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  1. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On The Forums: Excalibur [OOC/Recruitment]

    "Of course, I'll do my best, but don't put your expectations too high, all right?"
  2. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    F27, attack Nomad.
  3. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    "Ah, Minstrel! Good of you to join me. If you'd stay back just a little... I don't want to cause you harm unintentionally." Attack Fencer A.
  4. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    Kane M29 attack Fencer B. "I will not allow you to stand in our way!" Attack Fencer A.
  5. rokubiraijuu

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    This time Fallon's strike hits true, and the soldier crumples to the ground, knocked out cold. Setting her sights on the mage, Johanna takes advantage of the chaos to make an attack of her own. There is something odd about this one, though; aside from the fact that it's strange laguz are even here in the first place, much less in such numbers, this one seems to be only a child, possibly no more than nine or ten years old. It doesn't feel right to be fighting them, even in nonlethal combat. But for her youth, the girl appears no less determined to get the best of them. AB20 and attack Scholar 1. The flat of her axe connects, drawing a sharp yelp from the girl, whose blast of dark magic flies off in another direction. Cheat Sheet:
  6. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    With every step towards the prison looming in the distance, Ferdiad's confidence seems to regrow. By the time they catch sight of the first guards patrolling just beyond the tree line, he's returned to the self-assurance of the previous skirmish. A clear objective in front of him; those he needs to protect behind. This is better, and though it's not enough to completely silence the worries whispering at the back of his mind, it's enough to put something else in higher priority. "Virtuous, behind me!" he calls, pulling himself up into Bradwr's saddle and taking up his lance. "I'll draw the attention of the swordsman; cover me." L27 and Hold.
  7. rokubiraijuu

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    Sneaking into the trees, Rhian brings down the swordsman, who wasn't watching his flanks, with a clean shot. Cheat Sheet:
  8. rokubiraijuu

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    One more fireball collides with the already-injured archer, and he's knocked out, unconscious. Despite Fallon's precision, the laguz wielding the spear in front of him is more wily than he'd thought. She manages to slide just out of the way, and the orb of dark magic grazes by her harmlessly. "Fallon!" Johanna seems surprised that the dark mage flubbed the strike. Even though the circumstances are still dangerous, she can't help a faint light of amusement behind her eyes. "Did the book spine slip in your hands?" AD17 and Iron Axe Soldier 2. Running in, Johanna lands a solid blow with the flat of her axe on the soldier's helmet. The strike stuns her enough that her jab in retaliation misses completely. [ ENEMY PHASE ] Soldier 2 to AF18 and attack Dulcibella. Targeting a familiar adversary, the soldier strikes out at Dulcibella, landing a solid hit. Scholar 1 to AB19 and attack Argos. At the same moment, another laguz that had previously been hiding in the trees emerges, and with a surprisingly young-sounding "yaahh!" of exclamation, lobs a ball of dark magic at Argos. Myrmidon 4 to AC20 and attack Naomi. Engaging Naomi in the brush, a swordsman thinks he can best her, but she manages to use the cover of the trees to block his attack and sneak in a counterstrike. Fighter 1 to AB23. Turn 8 Argos recovers 5 HP. Cheat Sheet:
  9. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    He listens to her with quiet patience, but doesn't say anything in return. After gazing distantly down at the floorboards of the wagon behind her for a few moments, he only nods. Thankfully, perhaps, Shin interrupts them, freeing him from a need to answer. He looks at the offered bread and politely shakes his head, holding up a hand in refusal. "My thanks, but I couldn't stomach it right now." "Ah, I meant to compliment your bowmanship in the skirmish earlier. That pegasus knight in particular. You don't seem like a soldier, but you must have had fine training."
  10. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    The sudden shift into severity catches him off guard. But the more she talks and he can see the hard conviction and cold fire in her eyes, the more he realizes just how invested she is. So, this is why she had joined Virtuous, then? To enact justice on the Perusian elite? He has little direct experience with Perus, but he can't deny that, from what little he has seen, many of them are, in fact, as corrupt as she says. Even so... "... Yes, of course. I won't deny that some of them do." His agreement lacks much muster behind it, though. "... So, you detest the Perusians?"
  11. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    One on one? The thought was nice, but... Ferdiad offers her a cursory smile, anyway, to show that he's grateful for the thought. "You're very kind, but there's nothing to be done about it." He'd realized a long time ago that seldom did words of consolation have the desired effect on the whirlwind of worries occupying his mind. "I keep thinking about the possibilities and all the ways this might result in something even worse than it had been before. I'm afraid I do this with just about everything." He shakes his head, not wanting to say too much. "What are your thoughts about this mission, then? I'm curious to hear, if you wish to share."
  12. rokubiraijuu

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    Dulci's arrow pings off the spearman's armor, denting it somewhat. Cheat Sheet:
  13. rokubiraijuu

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    Startled out of his reverie by the sound of another, Ferdiad looks up, surprised to see the Lizaveta joining him by the window. He musters up a smile, grateful for the interruption from his thoughts, though it's somewhat chagrined at being singled out so prominently. "That obvious?" He gives a weak chuckle. "I do not feel... right, speaking up about it to Kane in front of everyone." He glances to Baldur, as though to reference his conversation with their leader at the moment. It seems like he'd managed to deflate Kane's enthusiasm somewhat, and the thought makes Ferdiad feel guilty, as though he had been part of it. "But don't worry. I'll do what needs to be done and protect you all, no matter what comes."