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  1. I chose Turtwig for his secondary Ground type. For this moment I have Roselia, Gloom, Grotle and Cherrim
  2. Thanks guys, I started a grass type monorun. Not sure what will be, but anyway.
  3. Hello everyone, just want to begin a new Monotype run in Reborn, since Bug run will be ended by me very soon. So, what's your ideas? I don't want to get Pokemons out of sandbox mod, only a wild ones.
  4. Thanks for your and your team work, Amethyst! Hope you rest during Christmas! However, thanks! P.S. There are two more, right? Well, we hope that the work will not drag out and we will soon be pleased with the game!
  5. Oh, i will be very grateful if my Silver will have a Santa hat. Make one for me on this photo, please.
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