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  1. Also, the cave you just went in is a fine grinding spot at this point. There, you can catch a Geodude/Graveler just for this fight. Onix tends to lack power before evolving.
  2. So, basically, everyone became a Sylveon and gained the Pixiliate ability? pixpix? Love it. pix~


    Hyper voice on everyone. pix~

  3. Teto

    Best flying type

    There are the bulky Gliscor, the hyper-offense Hawlucha with Reborn Seeds, Dragon Dancers such as Gyarados, Dragonite or Salamence … Mega-Pinsir is deadly too. Staraptor can break noses. Togekiss has good utilities (Fairy types rule). Mega Aerodactyl is versatile. Ninjask can use Baton Pass ... It depends on your playstyle and what you need in your team.
  4. The Original Theme Song: These lyrics rings a bell, right? I bet you can hear the melody just fine. The truth is many of us knew this song by heart years before learning English. When I discovered the original song years later, I started to analyse the original lyrics. I couldn't prevent myself to compare them with the lyrics I knew so much. I liked the way ideas and messages were transposed in my language. Translating a song is an interesting exercise. You have to keep the sense of the lyrics while making them sound right. Choices had to me made. In a result, while some sentences were deleted, new punchlines came up. I think it's interesting to know what translators across the world came up with. So, here is the thing. What are the lyrics in your language? And what would be their literal translation in English? Of course, it won't rhyme. But I am really wondering how the values of friendship, adventure or challenge were implemented in our childhood song. According to Bulbapedia, this song has been translated to Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (both Portugal and Brazil), Russian, Spanish (both Latin America and Spain), Swedish and Turkish. Maybe there's more, I don't know. P.S.: One thing that did surprised me is that this song is not Japanese. However, the original singer Jason Paige sung a Japanese version. And it's, dare I say, a fan-tastic performance. It's not the full song tho.
  5. Pinsir, Altaria, Glalie and Salamence will have to run Return instead of never-happening-countering-Ditto's Frustration ... Jokes aside, I upvote that. 200+ happiness is the best choice in my humble opinion.
  6. It was my first game ever. I received Pokemon Red for my eighth birthday. I mean, what was I supposed to do?
  7. I just started Rocket Rising. The gameplay is really different from a average pokemon game but the story and the difficulty are something worth experiencing.
  8. Sheer force could be the reason why.
  9. Good luck on your translate of MEG4TERR4's lines
  10. Welp, since I'll be doing three runs, I will be part of the SGS. But my first pick will definitely be the Sobble Squad! The name pun suits so well (I just understood it)
  11. I was thinking that Protect was here for poison stall shenanigans but I was like "nah, he can't be THAT evil".
  12. Teto

    Any Ditto will do

    You can request a trade anytime
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