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  1. vava4429

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    One thing I was wondering, do we know what type Adam uses ? (I guess it should be rock or ground)
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    If you want to have a shiny as a gift, you can visit this thread 🙂


  3. vava4429

    [E18] Minor Errors

    Oh okay thank you didn't think about going all the way there XD
  4. vava4429

    [E18] Minor Errors

    Is it breaking the field in the second room?
  5. vava4429

    [E18] Minor Errors

  6. Are you sure challenge 11 don't miss 1 "s" ?
  7. vava4429

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    I got teleported into darklight cave after beating cera's groudon and i'm pretty sure that's not normal (or this game changed a lot more than i thought from v9 to v10 XD) Game.rxdata
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for a dewpider with water bubble (ofc) and if possible a lonely or naughty nature (and if possible shiny but i wouldn't want to ask to much). Also as it's to help me fight Cal in my bug monotype could it be possible to teach him scald so that i have a good water move '-' . I don't have much to give in exchange however .
  9. vava4429

    E17 Status Categories

    No problem next time you'll be more careful ;) .
  10. vava4429

    E17 Status Categories

    Did you even try to read the messages before yours to know?
  11. Yeah i found it but i'm really unlucky when it comes to find pokemon i want '-'
  12. Is there really crabrawlers in route 2 tree, cause i've headbutt or an hour and didn't find one ?
  13. vava4429

    [E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    I found what to do. Thank you for your help.