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  1. General suggestions to cover all typings well: (as in mons that have types that you have <2 of) Breloom Chandelure Magnezone A-Ninetales Excadrill (works especially well since you already have ttar) Scizor Lycanroc? (idk not many good rock types)
  2. Better Bag Organization I'm too used to how items are arranged in the main series games so the alphabetical system reborn uses messes with me too much, and I have too many times/am too lazy to do it manually.
  3. The two special IVs are definitely worth keeping, though the defense and speed ones hurt a lot. You can probably either EV train it in speed to patch it or keep the save file with this one and keep resetting to see if you get a better one, just in case any future one is worse and you just wanna give up.
  4. Sennzai's voice is too good for this world
  5. Agree with this team being too competitive oriented and whatnot but I'll also add that things like megas are really late into the game and isn't something that can be traded over like other mons are, so you might want to consider replacing Venusaur with something else. If you need a grass type, Ferrothorn or Serperior might work well depending on what ya want (defense vs offense). Also, rotation teams are worth looking into due to some mons being 100% useless in certain fights just due to the enemies team hard countering them, so adding a few more mons would definitely help out.
  6. You can always breed for a male one, as you'd probably want to do the egg sidequest anyways
  7. Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine after being leveled up while knowing ancient power, which you can either breed onto it (which can be easily done using a male dunsparce that knows it) or have it learn it through the move relearner (as it gets it at level 1)
  8. alright so I'm pretty tired and aren't too familiar with ruby but I'll give a shot as to something that might be going on (always good to practice debugging lol) so from what I can tell, the battler's just not being refreshed properly through pbRefresh so in that definition, the code checks to see if there's a sprite so that it doesn't get a null error, but when a Pokemon's fainted its sprite doesn't exist in the battle so the refresh isn't reached, meaning the HP bar or anything is never drawn for it if this is the case (because like I said I'm not too familiar with this so I could be wrong) then it'll probably be an easy fix to add a line into the revive items' functions before pbRefresh to add the sprite back to the @sprites array using pbAddSprite so that it gets properly refreshed regardless, I think your solution's probably fine as long as the player doesn't lose if their last pokemon is knocked out the turn the revive is used, since they'd technically have 0 pokemon before the end of the turn even though another is on its way, but that'd really be the only concern. It also doesn't let players revive a "sacrafice" mon in case they want the opponent to not target their last one, but that part's probably less of an issue. Hope y'all can figure something out soon
  9. If you're just looking for an early water type, then iirc you can get lotad from an event in Coral ward before the second gym, which will probably wind up being better than lumineon or seaking in the long run. Shellos and Tympole are also going to be available right after your 3rd badge, and that's also not mentioning the sidequest to get carvanha being avaliable around the same time, any of those are going to be way better than the super early waters. Edit: I also just remembered there's a wingull/panpour event before the first badge, too. Panpour is meh but Pelliper can be amazing if trained right if not just because of Drizzle, so it's worth investing into if get Wingull instead of Panpour (because it's randomized which one you get).
  10. Well, that depends on what you're looking for mostly. Seaking is more physical and has a bit more bulk and can take advantage of lightning rod to nullify one of its weaknesses, while Lumineon is more offensively oriented/a bit faster and gets access to Storm Drain, making it a good switch in against water attacks (and due to it being a special attacker, makes more use of the sp. atk. boost than Seaking does). In terms of offensive movepools, Seaking gets Drill Run, Megahorn, Waterfall, and Poison Jab for good physical coverage while Lumineon has access to Ice Beam, Scald, Signal Beam/Silver Wind, and Psybeam. Personally, I like Lumineon a lot more due to bias/experiences using it, but overall Seaking is probably the better option, though the choice will ultimately be up to you for which one you wanna use.
  11. If you're looking for a ghost type, Mimikyu could be fun to use just because it can either be used offensively with Swords Dance (probably can sub in hone claws till that becomes available) with good coverage in play rough, shadow claw and wood hammer/leech life/x-scissor or defensively with will-o-wisp and pain split, depending on how you want to train it. Alternatively, if you want to go with tank cheese than Trevanent's a good one to use with harvest + berries + sub seed, which is fun when it works but can get shut down rather easily. I'm also biased towards Chandelure, but it looks like Houndoom already fills it's role so I wouldn't suggest it too much. It also looks like you're missing an ice type, which is probably going to be important considering the next gym is dragon. I personally recommend A!Ninetales for hail + dual screens in Aurora Viel plus access to Blizzard (via Vulpix) and Moonblast (via egg), but other options could be Weavile or Mamoswine if you're wanting something physical instead.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  13. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a fun day ^^

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