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  1. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    Actually, that was just a bait. I'm the real Jailor. Let's pardon me and lynch Kiet, the impostor.
  2. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Yeah, I do admit it was my bad for getting the cop lynched. However, I had suggested the tie lynch out of a desire to avoid the consequences of a possible mislynch, and at the same time, prove whether or not the cult was a real thing or it was non-existent. Sure, that works. No one has been stopping any of the bleeding. As I said in an earlier post, Alaris lied about bleeding, Amber died of bleeding, no one bled on the last day phase, and Astra is bleeding now. This raises the possibility of the one performing the stabbing, to be only able to perform said action on every other night
  3. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Not really. It can easily be demonstrated from a town's perspective through the use of the guns provided by Astra. And one way I can suggest is by giving a gun either Bok or Cass (safer with Cass). Bok protects Cass (essentially protecting them both) and Cass shoots me. I attempt to stop the gun from shooting me. Exactly what actions last day phase are scummy? I've given my explanation on why I defended Alaris, and I don't think any townie really makes perfect decisions all the time on their stand.
  4. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Yeah, I thought he was lying about being stabbed in the first place, and so, I blocked him (all the while thinking the mafia kill was faction-based). Because I blocked him and Nano still died, I was inclined to think that he could have been stabbed genuinely. Additionally, Amber was also stabbed on that day, so the chances of being stabbed genuinely was more likely. Also, you're trying to say that my suspicions were lifted simply because of Seal's explanation, when in fact, it wasn't. Other factors such as the level of his contribution during the previous days and his willingness to participate in the discussion made me more inclined to believe in him. His explanations were also reasonable to a certain extent.
  5. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    I blocked Alaris the night Jace was lynched though? As I said earlier, when I asked Seal about the mafia kill, he said he was not allowed to tell if the kill was factional or done by a single member. As such, I hypothesized that the kill was done by faction because it would be weird "not being allowed to tell" if the mafia kill was done by a single person (as it's the usual for mafia games here). Because of this, I was inclined to trust him more the incoming 2 phases after.
  6. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    What does the bolded text mean?
  7. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    After rereading some of the previous statements, here are some of the things I learned: (1) Assuming Bok is the real doctor (which I believe is likely to be true), Lia would be most definitely town because I do not think there are other roles which could have prevented the kill from happening on Night Zero. (2) The mafia-aligned stabber may be limitied to perform their ability only every other night. Based from the previous day phases, here are the information given: D1: Alaris said he was stabbed (a lie) D2: Amber said he was stabbed (likely true, was unprotected and died); possible for Cass or Bok to have been targeted instead D3: No one said they were stabbed D4: Astra said she was stabbed (likely true)
  8. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    I meant that you would have essentially blocked Drakyle from killing you because as a Jailor, you roleblock the actions of your jailed target. ... but never mind. I was planning to trick you through misinformation, but I don't think that's going to work in any case. But I have one request. Can we lynch Lykos first? It doesn't change anything, but I'd prefer to die last [Vote] LykosHand
  9. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Why are you voting Bean then? Also, what are your thoughts on the other players?
  10. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    How do you know you've been "nursed back to health"? Also, doesn't jailing Drakyle stop you from getting killed at all?
  11. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Where are these votes for Bean coming from? Considering that the only ones left who haven't claimed are Bean, L'Belle, Newt, and Lia, I can see the possibility that Bean is mafia, but I'm not sure where the progression is for that vote, especially Lia's, which IMO seems to be just a BW vote. Vote Counts: Out of the four, however, I'm inclined to trust Newt the most because he has felt like a proactive town in previous days. Lia, on the other hand, has been voting the correct people, but has only appeared barely (mostly near the end of the phases in previous days) in thread and hasn't given much new contribution. I'm not really sure where to place Bean because he hasn't been particularly strong with his stands, particularly in the previous 2 day phases, and that is grounds for suspicion. With L'Belle, I don't really feel any presence from them at all other than voting and going along with other people are saying. Thus, for now, I'd like to put a pressure vote on Belle. [Unvote] Bok [Vote] L'Belle
  12. Jason Grace

    Donkey Kong Country Mafia

    Where does this suspicion arise from? ===== Also, I might have or have not been involved with the case of no mafia kill happening, and I think it's best I share this information. I'm Tiny Kong and my role is that of a Kill-blocker (I disarm a player each night and strip away their ability to kill for that night) On N0, I targeted Digital Amber, but my action failed. On N1, I targeted Alaris because I somewhat suspected his stabbed claim and that he might have falsified it. On N2, I targeted Lia because she stood out to me for targetting Purp around the earliest parts of the day, and not contributing much in the day. On N3, I targeted Bok because his eager shift to the tie lynch made it feel like he had something more to gain by changing his vote. On night 0, I had asked Seal whether or not the mafia kill was factional or assigned to a specific member. He had told me that he was not allowed to tell. I hypothesized that it was more likely it was factional. This was part of the reason why I was inclined to trust Alaris over Purps more. But seeing how that resulted last day, it's clearer that the kill is assigned to a specific member. If a doctor does exist in this setup or is still alive, they might have prevented the kill; otherwise, Bok is the one assigned to the mafia kill last night. For now, [Eliminate] Bok
  13. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    Rip I'm too busy right now and don't have enough time to read/respond to the more recent posts. I only see some Innocent votes, but I'm not sure what they mean in this context, but for me, Bok is guaranteed to be not aligned with the town, so I'm not sure why we're not going with a guilty verdict. [Guilty]
  14. Jason Grace

    Salem Reborn

    At least one of you is non-town, as both of you are claiming a Town Support Role. To Lykos: If you're the Escort, I'd like to know how "Kiet can confirm it". To Alphagar: If you're the Mayor, the best way to confirm your role is by revealing yourself as Mayor officially. Also, I see. I have no idea how your trap would have worked when the Escort is clearly a non-unique role which means that other players have the chance of having the same role.