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  1. second day of Uni....is GREAT!!! I actually met a lot of people and make some new friends,unfortunately they are all from different department so it will be hard to find times to hang out.The first week of school is only orientation where they brief to us about the University and lessons start next week.Today my friends and I went to the mall next to our school to eat at a sushi restaurant,it was fun. Also thanks you guy for the encouraging words,I'm glad that I have you guys if I need some advice.

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight


      Glad you had a good time, our friends tend to use discord to talk every night if we can't hang out. 2 of which are in school and do homework while talking to us you might be able to do something similar once and awhile

    2. SilverAngelus


      I'm glad you're meeting new people and making friends! I hope this lasts for a very long time and that you have a lot of fun~

      Sushi party sounds delicious 👍 (I know you didn't say party, but any time for sushi is a party 😉)

  2. Okay...so tomorrow is my first day at University and I am very nervous,going to a school where everyone is a stranger and scared that I'm unable to fit in. Hopefully I can survive three years away from my family and focus on my studies.


    Which also means that I won't be as active as usual in the forum not that I do much in here anyway. but hey,I'm studying Graphic designs right now so maybe I will be able to draw some fanart for you guys!!(^w^)

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    2. Angelkitsune


      Thanks you guy!!! (/≧▽≦)/ I promise I will keep all of your advices to heart. (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

    3. Abyssreaper99


      As long as you try to make an effort, you will get at least a few friends. Even though I don't speak to half the people I know from Freshers that much anymore, I still say hi to them if I see them. Just have fun and join a club/society then you'll be fine. Enjoy your uni experience and make sure to keep on top of deadlines. Make sure to never be afraid to speak up about something at uni, especially if you're paying for it.

    4. Q-Jei


      Hello there!

      Looks like the wind of change will blow once again. Hopefully, you'll meet people who are attracted by the same passions and ambitions. There's no reason to feel scared, even if I know what it feels like to move on for studies or other things like these. And in the worst case, we're still here. When you don't know where you go, remembering where you come from is the most important. Just find, meet and keep in touch with the right people. You'll do well then, I'm sure :^)

  3. Just use heat wave,Eruption losses its power when typhlosion gets hurt also get a pokemon with Sunny day not only will it remove the Hail but also boost your Fire moves thats how I swept her with my Arcanine and Houndoom.
  4. Wow I haven't comment on any of these stories for so long but anyway THIS IS A GGGREAATT chapter!!!!!! I love how this chapter has 1/3 of Flannery and Jacques flirting , 1/3 of angst and 1/3 of other scenes, and OH MY GOD the edits....it is very detailed and well done, I can even see the expression on their faces. I also love how you gave some early cameos to the gym leaders. So sad that Flannery can't save everyone on the train though Alice....JACQUESSSSS WWHHYYYY!!!!????!?!?!?! thank you for the Awesome chapter Q-Jei. Ps:did Jacques met Hardy and Fern in the Onyx Trainer School or did he enroll in a different year. Also Luna is confirm 18,the same age as Bennette and Laura...just so you know.
  5. Dragalge Crest: +30 speed and reduce damage taken by psychic and ground type moves.
  6. @Yahen here you go Game.rxdata also I have saved before choosing a starter pokemon.
  7. @theSenex here you go!!! Game.rxdata I have put the ice stone in the bag. Sorry it took longer that I though.
  8. It's a small building in the Gearan Park where you can't enter at the beginning of the game.
  9. She just said that the people in the Parks and Recreation center finally respond but in voicemail which is illegal according to Jan so she tell us to get ready to visit the place and investigate it just like the Devon Corp in Reborn.But we cannot do that yet so we must wait for V12 to continue the sidequest.
  10. not gonna lie,the entire void trip is depressing AF.Also it is nice to see some differences in the Zekrom route and Reshiram route TAKAA.....WHYYYY!!!! also we lost some good people here like Cain,Luna........yeah those two only. also r u sure you can cover Radomus explanation,Team meteor in Agate,Solaris fight,Lin doing Lin stuff and Hardy's gym battle in one chapter?
  11. did you update to the latest patch? and also the woman is at Oceana Pier next to the buizel, she should show up at the start of the game.
  12. remember when Nexus said that he is not afraid of shitty fire types? Yeah,Charlotte is gonna trash them kekekek
  13. Finally,some good fu*king rejuv story.Thank you for writing this,now I know what to read tomorrow ψ(`∇´)ψ
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