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  1. Yeah, definitely, if you have the time. Leave the link of the page here as soon as you're done.
  2. Hey, guys just dropping here for some assumptions and possible outcomes on V12. Stop reading if you haven't completed the story of v12.
  3. Happy birthday Ame. Have a great year ahead and thanks for giving us Reborn.

  4. You can use Fire types like talonflame, ninetales, etc. They work well in that field.
  5. I'm not able to access Zone Zero through Alamissa Urben even though I have the Zone Zero key. Can anyone help me as to how can I do the same?
  6. Search for a thread called Major Bugs v12 in this club and post your game.rxdata savefile with some background to the problem. You can find it in C;\Users\Username\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation
  7. Are there no relationship points for stopping karrina from killing karen? I think there must be. Also, when the player meets up with Ren and Aelita after Aelita fights the Tuff-Puff, depending on the answer, a line dialogue change can be seen. This might be a potential place too.
  8. This thread was a great idea. A bow to whoever came up with this. Now, I have a few questions, just my predictions:
  9. Same thing happened here. My Chandelure had to 3-shot that monster (cuz wasn't prepared with items).
  10. Man, just finished v12. The story was way too good. I used to think nothing could top v11's suspense of the but, this version really did, and went much further away. I was really glad that two of my guesses for this version came out to be true. This was the exact same thing I posted in the v12 status thread which that 455 flora took over. Please don't look further if you don't want to be spoiled. This is a warning. I must say great work @Jan and the team. Must mention @Zumi's name for the great sprites. I'm not sure whether this game should be named Jan really likes his old video games. The battles were really exciting in Intense Mode. Is anyone updating the Relationship Variable Guide for this version?? I'm pretty sure the spoiler contents can't be added till some time..........it's just that I usually make two runs for games like these...one by my own instincts and the other one a utopian vision. Sometimes, these runs go hand-in-hand.
  11. Oh wow, so I'm late to this party now? Great.....Flora, I have just one sentence for you. You may have given us the game, but, WE WANT JAN!!!
  12. The Zone Zero rift could be a Rift Gigalith too....................or a Hippowdon who now can't move at all
  13. No need to lose hope. Food is tastier the more hungrier we are. The same analogy applies here. Also, I have a point to drop here. While travelling through time, space is a constant i.e., we exist in the same spot/place. So, what was in Alamissa Urben's gate, according to this philosophy, could actually be Hiyoshi City. So, what is Zone Zero in the present can be Hiyoshi City. Some of the uncertain places such as Altair Manor might have been transported by how much up and around in Aevium Giratina currently is, except for the time it was frozen or caged by Geara. So, my statement is Zone Zero = Hiyoshi City in present. What do you guys think? And, another thing, maybe the Polioethal Forest or whatever it is, leads to Route 8.
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