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  1. "Nous n'avons pas encore fini; car nos ennemis sont ici. Nous ne sommes pas fini, aussi: nous, nous gagnerai aujourd'hui!" I9, perform Mercia.
  2. Ceridwen's head jerked to the side as she heard and then saw Naomi and Argos get taken down, and it struck her at once how unfair the situation was. They were getting seriously hurt (damn it, she could never stop herself from feeling like it was her fault, she should have been there) even though she and all the others were trying so hard to hold back. There wasn't anything to do about it, though. So she moved over, just a little bit, to another angle where she could reach the armored one with a javelin, and lightly tossed it -- her target looked to be within an inch of falling down anyway. Y24, javelin the soldier.
  3. Stretch’s smile turned into a frown once again as he looked at Mirri — potentially a little affrontedly, though when he spoke again his voice was still gentle, just a little more contemplative. ”I don’t remember saying any of that. Magic Juice comes from my soul, and I use it pretty directly. Uh, I guess when I try out new kinds of Magic Juice they can be unpredictable but, like, each kind of Magic Juice does the same thing whenever I use it. Diamond Magic Juice heals a lot and softens whenever I use it, and Diamond Rock Juice creates weaker but safe healing in the form of the Life Stones whenever I use it. I don’t really see what’s wrong with that.”
  4. One moment, Lizaveta had picked up a door key. "Wh--" The next, it had vanished from her hand. She looked around confusedly and a little panickedly for a moment before she saw Baldur burst into the room extremely theatrically. "B-- buh-- oh." Still, her expression then set to a grim one -- she had no compunctions against killing that warden, that was for sure, even if she was less and less sure about these prisoners. C8.
  5. "I... guess that it would make sense to use thumb tacks like that." Stretch hadn't actually heard of thumb tacks before -- he had just been going off of what seemed intuitive to him, "I admit that I guess I don't know super much about replacement stuff besides Manitol, 'cuz I just heal up whenever I get hurt and I think I could probably grow an arm back if I had one get sliced off or something. I did regrow an eye once in a couple of seconds, you know!" "Uhhh, nope! This is called Magic Juice," another thing Stretch said with utter confidence, "and the way that Magic Juice works is that you touch it to things and it kind of changes in response to them. You can get Diamond Magic Juice, like the kind I normally make because of the diamond I accidentally dropped into my soul that one time, for example, which heals things but makes them softer and more elastic. If I need to, I could heal someone this way, but I would have to be much more careful with it so I don't turn them stretchy! If I touch it to rock, for example, I get Rock Magic Juice, which makes rocks. You can also put Magic Juice with multiple things, like Diamond Magic Juice then touched to rocks, which makes my Life Stones. There's a lot of ways to put Magic Juice together, which depends on order and making new Magic Juices with the stuff you made from other Magic Juices which then makes stuff you can then get NEW Magic Juices from, so it gets pretty crazy, but I've figured out a few useful things."
  6. Stretch turned to Sha'tith and, immediately latching onto his theory about thumbtacks, earnestly explained to him that "I'm pretty sure that "thumb tacks" are used when you, like, don't have enough fingers (I think when you have less than five fingers it's Five Finger Disease, someone told me that people are supposed to have five fingers on each hand) and if you have a half finger or something, or something like that so you, like, use one of those to complete the finger. It's probably a very common problem. There's a medicine called Manitol that will just give you an extra finger but I guess that if you have a half finger instead of no finger then this would be more useful." Stretch turned and nodded at Harry, confident that the doctor would appreciate his medical expertise. With that explained, Stretch immediately turned to Uber and Leet and wobbled-walked up to them enthusiastically, extending a six-fingered hand. "Hey! I'm sorry for, uh, suddenly existing in your, uh... place? But we just got yanked from a bunch of different worlds and stuff to save all the worlds from these nasty guys called Trespassers that I think want to eat all the worlds. We talked to this guy named, uh, Artemis Fowl, and he had a cool mansion, and he dropped us off right here to do the world-saving stuff. OH! And my name is Stretch Armstrong, it's nice to meet you!"
  7. Candide wasn't sure exactly how the battle was going -- he heard screams and a small laugh from the battle, but he couldn't see the specifics. One of those screams was from the foes but one was from Mercia... but he then heard Mercia talking, to Rosanne, who he therefore gathered had received more help. Still, it seemed the Queen could likely use a little more support, and Candide approached, using his hands to help himself navigate through the patch of trees on the way. "Yes, perhaps some of us will fall, but, Queen Rosanne, that is not all: Whenever we fall, we will rise. To persevere is to be wise." G8 and perform Rosanne.
  8. Nader let out a breath as he listened to the words of the holographic creatures. Perhaps the death of the human was more complex and less accidental than the monsters would lead them to believe. Perhaps some sort of later event triggered hostilities with the humans and that would be explained shortly -- or that was the very thing now being glossed over, maybe. Nader was certain that had to be the case - the evidence was right there, in front of everybody's faces. He really didn't know how they could have seen the human fucking graves and not reached that conclusion, but he was used to people not taking the proper safety precautions -- as was evidenced by Jun just walking on in. He sighed quietly, and rolled his eyes behind his mask, but it probably was the most meaningful way forwards. Lucine's words caught his attention, and he spoke quietly to her. "Lucine, you generally shouldn't assume that places are unoccupied when there's evidence otherwise." There was a pause before he turned to face the small girl again, and his tone changed. "...that's very important for people's houses, especially. I wouldn't be barging in like this if I were in a different context. But we have to go where we have to go. I'll tell you what, though: I'm not going to just unload the moment I see anything. I'm not lowering my guard, but I'll be keeping trigger discipline too. How does that sound?"
  9. "My eyes...?" she said with a questioning tone, "...are my eyes gone? I, erh... it doesn't feel like they are." She squinted for a moment, and her expression rapidly turned mystified. "...I... suppose they are. I can't see things, technically... but... I can "see" them just fine...?" Her voice sounded a little dreamy, like things hadn't sunk in quite yet. "These are the things that he made me sign, then, huh? The, uh... the operation thing. This is weird." She looked at Poncio. "I'm... well, I guess if I'm a zombie that's a part of, uh, the whole operation thing." She fell silent for a few moments, squinting at Poncio, before she spoke again. "Aren't you that one actor?"
  10. An almost comical expression of eyeless surprise flashed across the zombie's face, and her arms were caught between moving to her own ears and windmilling as her own screech startled her and her own leap backwards exceeded her expectations, sending her rocking back on her heels... and then backwards into a locker, with the sound of her thumping against the metal and its contents rattling. The zombie slid back into a sitting position, and after a few moments with a feminine, quebecois-accented voice she groaned an "Ohhhh... Mon dieu, qu'est-ce que ç'est ça...?" The zombie sucked in a breath, and turned back up to stare at the group that had been pointing weapons at her, and the bloodied sockets where her eyes should have been narrowed a little disturbingly as she stared up at them. "Fuck," she added helpfully in English. As for her appearance, the zombie appeared to be a woman of relatively short height, with a mostly slim build made a bit strange by her legs -- the hoodie and relatively loose pants made it hard to see exactly what her legs looked like, but the structure seemed to be different -- wider hips, legs built far more muscularly than anywhere else on her body, perhaps stranger, more joints. Her hair was brown and went down to her chin, and that was about that for normal body features. Her skin was a greyish-green color, she had claws on her fingers, and she had, of course, no eyes. There were rings of tape around the wrists of the hoodie and calves of her pants, which she seemed to be partially pre-occupied with tracing with her fingers as she stared at the party.
  11. Well, she was right behind the incredibly angry mage, and Lizaveta really didn't think that she liked that much at all. But, well, it wasn't as if she could complain about it, what with the Perusian horsemen bearing down on them. She raised her tome, and fired off a blast of dark energy! Attack Cav B. (then Crimson blasts Cav A and performs Liza, and then Liz goes to B11 and blasts Cav C)
  12. Hearing the sound of Rosanne being struck down made Candide wince strongly -- he didn't hear a death rattle, thankfully, but that still very much wasn't good. In light of that --and the absurdly short distance between Lucan and Rosanne-- Candide elected to forgo the poetry, merely giving Lucan a light push to carry him forward a bit more. "Vas-- the queen needs you." I9, Dance Lucan (who then goes to H9 to heal Rosanne)
  13. Ena The portlier of the two men frowned at Ena's words, clearly thinking. “That... I don't think that makes any sense.” “Gogo, my friend, nothing makes any sense here." “I... I suppose that's true, but... Didi, I really don't think sheeee?'s Godot.” “Yeah. Maybe not. Don't think we really have anything else to do, though." “...no. It's for the best, then.” The gaunter one, Didi, looked directly at Ena. “The Boy. I don't know his name, and I suppose I never thought of asking. He comes every... couple of days, or every day, I think, and tells us that Godot was delayed and will come tomorrow." “...hah." Wait... that was strange. Ena could have sworn... Earlier, when she had checked her clocks and her space sensors, they had told her that she had been somewhere very different, and in a very different time? It read that she was hours and decameters away from her previous position, but she could have sworn it had only been a couple of minutes, and that she hadn't moved. Kusuke (and Satomi) The sound of Kusuke's voice startled both of the men, who turned to look at him. “Wha... when did you get there?” “Nope. Just, uh... Mozzo, I think his name was, his slave, the boy, and then you all out of nowhere. Are these people in your group? Are either of them named Godot?" Kusuke heard Satomi's voice waft over concernedly from where the rest of the group was. "Er... Kusuke-san? Did you mean to go all the way over there?" Law Law continues to sit on his Quality Existential Dweller, his internal debate continuing briskly. Azgrurk Azgrurk stomps into the Weatherlight --punting a carrot which seemingly appeared out of nowhere into the ship by accident, where it falls to pieces-- and when he gets into the ship he finds that things feel much less bizarre here. For whatever reason, when he's in the large dimension-traveling ship, he feels like things are much more normal, and even for an Ork it's a welcome respite from the wrongness of the dimension they're in.
  14. “Th...” Lizaveta turned to thank Baldur after she saw the healing magic and felt something she hadn’t even realized in the adrenaline of the moment; she was wounded, and she’s not noticed it. But the thanks died on her lips before she could even finish the first syllable — he had looked angry. At her. And they’d just been agreeing. Had she said or done something to anger him between then and now...?
  15. Lizaveta had to keep fighting the Perusians, of course she did, they deserved it and needed to be stopped, so she knew she shouldn’t delay but... she couldn’t help but glance behind her to watch Ficus get knocked and then insulted, almost casually. “Wh-what is... why...?” She didn’t want to start another of... what just happened, so she mumbled that to herself, but... well, they had had that axe guy who had gone out of his way tosure, but with the violent man and this woman just so casually and cruelly assaulting somebody like that for no good reason... maybe Knight had had good reason to be worried about this. D12, blast the Soldier.
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