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  1. basculin crest: +30 atk and speed can also be just 25
  2. its me omega from discord(the one with a nep pfp),can I be verified now azery-kun o///o

    1. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      (youre supposed to dm your profile to a mod on discord)

  3. its me the omega from discord that broke rule 4 twice,sorry to cause trouble for you,I updated the photo so that its easy to recognize me

  4. for some reason it can rain in sheridan's shop,idk if it can happen at any other places
  5. Important PSA about v11 everyone:if your v11 cant load up and it has "SpriteResizer" in the error menu,go to v10 and set your window to medium,it should fix your problem
  6. but it doesnt say that route 9 is unsafe to load on
  7. excuse me,but this happened when I tried to load up v11,I didnt change any of the files from v11 ,I already redownloaded the game,and I am currently on route 9,does anyone know what happened and how to fix it?
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