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  1. Oh that actually makes sens, I think Ali figured it out. The way Sailboat describes the apprentice is "they're not allowed to inherit this role" Which tells me that the apprentice can't get the role even if they wanted it. Thus the apprentice has to be a werewolf, because if the apprentice could theoretically be any faction, the only one where they would not be *allowed* to inherit Silver Knight is if they were a werewolf. Smaht Ali In other news, I don't think it'd be smart to go for no lynch today, cuz it's likely we're losing two people tonight. Unless they pull a Cass and go for the same person. imo most of my scummy suspicions are currently on the people who pushed either A) hard for a no lynch, or B) Hard to lynch Baz as per the possibilities I raised earlier in the day. Eeny Meeny Miny- Oh Look! There's one person who kept their vote on Baz while simultaneously throwing suspicion onto anybody who voted for anyone else late last phase. [Eliminate] Nick Not only did he make the people supporting Baz look suspicious, he also tried to make the people contributing to the vote even if they didn't vote Baz look suspicious too, steering the lynch off of Baz while looking like he stayed true to his words. IMO if he really wanted Baz lynched, he wouldn't say anything about that. Granted his points were strong, and voting did mean supporting Baz's lynch, but there sure was a lot of suspicion thrown around mostly by and around him. My vote will stay there unless someone has a better idea
  2. So I guess the doctor (if there is one) didn't believe Baz, which I guess is fair from the divide yesterday. At least now we have our answer. There are two big situations possible here Imo 1. The werewolves pushed the Lynch on Baz, but we're foiled when we worked towards a non-lynch 2. The werewolves pushed a Lynch on Baz, but then realized they were pushing too hard and would be screwed if he really was lynched, so they switched to advocating a non-lynch (or a Lynch on others) in the hopes they could kill him some other way. Also I think his death also confirms that Baz was in fact town, since wolves couldn't kill this night and vampires can't kill their own. I suspect the vamp went after Baz so they could recruit someone who couldn't be killed by wolves on the off chance Baz was a vampire. Anyways, what do y'all think?
  3. Oof why all the posts randomly talking about how to read reactions Perhaps that totem could be used to protect someone maybe so we dont lose someone important idk I really hope *somebody* had information to share, I cant see a pattern in these votes, and at this point Yahen just seems to be speaking to take up space. Purposeful? Idk. He defended Astra pretty vehemently yesterday, jumping onto unfounded voted, so thats something that definitely caught my eye
  4. Appreciate the support but Why? It's not really a bandwagon, first of all And I gave you no reason to vote Nicki at all? Granted this doesn't change the fact that I still struggle at reading this game but pointing out that the vote seemed a little hasty
  5. Hrrrrrrrr gut feelings are the worst and I can't read this game at all Ahhhhhh. [Unvote] Astra [Vote] Nicki (Cicada)
  6. Ok I check back 1 day later and I see 7 pages to read, I love all of you guys Snarkasm aside, I see the possibility of Baz being a wolf, but (reiterating what has been said) knowing how Nano plays, it's hard to for me to get behind y'all. Also so many people haven't said anything smh I bet some of them are wolves and vampires, it'll be hard to tell tbh if they don't talk or at least give their thought. One day left so I'll hold off my vote for now until I can get a better read on more than like 4-5 people
  7. I mean on the bright side we only lost one townie? XD Also my night was fairly eventful it seems. I was controlled by a witch, whatever that means, and blocked
  8. I'm inclined to believe Alaris, I don't think his behavior was all that scummy, and his arguments made sense. I also don't think the Shaman would be maf-aligned, because then wouldn't the maf peeps have way too much power? My vote'll stay the same as last day I think [Eliminate] Astra
  9. Oh right, I forgot @Alaris I am not on the list, but obviously related to death like everyone else is
  10. I'm still somewhat skeptical of Cas, but that leaves us with no clear choices on who to lynch. But then again when has there ever REALLY been a clear choice. I'll give Alaris his argument, but I think this is going to be important to keep in mind if either of them flip something other than town. It also seems it might be a bit too late to save him either way, so I think we'll have our answer but [unvote] Castiel I have to vote though so erm gut hunch vote [Eliminate] Astra
  11. Even if he is third party, what's the upside to keeping him alive? That's just another person working against town. Unless Cas can convince me his role can help town, (such as if you can help us kill or unmask etc. the maf) my vote is pretty straightforward. [Eliminate] Castiel101
  12. If its not too late put me innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn If it is too late I'll juror
  13. Poor Lia. Never got to promote ;-; I guess I should do things so i don't get axed for inactivity >_> There's a very real possibility that Newt is bluffing about his role (I'm a little more certain about his colour, since bluffing about that causes vote shenanigans that will just confuse everybody, not just the opposite team). I suspect the vote is already decided, and we'll have our answer about Ali/Newt soon enough so I'm gonna do a low-key vote and [eliminate] Kiet (CrimsonDragon21)
  14. Oh I forgot... ...The whole last day phase So um to say I'm behind is kind of an understatement. After skimming over stuff recently, the most apparent question seems to be what side Nicki is on. She claims to know who both kings are, but she can't outright vote the king of the opposite team because of a) the chance of people not believing her and b) the possibility that she could be on the smaller team at the moment. What her votes and the things she says could be really important later on. Oof too lazy to analyze rn so I'll cast a hunch vote for now based on what I've read (might change it if I get the chance to actually look at stuff closely) [eliminate] Newt
  15. Let's go with... Fernandez Fernandez ayyy Super in