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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. LOTUS hopped onto IP's shoulder during the deal with Masako jumping in, and now proceeded to explain: "No, she isn't the leader at all, and don't listen to her when she acts like she is," LOTUS chimed in. "There's no commission, and no detective agency -- our group is of a more ad-hoc nature, and the leadership does match that. Masako here has actually only been around as of very recently, and is not really a credible source for the operations of the group. I would actually be amenable to discussing further details with you later, but for now I do have another responsibility to attend to, thusly it will in fact be later." and LOTUS hopped off of IP's shoulder, wildly fluttering her wings and only really managing to soften her impact on the ground to make it just embarrassing. Then, with a cleared throat, she walked over to Isobel and began to climb up the botanist's uniform, only for Isobel to to walk over to IP anyway to regain her things. For Isobel, the situation had been unexpectedly scary, and she remained mostly silent, looking down as she got her stuff back. That... she'd walked up so confident that she could easily solve the situation without anybody being hurt with just a little speaking nicely, but the moment the vampire's eyes showed that predatory instinct, she'd been lanced through with a bolt of fear. She'd already begun to reconsider her actions by the time Sakuya had pulled her aside, and could only nod dumbly. Had she almost got herself attacked? Had Masako's ridiculous actions actually saved her...? Maybe it was just another reminder that she was out of her league, just a random botanist in a sea of very dangerous individuals -- the kind of person who had to be protected. It was humbling, and it didn't help when LOTUS finally made it up her shoulder and began to speak. "Do you understand why I do the things that I do? You are scared, and the small vampire would appear to have been considering you as prey. I do not take a wary attitude just to be mean and nasty, I do it because it is inherently my responsibility to see to your safety, and if you fail to perform threat assessment, you are going to be blindsided by threats. I know what I am doing, I am not a defective or subpar device. Don't shush me before I can speak -- listen." "..."
  3. Briefly, a little intrusive thought entered Lizaveta's mind -- an inexplicable thought that somewhere, someone was getting scammed by the merchant class. But she was on a battlefield, so she didn't have time to let these thoughts consume her... especially since the situation they were in was a bizarre one indeed, worth her focusing her thoughts on it. "Hmmm... if you win, then we should take a moment to decide what question to ask... after fighting the rest of these guys if they attack us, anyway. There are no doubt some very good questions we could ask to understand what's going on with these people... after all, half of scholarship is just knowing what questions to ask and when!"
  4. After wincing and rubbing her shoulder a bit since nobody was up here to see her, Satomi looked the area over -- it seemed that she had multiple choices of destination to go down for now... but considering that she was currently quite separated from the other person in here, she figured that it wasn't the best idea to try to delve one of these hallways alone, especially because it sounded like there were very strange creatures fighting up here. Though she was Crab, Satomi was no Hida, that was certain. So she put herself to the task of getting her current partner up to this floor. Now, to be sure, her grappling device presented a rope that she could potentially use to get him up, trying to just yank him up seemed like a recipe to get her arm indeed thrown out, and then to get thrown to the ground several floors below. So instead Satomi took her wakizashi to the booted-open door, and carved out pieces of several of the more solid areas of wood, before interlocking them together into a small but hopefully solid ring that was intended to hold the grappling device tightly. Then she took stone or metal from the rubble and used it to drive this wooden ring into the wall, providing a fixed point she could place her end of the grappling device in -- and then, if she successfully created this, she shot the hook of her grappling gauntlet down to the floor Vitor was on, before placing the device itself in the fixed point, thereby creating a rope secured on two ends between the floors.
  5. A truly horrific wound had sundered Jack's chest, musculature and bone clearly exposed by the deep, wide gash cloven past his breastplate and through his flesh. Blood ran out in terrifying rivulets, earlier spurts of blood having misted the whole front of his armor... but despite his horrific state, Jack himself really didn't seem all that bothered. "Nah, we're all good, honestly. Don't need to bother with this shit for now, we just gotta get going where we're going." Bleeding all over the ground still, Jack gestured down one of the tunnels. "We're trying to get your ass out of here, right? Well, I'd wager they have guys up at the surface, but probably not all that many since we JUST made their attack fuck off -- if we just bolt up there right now, we can probably get through only having to clear one or two people out, yeah? Easy money." Jack votes for the group to move up towards the surface for two minutes, with only one healing turn!
  6. With the fight over and 6D indeed alive, Perlita just remained slightly crouched and panting for a few moments, hands on knees -- the Trick fight had been an exhausting ordeal, and she'd found that she really needed a few moments just to catch her breath and get a little bit of her precious stamina and spirit back. But she'd only managed a few minutes of rest before something new seemed to be going on that caught her attention and drew a long sigh: great, it looks like people were getting into another fight, and with some giant plaid dolphin, too (something that would have been far more disconcerting if not for the Shadows she was used to being quite strange too). Standing fully up with a groan, Perlita got moving towards the incoming fight: they would need her to heal, no doubt, since she was the most consistent here about that... and... she didn't want to be responsible for someone else getting hurt. In the absence of any wounds, yet, Perlita announced her presence with a somewhat breathless "Crawford!" and a simple bolt of light magic went hurtling at the dolphin -- a Kouha, since she was running frighteningly low and a Hama wouldn't be sustainable. Perlita hucks a Kouha at the Dolphin, for 1d6+SYN (12) damage.
  7. Navin let out a breath as he finally opened the gate, missing Solomon's "hey what the fuck" glare entirely, but after a couple of moments he walked into the room and frowned -- it was awfully dark in here. "I... do not suppose any of you have lights, do you? I am afraid that I cannot really produce sustained light or flame, short of trying to set a piece of paper on fire by exploding it, and that would be very loud and not terribly reliable, either. But I do not like the idea of just tromping around this place in the total dark, either." Once he got a reply (and sighing if nobody in fact did have a light before squaring his shoulders) Navin turned to the left. "If I were a gambler --and I most certainly am not-- I would bet money that we are going to have to go into that maze of boxes. But, with that said, I think that I would prefer not to go into it first... while I would certainly prefer not to fight, if there is anybody here, that area would be a profoundly difficult area to conflict in, especially while we do not know much about this place. Thus, I would like for us to go this way and get a better understanding of all of this." Assuming the others agreed, he would lead them in that direction.
  8. Isobel gave Rory something of a hooded-eyed look as she prepared to enter the situation: "I haven't said anything during your scrapping with LOTUS because I feel it makes sense to get furious with him, but I think it's best that you not try to talk to her -- you have a way of insulting people that's already causing more grief than we really want to deal with." Isobel turned and jabbed a finger at Empi. "This applies to you too, Empi. We do NOT need the smug peanut gallery here." With a sigh, Isobel then turned away from the two she was admonishing, and then walked towards the doorway. "Do you mind if I take your place, IP? I'm probably one of the two least threatening people here, all things considered. And, ah, take these too, will you?" Isobel handed IP her hatchet, apron, satchel, green bag, and her Mar-made wrist chainshot, which put her in a position of having just her jumpsuit on, making it fairly clear she wasn't concealing any weapons, and which did show that her build was not exactly one of a powerful fighter. LOTUS crossed her arms and climbed onto Isobel's shoulder, opening her mouth only to be interrupted by Isobel. "I do not advise remov--" "Ah-- you should probably stay quiet too, LOTUS, I can only imagine you'll aggravate Miss Scarlet as well." "I wouldn't be aggravating if people were l--" "But you are, just for this one moment please be quiet." This last reply just caused LOTUS to scoff and then kind of just sit there and simmer, seeing as she still hadn't mastered flying. With that accomplished, Isobel stepped into the room. "Hey, look, not only won't we hurt you, but I couldn't even if I wanted to -- I can't really fight at all, I'm honestly just a botanist and I definitely get scared of this stuff sometimes too. But we're here to help! These artifacts are pretty nasty, probably come from things that are really really nasty, and we're just helping to get rid of them before they can hurt people any more than they already have. Doesn't that sound fine?"
  9. Things got pretty chaotic pretty quickly but despite the concussive blast of the explosives, the raucous clatter of debris and stone, the fall, the gunfire, and the explosion (hah) of enemy mercenaries or something onto the scene... well, Jack wasn't terribly fazed. After all, this wasn't really anything compared to a real battle at TI Alloys, hundreds of soldiers firing walls of bullets of each other, the constant and all-pervading cacophony of SAWs and TARs and NC1s and Watchmen and Phoenixes and Strikers and Vipers and HESH shells and Basilisks and Kobalts and Mjolnirs and rocket pods and Claws and Railjacks and RAMs, and the constant mowing down of soldier after soldier, waves of flesh and metal that came together and then blew apart before disintegrating into motes of light to return again, the ground torn apart by the ceaseless, thunderous barrages only to be knit back together again. Or, in other words, compared to the pitched battlefields he'd seen, four bints with some guns just blowing up a floor was kind of not all that wild. One of them shouted at him to 'Move out of the way, big guy!' and he just favored her with a casual "Nah, I'm actually gonna do the exact opposite of that." He'd been about to reach for his Magshot and show them what a real handgun looked like, when he noticed Scarlet beginning to swing a really big-ass gun (hey, he had railguns too) at the ceiling -- and very rapidly he changed course, his other hand grabbing a grenade from his hip by the pin, and flinging it out in a way that twisted that pin out, all in a smooth motion that came out at the exact instant before Scarlet pulled the trigger, ideally sending the grenade in riiight in time for the rubble to trap the dolls next to it. "Get fucked!" Jack throws a Frag Grenade at CZ75!
  10. Stretch's reply to Doctor Strange was without any hesitation, an excited clap of his hands (which just then bounced off of each other) followed by a salute that then bounced off of his helmet. "Alright, Strange guy! You can count on me! I'll help everybody that needs helping!" He grinned and then, as Dr. Strange opened up the portal, Stretch performed what could be described as an "interesting maneuver": instead of walking through the portal that Dr. Strange had made, Stretch, well, stretched his torso through it, and then flowed through the portal as his elongated body slightly undulated, a motion that was uninterrupted as he continued to move through the now-crowded Macy's stall. An advantage of the sinuous motion of his stretched body was that he took up surprisingly little volume as he moved, his entire body a swaying line that slipped simultaneously through the portal and out the stall as Stretch exited into the mall. Stretch enters the battle!
  11. Satomi softly clicked her tongue in disapproval as Vitor kind of just casually kicked the bars out of the cell -- but then she got to contemplating Vitor's question. "Well, it just so happens that I am uniquely suited to this whole scenario -- this may be boasting, but if there is to be anyone to find out what is structurally sufficient and what is not, it is going to be me, as I am an Engineer of the Kaiu family of the Crab Clan. I believe that my plan is to inspect the catwalk and see if there is a largely viable path up there, and if there is I can work to bridge the gaps to allow us up." Satomi paused, in abrupt consideration. "...although, I do have my grappling hook, which I may be able to use that grappling hook to trivialize getting up there altogether, frankly. Allow me to give it a try -- and watch how I use this, because the easiest and most reliable way of doing this has you use it as well." Satomi pulled from a gear-laden sash around her kimono a jointed, heavy, metal gauntlet-ish device that she fit over her arm and flexed speculatively. She showed Vitor the lever on the underside of the device. "If you don't end up being able to fit in the gauntlet, that is fine; you will just have to hold it in both hands and get the lever. If something else happens... I will figure it out." Satomi attempts to use the following item to hook into stone and get up to the fifth level:
  12. Lizaveta grinned a little when War ran. "She was so cocky hurling those awful meteors, but she couldn't hold up for a moment once we actually showed up, could she? See, Shin? It's going to be okay." P14, Wind SwordPegA
  13. "Oh, yes, I agree that this place is terribly suspicious. While I admit that sometimes empty and dilapidated warehouses really are just empty and dilapidated warehouses, I have on more than one occasion seen them actually be intricate supervillain lairs or criminal hideouts. But..." Even Navin was beginning to cotton onto the fact that his nonchalance about these things was terrifying Heidrun out of her wits. "If you feel that you are in danger, you can just allow Solomon and I to take care of the danger while you assist from the back --is that not right, Solomon-- and we should be quite able to do so. Solomon seems thoroughly familiar with how fights go in this world, and I have around a decade of experience with things that include criminal hideouts and supervillain lairs. We will have things under control." Navin sighed and looked at the building. "There is nothing for it but to go ahead and enter, though. We have got to get this done if we are going to help people here, after all, and help people we must do." Navin sighed and then rolled his sleeves up a little, moving towards the gate. "Back me up, would you, Solomon?" Walking forwards slowly (and giving the other two time to follow as they wished), Navin reached for the sliding gates and attempted to wrench one of them open with his hands.
  14. As soon as Iowa blew CFW Trick to particularly ugly and particularly small smithereens, Perlita was off like a shot, running as fast as her legs could possibly take her to where the android girl consumed by Trick had been dumped onto the grass. She ran, nearly tripping over her own long dress, until she fell to her knees by 6D -- someone who had almost certainly directly saved her from the fate that 6D herself had befallen, a fate that 6D had only befallen because of a simple, stupid lapse of attention on Perlita's part. "No no no no no no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Crawford, Crawford!" Perlita called out her Perlita, and channeled healing magic to the best of her ability into the unconscious android, and then again, and then again, and then again. Perlita paused to take a breath, and then another, raggedly coming out of her lungs, and it was then she noticed everyone Trick had disgorged seemed to be unconscious, "Oh, God, God, Dios en el cielo, Dios en el cielo, please wake up, please say you are not dead, please. . ."
  15. "This really does not seem like a priority to me. Considering that we are dealing with a Trespasser incursion in all likelihood, we can't waste our time running around and performing secondary objectives. If all goes well, we can just go back and do it later, can't we? We wouldn't want to run out of time to save this place from Trespassers just for compassion's sake, would we? We have to keep efficiency in mind, here." The fairy in Isobel's pocket crossed her arms, looking out at the rest of the group perhaps somewhat challengingly, only for a sigh to sound out above her. "...right. My apologies.I think we're going to be perfectly fine helping her out, LOTUS. I know that you want to get the mission done, but wouldn't it be helpful to make friends who can help us along the way? Besides, if it really is these artifacts just getting spread around, and if we've already got two of them under control, I think this means that if it is Trespassers involved, they're doing things kind of indirectly and in kind of a limited way. So, well, I think we've got time to get this taken care of." Isobel now looked up at Sakuya. "How would we actually go about it, though? Are we going to go up and try to talk to your boss?"
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