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  1. I don't have time to make an original post but I have the same offer. I need you to send me the antidote first though and I promise to give the extra vest when I receive it.
  2. Aye, that's alright. I'll be spectating then ^^
  3. I know I reviewed the set-up but I tried my best to forget the roles and the conventions, so if it pleases thee, in
  4. I noticed everyone who did not say "peeta is cute" seem to have gotten something different from a candy in the player list inb4 y'all who did that gets a disadvantage from the start of the game
  5. Really sorry I haven't had the opportunity to check up on this [Eliminate] Amber
  6. November 5 - Ending The Fernández family had faced many losses from the previous week. They had lost family members - some whom they bore close relations with, others they could care less for, and a few they disliked with a passion. The past few days had revealed some of the secrets within the family, most especially the injustices members of the family had faced because of the Family Head, Carlos Fernández, and the the unfair, elitist treatment of the Main Line family members. They had made errors and mistakes, but they were willing to change for the better. They were willing to grow from the ashes and become a better family - one that not only cared for status, fame, wealth, or their own, but one that genuinely cared for each member of the family, no matter the circumstances. For this reason, they finally united and found the last member of the Malevolent, Luciana Mercedes Fernández, who had only sought the wealth of the family. Alphagar was lynched. She was Luciana Mercedes Fernández. The Fernández Family have won the game. Jace Stormkirk, Camila Fernández, has also won the game.
  7. November 5 - Day Eight [Phase Post will be added later because life stuff happened.]  No one died.
  8. November 4 - Night Seven [Phase Post will be added later.] Quillish was lynched. He was Emilio Fernández.
  9. It is MyLo - Mislynch and Lose. This means that if you lynch town today, town will automatically lose the game.
  10. November 4 - Day Seven Was it the right decision to execute Ignacio Roberts? Or did it bring them farther from saving the Fernández family? Were they close to victoring over the Malevolent members of the family or were they going to be vanquished and lose their legacy as a family? These questions filled the thoughts of the Fernández family members as their number dwindled slowly, with at least one of them being eliminated every single day since October 29. The day started with yet another death, as what the family had already been used to. This time, the body of the murdered was not found in the Rose Garden, nor the Water Fountain, nor the Main Room, or the private rooms of the family members, but it was found outside of the ancestral home and in the Graveyard. Enrique Fernandez lay unconscious at the entrance of the Graveyard. It looked like he was struck in the head by a blunt weapon as blood was splattered all around him. Documents were scattered around him. These looked like materials and petitions filled by relatives of the deceased. On another side, his lamp, which he normally carried while he roamed around the Graveyard at night, was found broken on his left side. Oil seeped out from the lamp and its light flickered a bit. Andracass was killed. She was Enrique Fernández. For this day phase, voting is anonymous. Votes cast in the thread will not be counted. Votes must be submitted in your respective player channels. Majority is not in effect today.
  11. November 3 - Night Six The spirits of the Dead whispered Dante Ecleo and Ignacio Roberts' name to the rest of the Fernández family members. This appeared as a slow, light wind that spread throughout the family house. With this being one of the few reads that were laid out to the table, the Fernández family members considered heeding the spirits' suspicions. Perhaps the spirits who had died were wise and had good intuition. Ignacio Roberts was selected by the remaining family members. Like Esmeralda Fernández, he was young, yet clever, and they certainly believed that he was capable of conspiring against the family. He was holding a book and was quite surprised that the family members decided to focus on him. "I'm not one of the Malevolent." He said. "I wouldn't kill any of the family members. That's just morally and ethically wrong." But the other members of the family did not listen and chose to execute him in the midday, not waiting for the sunset to come. Roswell was lynched. He was Ignacio Roberts
  12. November 3 - Day Six The Day of the Dead officially ended with the lighting of fireworks in the night sky the previous night. The colorful hues of the fireworks filled the sky, its magnificent brightness taking hold of the attention of everyone in the town. The Fernández family looked at the fireworks with the hope of finding the killers before their entire clan died out while the Malevolent stood among them waiting for them all to fall asleep to act out the next part of their plan. The Malevolent approached their next victim, who slept peacefully in the master's bedroom. She still was unable to accept that her husband had been executed by family. Although she had known of what had been done wrong by her husband, she still believed that he did not deserve to be treated that way. He deserved better, she thought. But it was all for naught as he was already in the Graveyard, his remains buried six feet under the ground. She wanted to start fixing the mistakes he had made in his life, but the timing for it was never right and she could never find the resolution to do so. Alas, it would never be her that could regain the trust that was broken within the family. She realized this as she felt a sharp sensation from her neck which woke her up from her sleep. She was surprised that he, of all people, was one of the responsible for the deaths of the Fernández family members. She tried to scream, but the needle filled with toxins left her gasping for her her breath until she could no longer breathe. Bazaro was killed. He was Florencia Fernández. The Day of the Dead Celebration has ended. The Dead reveal their final message. They believe that Bok Choi and Roswell are Malevolent.
  13. November 2 - Night Five The Day of the Dead was nearing its end. While the tourists were starting to leave for their hometowns, the Fernández family were still up about trying to find out who tried to mess with the Day of the Dead celebrations. With the fortune of the help of the dead spirits, the Day of the Dead celebration was not ruined; instead, what was ruined were the familial relations that they had. ... no The family relationships were seemingly purely good on the surface, but what lied under were all the issues that they had buried deep such as the maltreatment of other family members and the dark truths within the family. All of these were uncovered as the days had passed and it still looked like it wasn't going to end yet. The Fernández family looked like they were starting to get weak from all the searching and that it seemed like the way to searching for the killers behind these murders was still a long way away. Yet they still remained eager to find out and catch them before time ran out. This time, they selected a man who was from a distant land, from the United States of America, a foreigner who entered the family because of the love he had shared with Rafaela Fernández. This was Andrew Roberts, the friendly and kind gentleman, yet they suspected him of entering the family for ulterior motives such as wealth and fame. Amber was lynched. He was Andrew Roberts. The Day of the Dead Celebration ends in the next phase.
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