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    Whooo boy this is gonna be a thing.
  2. OK! I did a clean reinstall and I'm up to 10.2 now. The issue is fixed now. Thank you for being patient with me, haha.
  3. I applied the latest patch right before I posted for help, and nothing seemed to go wrong with patching the game. It also seemed to have no effect. Just now, I went and patched the game again, and the intro and title screen are slightly different, from pink to blue, with a V9 next to it. As soon as I select my save file, I get a new error message, and the game force closes. The patch I'm applying is the one below the yellow text (MEGA) in the second picture, so I'm not sure what I'm messing up and why my game all the sudden is reverted to V9, when the patch I'm applying is patch 10. I can always do a clean install to see if that puts me back to v10 if need be.
  4. Hi, I'm having issues in the Darchlight Caves where one of the Bladestar Grunts doesn't have two pokemon when I go to battle him. I get the following error right before I send out my pokemon, and then the game force closes. It's in the room directly after the one where you create the darchlight mirror, but I saved right next to the grunt. Thanks in advance! Game.rxdata
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