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  1. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    I feel like Lia's town, as well. I think that her opinion on not voting Amine is justified. On the other hand, I don't particularly feel that Baz is town because from what I've seen, he has hardly contributed to the discussion. He may be too busy to do so, but I think he could have tried better than simply reacting to other people's posts and following a bandwagon on an inactive player. [Vote] Bazaro
  2. Jason Grace

    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    Just a note to those who might not have read it, you may still sign-up anytime while the event is still ongoing.
  3. Jason Grace

    Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Manga

    I'd be interested in knowing what this manga is about, but I can't seem to access the link as clicking it tells me that there's an error.
  4. Jason Grace

    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    Poll #1: Newt Good day, Reborn Mafians! Today is the opening day of the event Choose Your Roles! For the first poll of this event, the list randomizer has determined Newt to be the subject of this poll. I highly encourage you to vote on what role suits Newt best. Great thanks! P.S Please do read the guidelines and FAQs to know the regulations of voting and the what not. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EwV8GX1GFrk2Q6t34Rms5RrtQHJGz-SWpVRebieMIGA/edit?chromeless=1 You have 48 hours to vote until this poll closes.
  5. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    L'Belle, Amber, Jace, and Newt all died from visiting the Veteran. This means the Veteran must be someone worth visiting (investigated, spied, and distracted). I think that this Veteran is Nicki for the following reasons: (1) Among all the players, she's the one who is most experienced in Town of Salem. (2) She has a good level of playing as mafia. It'd be best to investigate/spy her right from the start while the mafia block her from putting her ability to good use. (3) All of these players like/are associated with Nicki to a certain extent, and most often, players target those whom they know of in the early phases of a game.
  6. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    I doubt killing Bean was a pre-meditated murder. Most likely, it was just a more or less random killing, and he happened to coincidentally be a doctor. Oh, I see. I thought you had a thorough interrogation and had communicated more aside from knowing his role. I would have asked if there were any particularly suspicious statements to be taken into consideration.
  7. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    @CrimsonDragon21 I've been reading up on the roles and it appears that it's entirely possible for Hypurr to be a Doctor. However, the chances of that happening are arguably slim. I think that you should tell us more about your interactions, so we have better information on whether Hypurr is telling the truth/lying. Also, following up on what Kiet said, the Veteran is a Unique Role because having more than one would upset the balance of the game. So, yeah, this Veteran is extremely popular, and going by who died, I have an idea who this Veteran is.
  8. In line with the upcoming Season 3 Finale, the moderators will be designing a game to usher the end of the season and the beginning of the next one. As per tradition, the theme for Season Finale games has been the implementation of members of the Reborn Mafia Club as the role characters. For this season, we have come up with a special twist: Reborn Mafia Club members have the opportunity to influence the roles and set-up of the game. What is Choose Your Roles? Frequently Asked Questions If you're interested in becoming the inspiration for a role in the Season 3 Finale, please comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. List of Participants
  9. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    You didn't notice it. You must be lynched the next day! Also, no, you're just some second-rate quack doctor!
  10. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    Lies! I'm the real doctor
  11. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    Irrelevant, but anyone noticed that there's a 5 in the last line of the rules list without any purpose of being there?
  12. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    Mafia says this. Just kidding Idk maybe the purpose of this phase is to get a first impression of people before the next phase starts.
  13. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    I'm inclined to agree with this. As I said in an earlier post, it's too much of a gambit to bank on the Doctor to heal him. Alaris could fake being stabbed, but the Doctor would catch on to that imo or the secret would be revealed if no deaths occurred last night. Amber would have been in on this too, and I think that neither Amber nor Alaris give off particularly scummy vibes.
  14. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    The remarks on the cult make sense, however, I wouldn't discount the possibility of Lykos being a member of the cult. Although the knowledge of the cult would make it harder for the cult to win, it's still quite difficult to target the cult because it's near impossible to guess how players are aligned to each other because of the nature of conversions. Adding to that, Lykos' previous posts and his vote on Astra hardly give any town-ish vibes, so my radar on him is strong. Eric's "defense" is hardly any defense, so I'm not inclined to retract my vote on him.