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  1. If you are still struggling, why not try a Dry Skin Heliolisk? Dry Skin is good for underwater and thunder moves are OPest underwater. Only maybe for Swampert or Gastrodon you'll have to do something else. I don't know her full team, so, this is best help I can give you.
  2. But Arceus is glitching since post-game development started...
  3. This is nice. I've always wanted to see a Mega Arceus.
  4. Thanks a lot. That was the very same one
  5. Does anyone know where can I find Hardy's battle theme online? The first one.
  6. Just restart the game but do not press F12 to soft-reset. That won't work.
  7. Well, the queen never wanted it. Her meek and welcoming personality before in Reborn was taken for granted by some fern people, which led to the bugs responding as such to honor their queen.
  8. Punishments can be as simple as bug-rearing and maintenance to hearing a 100 yanmegas bug buzzing near your ears for days together.
  9. Welcome. If I get another idea, I'll put it down here. Ping me if you need anything.
  10. Yeah, I developed it based on a fan-art I found while Googling. I should've put it up beforehand, I guess: Here it is: You can maybe think of making it centrally blue instead of red. My concept is that due to the power of mega evolution, it gains a perfect crystal structure. If you've read of perfect crystals, you'll know that any physical impacts on it get de-localized all around the structure, thus, direct impacts are near to impossible. So, here's the idea. Type: Ice/Water Ability: Perfect Crystal (Doubles Def. due to perfect crystalline structure) Defense doubled is calculated from the total defense like Pure Power and Huge Power. Height: 5'6" Weight: 702.31 lbs. New Moves: Aqua Jet (Lvl 15), Water Gun (Lvl 25), Water Pulse (Lvl 35), Surf (HM) Mega Evolution: Cryogonite Base Stats: HP: 80=80 Atk: 50>70 (+20) Def.: 50>60 (+10) Sp.Atk: 95>140 (+45) Sp.Def: 135>160 (+25) Spd: 105=105 Total: 515>615 (+100) Strengths: Addition of the Water type helps in mitigating many weaknesses and covering up introduced weaknesses. Its ability to become steam and re-condense as ice is now pronounced to overcome its Fire type weakness. Its perfect crystalline structure helps it to de-localize impacts, thus, reducing damage from each impact. Its higher speed makes it even more of a threat to its adversaries. Weaknesses: Susceptible to fast attackers using fighting and electric type moves. Its ability is negated by abilities like Mold Breaker, leaving it physically very weak. Overall: This pokemon can act equally as a quick attacker and a wall, but, is better used for offensive strategies due to lower HP hindering its tanking capabilities. History: The Cryogonals usually possess an ability that allows them to turn into steam and vanish when temperatures rise. They can reform when the heat gets reduced. This also gives them the ability to absorb surrounding moisture and grow. This power lies dormant in them, which is released in dire situations and when a Cryogonal and its trainer bond perfectly. When this power is activated, the surrounding moisture is absorbed in, forming a special keystone imbibed with its life force, which makes it transform.
  11. Nope, I'm not a spriter, so, sadly, no such picture. But, according to pokedex entries, Cryogonal has a unique ability of turning into moisture and back again. I've planned it's Mega form's ability and stats based on that. I've thought of making it a Ice/Water type for the very same reason. The pokedex entry in pokemon black is as follows: "When its body temperature goes up, it turns into steam and vanishes. When its temperature lowers, it returns to ice." So if you like it, I'll show you my further idea.
  12. Can you do a Mega Cryogonal? I have the idea with me. If you're interested, just say yes and I'll give you the idea.
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