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  1. Teto

    Help me choose...

    It depends on your playstyle. Gastrodon and Quagsire are defensive pokemon while Seismictoad can be played both ways. Personnally, I would pick the toad. It will take advantage of Swift Swim, add speed to your team. With Earth Power and Sludge Wave, he can handle Electrik and Grass types. The two others need Toxic and Recover to function well. Toxic is very late-game. Plus, they're slow and their abilities are useless in a monowater run.
  2. Teto

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Yesterday announcement made me realize that I knew some piece of nostalgia, orchestrated.
  3. Haha thank you for the kind comments and for learning me the word 'quips'. I should get back to this run but work has been a time issue these months. It's an E18 brand new feature. Overlevelled pokemons will disobey you only from the next battle. When they get past the cap in-battle, they're still under your command. It's like they feel overconfident just because they won once more. Jerks.
  4. Hello! I see many things in your team that I would like to change: Decidueye is ok. Sword Dance should replace Brave Bird when available. Also, Overgrow > Long Reach because it can power up Leaf Blade. And it will happen because this guy is slow and will take hits before counter-attacking. Rotom-Heat is weird. Hex is almost useless when you have STABs such as Overheat and Discharge. Also, Thunderbolt > Discharge if you play offensively. You should get rid of Charge and get Toxic/Pain Split ... Rotom can hold a Choice Spec if necessary. Then, you can go all attack-out. A Life Orb would suit him too. If played defensively, just give him Leftovers. I like Mega-Swampert. You should replace Rock Slide by Ice Punch. This move is an answer to both Flying and Grass types. Also, Rain Dance makes Swampert deadly. Pangoro : Knock Off instead of Foul Play. Foul Play uses the opponent's attack and not Pangoro's high attack stat. Let's say you use it on an Alakazam, it won't suffer a lot. Plus, Knock Off will help removing the several items Reborn's trainers hold. Also, Close Combat instead of Drain Punch maybe ... Gunk Shot is cool to damage Fairy types who wall you. Personnaly, I would give Choice Band to this guy. Noivern : I would give Choice Spec or Life Orb to this dragon. Draco Meteor could be used instead of Dragon Pulse. Also, a deadly but not so accurate Hurricane instead of Air Slash, especially if it's rainy, but not mandatory. I would replace Super Fang by Heat Wave because Steel-types are a pain. Finally, Silvally! I don't know how to play this guy. He is bulky so Toxic, Thunder Wave and Parting Shot are good. But a Steel-Memory with Multi attack AND Iron Head is redundant. Sword Dance would be cool but it's not available yet. You can try a mixed set with Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. I don't know. As for Gren instead of Pangoro. Why not! It would add speed to your team. Greninja has many options, can setup hazards, can be played physical and special. He is frail however. It will struggle in double battles. And finally, concerning M-Kang. That monster is broken with Seismic Toss. It's up to your playstyle because Mega-Swampert breaks noses too.
  5. Teto

    Question on Megaevolution

    It will move after in Gen6. But this will not be the case in Gen7. In Gen6, every stats including speed did change upon mega-evolving, but the turn order was not altered by the mega-evolution.
  6. If you're really stucked, I suggest you to load an old savefile before your entrance in Devon. Now, you know what will happen there and prepare accordingly.
  7. Teto

    Post-E18 Team

    Go to the Tanzan lake farm Luvdiscs then ^^ with Thief and Frisk, it's quite fast!
  8. Teto

    Post-E18 Team

    I see threats everywhere. I would consider even more offensive sets with these kind of mons. You will like end-game TMs a lot! Dragon Dance on Charizard X is mandatory imo.. Roost could be useful too. I like Toxic and Stealth Rocks on Garchomp. Always useful. I would change Gren's Water Shuriken. This move is cool on Ash-Gren but not on regular Gren. I like Gunk Shot, Spikes, Toxic Spikes or Z-Dig ... Also, Hydro Pump > Surf. Paradoxally, it allows a frail mon like Gren to survive more because Surf doesn't always K.O. And Gren doesn't like to take a hit back.
  9. Teto

    Hi I'm new and I messed up

    Well, the story hasn't reached its end yet. Something might happen to him in the other path ... Just forget what I said ^^ welcome to Reborn!
  10. Teto

    Theories about Lin's Team.

    No weather allowed in the New World field unfortunately so no Aurora Veil for her and above all for us. But the ideas exposed here are quite good. I wonder if we could add a Pulse-mon in the equation.
  11. Teto


  12. Teto

    Post your E-18 completion team

    Chesnaught Jellicent Donphan Klinklank Clefable Pinsir Porygon-Z I like bulky offense teams. I am not fast but some guys wille cripple you and other will hit you hard. Clefable was not very useful for E18 because she still lacks good utility moves. The rest of the team worked pretty well.
  13. Teto

    Hi Meet My Friend!

    This little gremlin is the reason why Rocky Helmet was invented.
  14. Teto

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Late to the music discussion. I just hope that the Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix will pop up somewhere. Fingers crossed.
  15. Teto

    Stuck in grass monorun

    They can be found in the caves where you rescue the police officers. You know, in the forest before the last Pulse Tangrowth.