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  1. Probably because Reborn isn't the player's story but rather the the one of an RP group the game is based on, and the player is a voyeur to the events. Hence why they literally just stand there when people take the four mcguffins from them. As for being able to kill people...
  2. Some concerns I have of the game, sectioned below in spoilers for organization... Graphics Gameplay Story That's everything that immediately stands out to me. Otherwise it wasn't too bad or too difficult other than managing resources like money and potions. Edit, about my comment on landmarks: This is perfectly fine I can see where I am and where I need to go. Standing in a screen of grass, however, is really bad map design.
  3. Basically this is something I spent waaaaay too long on this for characters I'm not too fond of. Despite that, the hint of a metaphor that deals with a relationship dynamic based on fairy tale tropes was really interesting to me as it holds some merit. Considering the two character's different perspectives. From Titania's view, Amaria is the dragon to her tower. The tower being their relationship, and the dragon being the threat of Amaria's emotional and mental state deteriorating. I found the notes within Titania's gym incredibly ironic, for as much as she derides the princesses within those stories for not simply trying to leave she can't even manage to get out of her situation on her own. In a story with much more focus, finesse, and a smaller cast this could have been a wonderful character study on someone in an emotionally abusive relationship pretending to be the strong Knight and Shining armor when inside she is the Princess. She calls her gym a free world but it in itself could have been a symbol of her prison. But I've rambled enough. It's not very pretty, but there's four versions in the tag below.
  4. I'm going to start by saying I think you've got that last comment backwards mate, and that you also don't really understand how court cases work. Usually court cases last years and they're settled out of court. Most of the stuff done it is is for the records and due process and all that jazz. You're right though, that evidence is not facts. But it supports facts, and gives them solid ground to be facts. It's also naive to think that only a criminal convictions would make it gosepl, as there are notable cases were people who had committed crimes are not convicted. The affluenza case where a drunk driving incident killed four people, and the evidence made it clear that the boy committed the crime, but he wasn't convicted for it. Justice systems are not perfect, as there are plenty of cases of wrongful convictions (there's a public record of miscarriage of justices available if you are interested in the subject), as well numerous acquittals that should've been a guilty verdict. Anyways, I don't think he's going to be brought to court by any of his victims, as there's a precedent of these kinds of claims being dismissed even when you call the police, like stalking and abuse cases where the victim doesn't end up with life threatening injuries. The process of gathering evidence that would qualify (which already in itself is hard), and would outright be ignored unless the victim literally looked like they were violently assaulted, despite the accounts from staff and other voice actors. On funimtion: The thing is that companies don't like to associate with people who have been labeled a sexual predator regardless. If Vic took it to court, funimation wouldn't be required to do anything as it's Vic's responsibility to prove that he was unlawfully fired on some kind of malicious defamation, sex, race, or gender discrimination. Anyways, you keep mentioning ANN falsifying evidence (which I can't find any article on and a couple of comments on other websites popping up when I tried to research it mentioning the claims saying it's false are fabricated), so I'm going to finally address this point and say that's there's no evidence that show that those or other testimonies are false either other than screenshots from literally just one person. Even if all the allegations are false (which I doubt, because that's a lot of smoke for there to be no fire) it doesn't change the fact he already has this stigma attached to his name. Even if you gave him the benefit of the doubt he's bad at reading body language and can't sense personal barriers, that doesn't change the fact that he shouldn't have done it or been in that situation in the first place. Don't engage an event that requires you to be in close proximity to minors /when you don't know what's appropriate or professional behavior/. And for the inevitable "why didn't they come out sooner argument" that comes up, consider that the repercussions of admitting the fact you've been harassed or made uncomfortable by a man who has more standing than you might be more than intimidating, self esteem ruining, and extremely nerve wracking when you have people that will support this man regardless of whether he's guilty or not and are even giving him money for it. (Even if the funds are going to salvation Army, that fact has its own numerous issues.) Finally to address your first statement. Maybe if you've had arguments multiple times with people about the way you present your argument, it's because there's an actual issue they're responding to that is present in it and that you should do some introspection. I get it, I do. I used to be the "big brained" skeptic, and was neutral on a lot of issues until I realized that there are inherent problems with a lot of aspects of that kind of thinking one of which being that it's very dogmatic and closes the discussion off to anyone who disagrees with you because they're just out to ruin a man's life or something "in the name of justice". Edit: So I did some more digging and wow it really has been a open secret for the pas 10 years as there's warnings about im on sites like livejournal and something awful forums. And it's only being formally addressed /now/. Not only that but it can't be covered in depth - not because lack of evidence because it's anime, and like gaming, very little journalism or investigation actually goes into it. The pedantic romantic did video on this but the tldr; is that nobody wants to risk getting cut off from their resources for naming some big time creep.
  5. I need a desk. I set my pen down n immediately lost it somewhere in my bed  

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      Never mind, it was under my dog the whole time. 

  6. Lyumia

    Turtwig Puzzle

    There's webpages where you can use sliding block solver. But a good way without one is to go in the game files, or a walkthough and find the picture. A general rule is to start with the first row and then work down, or so im told.
  7. *their I think you're conflating too many ideas that aren't even relevant to the discussion. You already did this with your murder analogy. It's funny, because your own analogy doesn't work. You're right, it's hard to prove someone is a liar because it's more subjective than objective and can apply to a specific situation or be a general trait. It would be reasonable to say that I have lied at some point in my life, as I'm only human, but whether I'm a dishonest person is up to debate. But you can easily prove an apple is an apple with well known qualifiers, like whether its a fruit, is it round, what it looks like on the inside, and whether it came from an apple tree. If you pointed at an orange and said "this is an apple" it would be easy to prove it's an orange. The same way you can look at various testimonies and evidence and come to the conclusion that someone has committed one form of harassment or misconduct. Also, I'd like to point out that the term SJW, unlike sexual harassment as you claimed, has even looser meaning today than it did a few years ago. It's an umbrella term that essentially sums up people who have different opinions and creates an "us vs them" mindset, by creating a crude caricature of the opposition. And you're trying to take away the credibility of the points I made by suggesting that I'm part of this opposition and backtracking and stating that you wrote it to be purposefully convoluted or that you didn't say that he was fired for cheating on his wife, even though: My personal opinion on whether he's guilty or innocent is something I don't have to explain or justify as that's not even what I was discussing in my last comment. I was explicitly explaining how you arguments are misleading and attempting to downplay the whole debacle, and how it's disingenuous to say the things you did like how sexual harassment is a loose term. You can't paint yourself as less biased or "skewed" when you're deliberately writing to make your opinion seem the most reasonable and right. It a level of intellectual dishonesty I just can't resonate with in a civil discussion.
  8. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that 100 is reasonable for the canon games. 100 is reasonable for competitive play in the canon games for min/maxing but if you're just playing normally usually there's no point grinding past level 70 as most Pokemon are done learning new moves in their 60s. Plus the fact high level moves were put in the level 1 pool in 6th gen so Pokemon could be taught them early. Even if you change the multiplier to x3 it's still a crazy amount of grinding that you have to do. Hell, leveling something to even level 80 is time consuming in Reborn. Not to mention I'm not even sure how IVs and Evs would be applied because of how they scale with levels.
  9. I'm so completely and utterly flabbergasted by your initial statement and how incorrect it is my eyes actually glazed over as I actually tried to comprehend your thought process. Sexual harassment and misconduct are not umbrella terms invented by some SJWs on tumblr like the internet likes to think, but actual terms that are very well defined and have been gone over in numerous court cases and debates. To quote the Wikipedia article (if that doesn't illustrate how dismissive the claim that sexual harassment is a "loose term" is, I'm not sure what will) the term sexual harassment can go as far back as 1973 in a report called "Saturn's Rings" by Mary Rowe, and allegedly goes back even farther than that. There's even various categories for types of harassers and the kind of harassing they tend to do and what kind of situation they commit the act in. To go even further, the equality act of 2010 has a passage about sexual harassment, which includes: indecent or suggestive remarks, unwanted touching, and of course sexual demands and favors. If you had elaborated on that it becomes difficult to determine the difference between a bit of banter/compliments or harassment, I would have conceded. However, its awfully clear that his actions aren't ambiguous at all, as there's even photo evidence of him kissing 14 year old girl on the cheek and him putting his hand on her waist under her hoodie for a photo. This is not acceptable, professional, or appropriate behavior between an adult and a 14 year old. (https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-01-30/far-from-perfect-fans-recount-unwanted-affection-from-voice-actor-vic-mignogna/.142212) "The opposite side" and whatever they have done still doesn't negate the initial problem. A misandrist claiming all men should die and women are better doesn't erase the fact that there are legitimate sociological and economic problems that predominantly affect women that need to be fixed, and this type of argument used is meant to demean the significance of the cause. You see this often from blogs or accounts like The Persistence, in a recent video where three men throw a bottle at him for going through a neighborhood holding a Trump sign. The Persistence says at one point "this is the democratic party" while the men are swearing and dancing away. Obviously those men are not the whole of the USA democratic party or the people who support them, but the comment's you can see followers creating a strawman out of that interaction. So, someone against Mignogna committing a crime or stating amoral things they are not a reason why the accusations are any less false or severe, or make the people who don't support Mignogna make their opinions any less valid. Vic Mignogna was not fired for cheating on his wife. He was fired for sexual misconduct. Saying otherwise is misleading and tries to obfuscate the existing facts and accounts of people who have been made uncomfortable or witnessed the events.
  10. Except, that sexual harassment doesn't just mean groping or assault. It can be verbal. It's not only unprofessional to make such remarks, to young women no less in an environment where they're supposed to feel safe. It's degrading and always unwelcomed, no matter how innocent the comment or action may be. Not only that but the numerous accounts of lecherous behavior at conventions, his coworkers calling him out, combined with his homophobic comments on anime news network paint the exact opposite of a "good man" with flirtatious tendencies. And having a wife and a daughter wouldn't stop a someone from "fooling around" with girls. People cheat, they lie, and they do terrible things to others. It's naive to not consider he possibly of such a thing.
  11. Wouldn't raising the level cap be like an artificial implementation of difficulty instead of actual strategy where the "hard" part comes from inflated numbers? At that point, instead of clever planning or counterplay it's kill the thing stronger than you before you get KO'd. Or bring something with a focus slash and destiny bond. That would make it even less engaging than being at stuck level 100. And I don't see feasible way to mitigate the tedious task of grinding to 190 other than adding audino trainers like Insurgence or Spork does.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  13. tfw you just spent 3 hours replacing tracks for the battle music pack mod and can't find a track for fern

  14. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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