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  1. A looooot of advice here, thanks! Like I mentioned I like to keep my teams rather wide, so for now (probably until Luna) it'll probably look like this: Sweepers (Speed & At/SpA): Physical: Blaziken + Durant; Reserves: Klinklang, Arcanine, [they're leveled up and I think useful in late game (Sun team/Factory field)], Talonflame (it's cool + Priority STAB Acrobatics...), Krookodile, Scolipede, maybe Flygon? Special: Starmie + Ribombee; Reserves: Meowstic (Support), Noivern, Roserade, maybe Raichu/ARaichu? "Tanks" (Slower mons, bulk in at least De/SpD/HP, don't mind if hits hard): Physical: Nidoqueen; Reserves: Mawile, Hippowdon, Escavalier, Cofagrigus Special: Ampharos; Reserves: Ludicolo, Bronzong, Gogoat, Porygon-2 Edit: @Siv, I've got Staryu. Also, what moveset do you recommend for Sharpedo? Cause I looked at it and got a little dumbfounded: Crunch/Ice Fang/Slash/Taunt, later Waterfall?
  2. Thanks! The boxes are attached. So I'll replace Arcanine with Klinklang for now (Clear Body; Gear Grind, Mirror Shot, Autotomize (Shift Gear incoming), Discharge). I kept Meowstic for Prankster (screens/terrain) support mainly but I might replace him with Mawile maybe (the one I have has Sheer Force, I plan giving him: Sucker Punch, Stockpile, Play Rough and Iron Head) or Ribombee which I was thinking about catching and adding to keep physical/special balance and a little more type diversity. Regarding moves: I'll wait for Sky uppercut, and replace Blaze Kick with Fire Punch for Blaziken + definietly replace Electro Ball with T-Wave for Ampharos. I'll have Superpower in 3 levels + I'll add Sludge Wave for Nidoqueen.
  3. Hi and greetings from Poland! I'm Konrad, a finance industry worker/nerd and a fan of Pokemon Reborn (last official game I played was Silver, like... 18 years ago). I'm playing rather irregularly (never beaten e18 because I was changing my approach to playing and resetting) although it relaxes me in stressful times. Among other things, I am also a first time dog owner! I've adopted a mixed breed, Edison, and he's a handful (and sweet as hell)!
  4. Hey Guys! I have recently beaten Noel and want to do some revision/expansion and EV training for my team, which currently consists of: Blaziken (Primero) lvl 55 Speed Boost Moveset: Double Kick, Bulk Up, Blaze Kick, Shadow Claw Arcanine (MightyGal) lvl 54 Intimidate Moveset: Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Extreme Speed Starmie (LadyGaga) lvl 54 Natural Cure Moveset: Cosmic Power, Minimize, Psychic, Brine Meowstic - Male (Joker) lvl 53 Prankster Moveset: Misty Terrain, Reflect, Psychic, Fake Out Nidoqueen (Elisabeth) lvl 55 Poison Point Moveset: Crunch, Earth Power, Venom Drench, Toxic Spikes Ampharos (LeSheep) lvl 54 Static Moveset: Discharge, Electro Ball, Power Gem, Cotton Guard I also have a variety of different pokemons (over lvl 40 which treating as "rotation" mons): Klinklang lvl 52, Mawile lvl 46, Hippowdon lvl 43 + three boxes of other). Do you have any suggestions how can I expand/change my team? I like wide rotations and don't mind grinding.
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