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  1. Low-key forgot I even signed up for this but let's see. We have a dead town protective, dead town support, and a lot of neutral/third parties. As said in the OP, we only need to kill evil roles to win And according to the roles, that essentially means the only people we need to root out and kill are the Godfather and Medusa Randomly guessing might actually do us good. With Nicki and Lykos dead, there are 6 town and 7 non-town. Of those 7 non-town, five of these come with clear negative effects (Pirate Werewolf Godfather Medusa Plaguebearer). That gives us (imo) a pretty good chance of lynching someone that will/may end up doing more harm to town than good. Just a thing to keep in mind, since if people don't talk more or share if they learned anything, that could be our best option for the day. IDK, that makes sense, right? I'm not gonna vote yet since I want to see what people say but that's my suggestion the way things are sliding along.
  2. Well that's the the thing Yahy. That is all I know. Unfortunately I can't change your mind (as I thought), and I have nothing else to tell you, so I'm gonna just wait for me to die now :[. Just know my gun is not Nano's, and I do not know who gooed me.
  3. Well considering there are so many votes on me and literally everyone scumreads me, I think there's little I can do to try and change everyone's minds ;-; I will say that I DIDN'T give a gun to Nano, so wherever he got it from, it wasn't me. (I won't say who I gave it to though, since they haven't used it yet and thus I don't want to put a target on their back if they have decided not to use it this day on anyone). I would have liked to get both my guns out before I died but welp. And I don't know who gooed me either, whoever did that, whatever alignment they are, did that without me knowing. Just a thought, perhaps they did it to an already suspicious player to mask anybody finding out I'm actually town because they knew I would probably be investigated. :[ [eliminate] Candy
  4. Oh well I read it wrong oops. I sent a message to the doctors
  5. I'm pretty sure I can do one or the other at night (give a gun or send a message), but yeah I can send a message to verify. Unless someone urgently wants a gun?
  6. Also true to me word last day, (sorry for the double post). [Evict] Nick
  7. Ok well time for me to drag my butt out of my depressive chair and post something xD. Totally my fault for not saying things or analyzing as much as I usually do, so I don't fault y'all for being suspicious of me. I was gonna wait til I used up my uses of my ability and saw the results of that before I revealed myself but since both nights besides night 0 were cancelled, I still have both my gifts >:[ My gifts are guns btw (two of them), I'm Nick the Supplier as my primary role with Spy and the thing that checks real/fake guns as my second and third. On the bright side all this time should give me some strong candidates on who to give guns to as soon as I look through the posts in more detail So I guess that's my defense? I've been fairly inactive in terms of contributing to the analysis in both in our Core Group chat and my Showmance too, so oof. I admit it ain't really a defense but what can I do. Sorry Newt for ignoring you, I will make it up to you as soon as I can give out my guns
  8. Ehhh not a fan of switching but appears my group is doing the same... Last time I stopped going after Nick, he ended being maf so mark my words >_> I will most likely nominate Nick tonight unless something drastic happens [Unevict] Nick [Evict] Castiel
  9. I think the question is who between Nick and Castiel is more dangerous right now, correct? Because we know for a fact that neither of them are town. We (Or at least Bazaro's showmance) knows that Castiel is a non-included mafia member, while Nick could be either mafia or third party. I know some of you have already voted, but I want to ask if anyone has insight into what their roles might actually be before we choose one or the other to evict today?
  10. I'm up for eviction? :^[ pls no Nano why? I assume this slip of the tongue @Bazaro mentioned was in your core group? And Yahy said you learned information via dreamer, right? Care to elaborate how you narrowed the three options you were given down to Nick? @Yahy
  11. Asian Alliance assemble! Kiet must stay *cheers*. Sorry Nicki, but the leader of the Asian Alliance has spoken [Evict] Nicki
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