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  1. The fact this Martin person has a middle name is also strange to me. As far as I know, I don't think anyone has three names, but it's specifically written here that my friend is Martin Peralta Fernandez. Idk if that's significant, but just pointing that out too. ok i haven't voted, and I'm not sure who to vote for but I think I'm going to have faith in Nano for now [eliminate] Cicada
  2. Okee Doky bois I am of the Ecleos, specifically Dante Ecleo. I was married to Cecilia Ecleo (Lykoshand) who is now dead, and we have two kids, Lorenzo (Crimson Dragon/Kiet) and Antonio Ecleo (Unknown). And I'm close friends with a Martin Peralta Fernandez, whoever that is. Not sure exactly what significance all this family stuff has, I suspected at first it might have to do with my dreams since I was married to Lykos, but unless I missed something that connection isn't there with Baz or Drak's dream visits. I'm not sure voting Cicada (Nicki) off is a good idea, mainly because we don't have much more other than 'she's been quiet'.
  3. All this finger pointing aiyah why I'm not a hundred percent sure about this lynch on Jelly, but I don't have a compelling reason why not to. I do think that Lykos' defense of Jelly is very sketchy, if not more sketchy than Jelly themselves. [eliminate] Lykos for now. Nick, your idea on the orders of the witch and merchant makes sense I think, and I also think this whole Witch-merchant thing is going over my head a little, but that's probably my fault. I also don't like how Jace seems to be giving little reason to vote me but hey
  4. Ok hopefully putting together what we know about dead players can help us decipher... something, idk Here's what I can put together from the dreams (assuming the dead aren't lying to us) First of all, Castiel is maf, which seems to be the one consistent message throughout our dream messages If we look at the information that Drak has the exorcising even nights and maf has the exorcising odd nights, we can determine who has been exorcised. Kiet: Exorcised Night 1 by maf, which aligns with the information that he's "gone" or "in the underworld" (Also just noticed Baz got a message saying exactly that) Castiel: Exorcised night 2 by Drak (allegedly) Lykos: Exorcised night 3 by maf (According to Jelly's information) This also means the ghost's messages have priority over the exorcising since it seems Lykos sent me a message AND died in the same night Which means we have 4 ghosts on the loose: Alaris, Nano, Yahen and Walpurgis (Lia). Idk whether this information can help us but hey I'm inclined to believe Drak is innocent here, just because all the information here seems to line up pretty well. Sorry Lykos xD I think the question right now is whose ghost to trust more: Nano, Alaris or Lykos? Because there is more than a little bit of conflict. Nano claims both Jelly and Bean are confirmed townies while Alaris says no, and Lykos says Drak is maf while Nano sends Drak a message anyways. I'm more inclined to trust Nano because he was killed by the maf at night (therefore pretty certainly not maf) But that leaves with no clear lynch target. What do you guys think?
  5. That's pretty much exactly what my message said. "You were convinced by the merchant to stay at his house for the night". And then in square brackets, I assume to clarify, said "You got swapped".
  6. I got swapped last night, but I'm not sure what that means And we lost our paladin which is oof. Anyone have info to share from last night?
  7. Oh man ok Jelly's info that Lykos was exorcised by the maf means I can probably trust this info. The info I got was from Lykos (who is now dead, but because of the existence of exorcists, I didn't want to reveal him). But now that he's even more dead than before, *shrugs*. My info said that Castiel was definitely maf, Kiet is 'gone' (whatever that means) and that they suspect Drak of being maf. EDIT: It said "Kiet is in the underworld", not gone oops I need to look back on the day one stuff on Castiel now that we have a reliable confirmation, and since they aren't certain about Drak's scumminess yet (only suspecting him), I'll hold off on voting him for now until I have time to take a close look back at day 1 stuff
  8. I can indeed confirm that I got the doll from Astra. I want to believe Drak is innocent and my gut is telling me he is, but I got information from someone this past night that seems to claim otherwise... This person knows who they are I believe, and I won't reveal them unless I need to for whatever reason, but whether or not this information is trustworthy is the question. The question I have for everyone still alive is has anybody been visited "in your dreams"? Because looking back at previous days, this doesn't seem to have happened to anybody yet, and idk whether to trust this or not
  9. Nick is saying my arguments are weak but let me clarify my thoughts. If people are voting me, I want it to not be because my point is weak, because I assert that they aren't. I don't blame Nick for keeping his vote on me, because I'm antagonizing him but some of the others seem to be basing their votes on my possibly badly worded explanation. Let me guide you through my thought process for my reasoning so that you know I'm not just trying to pull this vote out of nowhere. Strange: Nick claims to have wanted Baz lynched, and he was very adamant about that Now, why did I think that was weird? Because by pointing out that votes for other people support Baz's vote, Nick caused the vote to drift back towards no Lynch when it had been on Baz. My point is that if Nick really wanted Baz lynched, he wouldn't have said anything. Perhaps he was being nice by pointing it out, and you're free to think that, but Im not so sure about that. That is what my vote is based on, because the others just aren't as suspicious to me
  10. @Alaris I think you misunderstood the theory, I wasn't trying to say the silver knight was a werewolf, I was trying to say the apprentice is a werewolf, which is why they would be unable to get Silver Knight. It's more of a Apprentice-werewolf theory based on the info boat has given us about the Apprentice not being allowed Silver Knight and that Silver Knight is a non-werewolf exclusive role. I stand by my vote though.
  11. Ok I think I still can't read this game as well as I would like However it feels to me like Jace's number 1 theory sounds the most straightforward and the most likely. A possible minimal change (And the easiest answer to this doll mystery) Would just be if the creepy girl could give out two instead of one doll. I doubt the dolls would have different effects because of the fact that most roles are changed minimally. As such, I don't entirely believe that Amber is the suspicious one here. Astra isn't entirely believable though, what are the chances he gives away and gets a doll in the same night? I'm not confident in that read at all though so take that with a grain of salt. And ngl, the thing that irks me the most is how buddy-buddy Yahen and Drak are. Granted, if they were Mafia, they would be discussing all this stuff in their own chat, but it still rubs me a little the wrong way, especially Yahen. He's quick to jump on bandwagons, agree with the same people and fill up space with useless posts. idk guys, kinda sketchy, and unless I missed something, we can't verify whether Drak and Yahen are town or not. If I missed something pls let me know I guess at the end of the day this isn't entirely a well founded vote, but imo nobody looks overly suspect to me quite yet [eliminate] Yahen
  12. Oh that actually makes sens, I think Ali figured it out. The way Sailboat describes the apprentice is "they're not allowed to inherit this role" Which tells me that the apprentice can't get the role even if they wanted it. Thus the apprentice has to be a werewolf, because if the apprentice could theoretically be any faction, the only one where they would not be *allowed* to inherit Silver Knight is if they were a werewolf. Smaht Ali In other news, I don't think it'd be smart to go for no lynch today, cuz it's likely we're losing two people tonight. Unless they pull a Cass and go for the same person. imo most of my scummy suspicions are currently on the people who pushed either A) hard for a no lynch, or B) Hard to lynch Baz as per the possibilities I raised earlier in the day. Eeny Meeny Miny- Oh Look! There's one person who kept their vote on Baz while simultaneously throwing suspicion onto anybody who voted for anyone else late last phase. [Eliminate] Nick Not only did he make the people supporting Baz look suspicious, he also tried to make the people contributing to the vote even if they didn't vote Baz look suspicious too, steering the lynch off of Baz while looking like he stayed true to his words. IMO if he really wanted Baz lynched, he wouldn't say anything about that. Granted his points were strong, and voting did mean supporting Baz's lynch, but there sure was a lot of suspicion thrown around mostly by and around him. My vote will stay there unless someone has a better idea
  13. So I guess the doctor (if there is one) didn't believe Baz, which I guess is fair from the divide yesterday. At least now we have our answer. There are two big situations possible here Imo 1. The werewolves pushed the Lynch on Baz, but we're foiled when we worked towards a non-lynch 2. The werewolves pushed a Lynch on Baz, but then realized they were pushing too hard and would be screwed if he really was lynched, so they switched to advocating a non-lynch (or a Lynch on others) in the hopes they could kill him some other way. Also I think his death also confirms that Baz was in fact town, since wolves couldn't kill this night and vampires can't kill their own. I suspect the vamp went after Baz so they could recruit someone who couldn't be killed by wolves on the off chance Baz was a vampire. Anyways, what do y'all think?
  14. Oof why all the posts randomly talking about how to read reactions Perhaps that totem could be used to protect someone maybe so we dont lose someone important idk I really hope *somebody* had information to share, I cant see a pattern in these votes, and at this point Yahen just seems to be speaking to take up space. Purposeful? Idk. He defended Astra pretty vehemently yesterday, jumping onto unfounded voted, so thats something that definitely caught my eye
  15. Appreciate the support but Why? It's not really a bandwagon, first of all And I gave you no reason to vote Nicki at all? Granted this doesn't change the fact that I still struggle at reading this game but pointing out that the vote seemed a little hasty