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  1. Rhian and the remaining scholar trade blows, each landing their respective attack. Johanna tries to take advantage of his distraction to finish him off, but the Scholar once more proves more slippery than she'd expected, and promptly sticks his tongue out at her with a merry laugh as he dances out of the way. Cheat Sheet:
  2. "..." Stunned, she just stands there watching as the girl struts off after what could have been the rudest first meeting she's ever had. It takes a few seconds, and then she shakes her head as if trying to clear her thoughts, a disbelieving look on her face. "What... just happened? Wow, who peed in her breakfast this morning?" That had been so outlandish that she almost can't even tell if she's hurt by the assumption or not. And then something strikes her. "Wait, so she thought I have nice hair and a cute face?" She can't help but laugh, partially because the backhanded compliment had been actually funny and partially to dispel her own discomfort, reaching up to run a hand through her hair. That's kind of nice, in a way. It is her best physical feature. "Well, that was definitely a start."
  3. "People... are interesting?" She raises her eyebrows, then nods thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess people are pretty interesting." She's not sure she'd say they're fun to play with, but he's a fae, so she doesn't think too much about it. Okay. So now it's just... asking some people about Lancelot. Accosting strangers and praying she doesn't get looked at weird. Totally not scary. Mustering up some courage, she catches sight of a passerby who looks more or less approachable. "Excuse me?" Putting on a smile, she waves in a bright and friendly manner. Other people have always told her she sounds just fine, but she feels like she'd rather run in the other direction. "Sorry to bother you. Do you know anything about the rumors about Lancelot the Black?"
  4. By the time he's satisfied with his repairs, it's getting close to the time for lights out. Picking himself off the floor, he stretches and arranges his things before heading out to the spare linen closet — which was quite sparing, at the moment — to gather a few extra supplies. He ought to make sure everyone else is properly settled and not lacking anything important. Some things, unfortunately, would have to wait until they purchased more supplies tomorrow, but it would be wise to at least get an idea of what everyone wanted. The first door he stops by is Shin's; he doesn't recall if there had been a consensus on whether he would be sharing his room with anyone, but regardless, he knocks gently and waits just outside. "Shin? Pardon the intrusion. I'm merely making sure everyone is doing all right. Is there anything you require?"
  5. It's not as elaborate as a more thought-out plan, but... well, they said sometimes simple is best, right? Hopefully they wouldn't get unwanted questions. "You can be moral support," she replies wryly, with a smile. "Okay, so that sounds like a working plan." As they head into the village proper, she looks back over to him. "What else did you want to look at while we're here?"
  6. Bless him, he was trying. "Mm... I don't know, I don't want to sound some kind of village-wide alarm..." she replies dubiously, but gently. "If people actually tried to get together some kind of militia to fight off an imaginary threat, we'd end up with more on our hands than we bargained for." She lets the little tangent about this 'Gwyn' person fall to the wayside. No idea who that was, but she wasn't going to ask. "The message idea's nice, but I wonder if more nosy people would start asking us who we were and all that, then... and then we'd have to be careful about our story and who we're telling it to." Her mouth quirks thoughtfully and she rests the back of her hand against her lips in contemplation. "Hm..." "Maybe we can pretend to be some people who need his help with a personal issue. He's a fabled knight, right? We can always say we're looking to find him because we want to learn from him, or something." She shrugs as though to say 'it's the best I got'.
  7. Eyebrows lift, and Juliett has to suck in her lips a little to clamp down on the smile that appears. Nickles... "I'm glad someone's got a use for it." She thinks briefly back to the day before and Nicolos' odd reaction to the tome. He'd seemed startled by it, or maybe put off, for some reason. She's not really that interested in knowing the reason — everyone's got stuff they'd rather not share — but she does wonder. Especially since it seemed like, as far as his sword was concerned, he was pretty comfortable with slinging fire around. Although Ari is a little more exuberant than what she usually looks for in company, she's more glad to just not be going in alone, and for all his energy, he seems friendly enough. "Haha, okay... just don't leave me high and dry, and we'll be good." Delineating the task of actually asking for information entirely to her sounds like exactly that, so she'll keep her expectations low. "What's the best way to go about this...? I mean, people'll get suspicious if we just start interviewing everyone on the street about Lancelot."
  8. [ ENEMY PHASE ] Scholar 2 attacks Kerr. Through the chaos, the Scholar takes careful aim amidst the trees. With a mischievous lick of fingers, he turns the page of his tome and lets fly a destructive blast of dark magic at Kerr, bringing him to his knees. As the group nears the western doorway to the courtyard, some muffled voices can be heard around the corner. "Hey, do you hear that?" "... The courtyard? Is something going on in there?" [ PLAYER PHASE ] Cheat Sheet:
  9. Look for information about Lancelot, huh? Juliett casts her eye around at the town... a pretty modest, quiet place. She's not really a fan of the climate, but beggars can't be choosers. "Iba, if I leave you tied up somewhere out of sight to graze nicely, you won't make a scene, will you?" As much as she'd like her pegasus to accompany her as she looked around and give her a greater sense of safety, something like him would probably draw more attention than she'd like. In response, he snorts as if in derision, shaking his head restlessly. "Well, you're just going to have to deal with it," she says tiredly, though not without a touch of fondness. He has a grumpy look on his face the entire time she fastens him to a more out of the way spot near where Nicolos is reading. At least he'll be able to keep an eye on him, if anything happens. "Let me know if shit goes down, okay? Yeah, you'll probably tear your reins off if there really was action you were missing out on. Okay, behave yourself." There's still the issue of heading into town by herself, though, something she's not too eager about. But she doesn't really know any of the others too well... oh, wait. "Hey... Ari? Right?" It's thankfully not too hard to find him, and she pulls out the Fire tome she'd been safekeeping. "I picked this up during the fight yesterday. Nicolos said to give it to you."
  10. Coming up to hopefully surprise the scholar, Johanna is surprised to find that he's more adept than she'd guessed. Luckily though, she rights herself quickly and cleanly avoids his own counterattack. Cheat Sheat:
  11. Dinner had been a success, and nothing warmed him more than seeing the space around the table expanded beyond what it had been. First, just himself and Kane had sat there in the evenings. Then, one by one, that had grown to three, four... now, it feels almost rowdy. A smile comes to his face, and he moves around to collect others' bowls and spoons, gently refusing assistance to bring them all into the kitchen when offered. Once everything is cleaned, he returns to his now former room and moves all of his belongings into Kane's space. It takes the better part of the remaining hour; even though his belongings are sparse, he couldn't leave even a single corner untidy for its next occupant. Finally, around the time Kane officially calls for lights out, Ferdiad is settled into the room he'll also be calling his for the forseeable future. In a way, this is more like what he's used to; in the military, there had hardly been a day when he had had a room to himself, and he had missed the company. Even though everyone is settled and quiet has descended on Virtuous' humble home, the light is still on in their room as Ferdiad sits on the ground, his armor arrayed across his lap and the floor immediately around him. He's quiet as he works to polish out the scratches, reverse any dents, looking content.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  13. At Vivianne's call, Juliett steps away from the sidelines of the conversation to take a look at what she's indicating. Curiosity enters her eyes as she looks at the marks that the mage points out. Yeah, that's Cursed marks, no doubt about that. ... Please accept my apologies. The conversation that occurs behind her is largely background noise, at least until Owena speaks up, her words cutting through Juliett's idle thoughts like a knife point. The judgmental ignorance in them makes her stomach churn, and she hates discord more than anything, but it's impossible to just let this go without saying something. "Hey. I... wouldn't make assumptions, if I were you," She turns around to face the rest of them. Her tone isn't sharp, but there's a clear note of irritation, as well as a hardness in her expression. Then she looks down at the ground, avoiding eye contact but still visibly discomfited. "Just. Please, stop."
  14. Quietly from the sidelines, she watches as the discussion takes a sudden turn at Nicolos' insistence that the Cursed have to be put down. Is it just that they're a danger, or is there something else there? She's realized since coming here that the way Cursed are handled... is different. It feels like maybe she ought to say something, too, but she holds back. They can come to some conclusion without her, right? It's best if she stays out of it. Her gaze falls to the nearest body, one of those that Nicolos had felled, and she just looks at it, perhaps past it, as the rest of them talk amongst themselves, her thoughts empty, a thick, discomfited feeling in her chest. The sooner they decide on something and move on, the better.
  15. —Oh. Well, that works too. She lowers her lance, letting out a relieved sigh. She'd been prepared, but honestly it's nice to avoid engaging with the Cursed if she could. Sparing effort wasn't the only part of it, either. She tries not to look at the bodies around them, both those unconscious and those that are... in a more permanent state. Iba doesn't seem to agree with her relief, snorting loudly and lashing his tail in indignation that the opportunity for a glorious last blow had been denied them. He glares sidelong at Nicolos, which goes unnoticed by his rider as she overhears Galen's remarks with a tinge of discomfort. Yeah, she doesn't like the flare much either, but being passive-aggressive like that? She doesn't really believe his dismissal that he's just joking, either. Awkward. With a tired exhale, she dismounts from Iba's back, strapping her lance into its holster and taking his reins in hand. "Um, good job, everyone," she says genuinely, if a little subdued. "I thought that went pretty well."
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