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    Sheridan village, Apophyll academy(birthplace), Route 9(favorite vacation spot). Ok, I'm from India.
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  1. BRS swag

    Shadow Slakoth

    You get the shadow slakoth during a SEC battle deep in Carotos Mountain. That event can be done after 7 badges. Be at it. It's probably hyper rare.
  2. Actually, by Star Piece quest, *correction, it is actually star shard quest* I'm not sure but I've only found the two. I believe there are 5 with Novae also belonging to their group, but we might fight later separately.
  3. BRS swag

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    The dive area O.O i just love it. Wow, you sure have a knack for these things. I have known that since V8. Thanks a lot. are jan and ame racing
  4. BRS swag

    Hello from the worst pokemon trainer

    For me, Terra was very easy and I had all six mons alive till rawrchomp, so, that makes it very easy. I think our teams are very opposite in nature. I usually choose tanky mons and yours are speedy. It would make a nice combi team.
  5. BRS swag

    Hello from the worst pokemon trainer

    Welcome aboard, mate. We'll help ya out for any issues in-game and with your life. Don't worry about learning English. It's just like in every other language, when you are learning ,there is some kind of difficulties which you need to face. I'm an Indian and after some time, I've become really better at it. You'll just need your time. I actually took a lot of time in this game, kinda like 130 hours, I dunno. Shade, Kiki and Samson proved to be difficult for me. Especially Kiki.
  6. BRS swag

    [E18 Spoilers]Relationship Variable Guide

    Just the -2, it doesn't happen multiple times.
  7. BRS swag

    ❤Mega Gardevoir❤

    Give it Aura Sphere and it'll be broken AF and beautiful AF together.
  8. BRS swag

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    Before I start, I prefer tanky mons. Venusaur - the best grass type mon. Give Blastoise Steel type and then we'll talk. Actually, anything here. All are equally good and bad in their ways. Swampert - liek mudkipz and also just, use it once. It's the best. Liked it when Zeta/Omicron made a custom Mega form and gave it Sap Sipper. Broken totally. * Blaziken is good too, probably one of the few non-tanky mons I like. Empoleon - Fantastic and the best Gen 4 starter. Defeated the league on the 1st try with this. .............Meh..............Serperior is fine Froggo is good. Go Greninja. Primarina - like it's elegance and strength. Rare combo.
  9. BRS swag

    Pokémon Rescue Mission

    Is this game completed?? Do we have Gym Badges in here too??
  10. Luck guy is in Gearen city (in a tent) and changes game's difficulty for ya. But, I have no idea what @Xavier575 is referring to. Yup, Clefable is a great mon. Also, I'll let you in a sneak peek if you like Gardevoir.
  11. Swampert is always Muddy, coz why not when there is Water/Ground. Togekiss is always Graceful, coz have you seen it??? so graceful. Gardevoir is always Angel, coz it's my guardian angel. Dragonite is always Draco, short for dragon. Gengar is always Spooky, I mean just look at that face. Chandelure is always Blaze, coz it's shiny has blazing hot red flame.
  12. ??? is my least fav type. I mean why does it even exist. Arceus is my fav. or was. Seriously, I hate Flying types even tho I loooove birds. God knows why that is. But, I totally love Togekiss, Braviary and Dragonite.
  13. This is just in the top of my mind, but add a fairy mon, maybe. Like Togekiss, if the mystery egg works out well, or something similar. I do that too. I keep others only till my full team is ready. Love to go with very few options. It's a drive for me to play.
  14. For some reason, status updates are only accessible from profile activities and not directly.

    I have attached the scripts file of the game "Pokemon Infinite Fusion" here..............can anyone enable debug for this file?? I'm not well experienced myself with using rpgmaker and the trial period is done for and now I can't edit it. Pls help me out here.....The save file became corrupt......Don't want to re-play the whole game again as I have already tried that for quite some number of times


    Alternatively, you can also DM me, if you have any objections posting it here.