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  1. Sooo Either someone else is the ancient being, or we have another deadly role/trigger-happy vig in addition to the maf kill. I'm not sure why maf would kill Anti but that's what they did. I never counted the disclose votes but did they tie or something? For now [Disclose] Piercer
  2. Ok my dumb eyes can't read Time to find replacement eyes. My points still stand tho. My credibility sure doesn't.
  3. Haven't posted today I don't think which is bad xD This Vanilla Townie strategy is sketchy and also a little bit ridiculous? [disclose] Piercer For now, I've been looking back at Kiet's posts this game and who he's been trying to protect/lynch since he's the only maf we know of 100% so far. And he's dead. Yay. (I'm brushing aside the possible 'Bean is the ancient being' issue for now since there are too many of us not on the same page to get him lynched anyways if he is the ancient being, and if he is in fact maf, my vote won't swing things for or against him any more than things already are) Regardless, I feel confident enough about my analysis right now to share them. They might be right or end up completely wrong, who knows. I just want to get this down before the phase changes. I won't give my thoughts on everyone, only two people who stick out of the crowd to me as being strange as of re-reading everything: Drago: definitely one of the ones at the top of my scum-list for me. Voting to reveal a vanilla town? Unless I'm mistaken, Kiet tried to push that as well, not to mention his general Lia: Has hinted multiple times earlier in the game the Newt is suspicious, similarly to how Kiet thought so as well. I thought it might have been distancing from other maf, but now that we know Newt was puppeted, I'm a little more sure of my read on her. Her vote also changed an inordinately large amount of times last day, but maybe that's me reading too much into things. She also tends to be an early-game maf kill, so the longer she stays alive, the more sus she is imo. Kiet (who is dead maf) and Drago (Who is one of the most sus at the moment) also read her as confidently town, which lends a little more credit to this. Based on other people's reads and contributions, Ali and/or Astra and/or maybe Lykos are on my radar, most to less suspicious in that order after Drago and Lia, but in my mind, all of that currently rides on Drago's alignment and could go the other way. Everyone else I currently read as town, or I don't have enough to make a judgement either way. If you want my honest opinion, I don't think we should push a vote on Bean, regardless of whether he is the Ancient Being or not. Maf may be trying to save their own skin by pushing it on someone who isn't them/can't die without total consensus. I would encourage y'all to vote someone who we haven't already tried to kill. And if I missed something please let me know [vote] Drago
  4. I can't help but think Bean is making the ground shake Have fun in death, Bean, you brought this upon yourself xD.
  5. Ok that makes sense, Knightly. I was confused because I thought you just randomly chose people to protect, but if you know who's attacked, that sounds more likely. Also I gotta vote or Alaris' will smite me so. I'm more inclined to think Newt is being puppeted but I'm not sure that means Bean is maf. Also remember that it's possible, like silencers in other games, that the mafia could puppet people on their team to throw us off. I'm inclined to believe Jelly for now, so [Eliminate] Candy something feels off about her but maybe it's just me
  6. I'm so confused. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but Knightly's two use restriction + just happening to protect me and jelly on the first two nights AND the fact we were attacked. And this combined with the fact that neither of us are popular early game maf kills? Idk how reliable Knightly's claim is but it's kinda sketchy. For now [Disclose] Swindler
  7. The seemingly random switch from consonants to vowels is kinda sketchy. Perhaps two message senders? The message I got at night was that I was attacked. I thought I was going to die, but I woke up in the morning fit as a fiddle. (I don't know if I can directly copy/paste so I paraphrased) That's why I was like huh? Which also means that Jelly's claim of maf attacking Newt (if true, which is debatable) reveals more than one killing role. [Undisclose] Piercer [Disclose] Swindler
  8. Oooh spooky message there is cult leader in this game can't say consonants I think they mean vowels and punctuation is a no too it looks like xD If this info is reliable the existance of a cult leader is good to know ffs Baz why
  9. I was attacked but survived because of reasons I'm not sure of. I would say perhaps the mafia wanted to kill me but I can't really think of a reason why since I'm not typically a N0 target *thinkingface*. I'd think mafia would want to kill more active players, so if anyone has insight, that'd be nice In other news for now I will vote to [disclose] piercer
  10. Obviously he votes for me since I am the better half of Boku no kieto [Vote] Newt [Disclose] The Immolator
  11. That's exactly why I asked Candy if double lynches are possible. If they are, I am going to keep my vote on you and ask people to even out votes so both of you are lynched. If not, I will switch over to Baz.
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