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  1. Really thank you for Ice Stone and shiny Hawlucha)
  2. Very vell, your nickname?
  3. Can somebody trade me an Ice Stone? Please.
  4. As I see, there are really mane players from Poland. Glad to meet you!
  5. I play in Reborn since 2016, but made account here only after a year, when I make a new run through main story. The best and well-developed fan-game, really.
  6. Hell yeah it's count, I'm happy for everyone East Europe player. How long you play in Reborn?
  7. I was always wondering how many players Reborn have in post-USSR countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.). If you live in any of these countries, drop your posts there.
  8. Silver Boy


    You're welcome, thanks for Togetic!
  9. Silver Boy


    You online?
  10. Silver Boy


    Maybe I'll sent you one, what's your online nickname?
  11. Silver Boy


    No, I'll try once more. Make a request after one minute.
  12. Silver Boy


    Now. I already wait for trade.
  13. Silver Boy


    Trainer Vlad
  14. Silver Boy


    I can trade one
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