    did you update to the latest patch? and also the woman is at Oceana Pier next to the buizel, she should show up at the start of the game.
  8. Angelkitsune

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    remember when Nexus said that he is not afraid of shitty fire types? Yeah,Charlotte is gonna trash them kekekek
  9. Finally,some good fu*king rejuv story.Thank you for writing this,now I know what to read tomorrow ψ(`∇´)ψ
  10. YYYYEEEEEeeeesSSSSssssaaaAAAAAHhhhhhhHH!!!!!! Finally I can start having Nightmares beating every gym leader in Master mode....again. update:Okay after I finish reading the synopsis this error appeared
  11. Angelkitsune

    Rejuvenation Modular Modpack [V11 Patch 3]

    hey guys,Jan just uploaded Patch #3 if I download that can I still use this mod?
  12. Angelkitsune

    Where do I go next?

  13. Angelkitsune

    Where do I go next?

    @Hannelore tip: there is a narrow space that you can go through near the entrance
  14. Alright! Finally the prologue is over now we can get on with the story φ(゜▽゜*)♪ kinda surprised that Shade got an early cameo in there but I bet he enjoys freaking people out ψ(`∇´)ψ also I'm curious how Ame can save two person at the same time...hopefully Jacques will not die that early (っ °Д °;)っ sorry for the late reply ⊙﹏⊙∥
  15. Angelkitsune

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    okay,I'm a lil afraid to get yelled at for asking a stupid question...but can I get Dusk Lycanroc in V11 and does Rockruff evolves the same way as in Reborn? (ˉ▽ˉ;)...