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  1. Desolation isn't dead. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I have good news either. I made the developers mistake of promising a deadline that was impossible for me to meet and for that, I'm incredibly sorry. I made this post to confirm a few things: 1) The fans here are truly incredible. The knowledge that my fan game hasn't died yet is truly humbling. I owe it to everyone here to give the best possible experience for the next Episode. 2) Yes, I said, "next Episode" which means Desolation isn't dead - it's coming (slowly). 3) University is rough - med school doesn't really give you any free time here, that is where my lack of time comes from. I'm still working on the game. I will make further updates when things are coming up, otherwise, I won't really be on this forum too often. Thanks again for the continued support. This fanbase is incredible - the attitude from the fans here really inspires me to keep going with this project
  2. Surprise, surprise. I'm not actually dead, and neither is Desolation. The support this game has got in my verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long absence is actually amazing, no less than inspiring. Here's a nice update for everyone in the meantime. Thing's have been intense since I left and I haven't had any time to work on the game whatsoever beyond story design. It's a shame, I know. However, I haveeee planned ahead to make sure the game can make a (not so swift) return. I will spell it that out in big bold letters: POKEMON DESOLATION WILL BE RETURNING WITH EPISODE 5 FEBRUARY 23018 Umm... yeah. I'm not any less busy than I was before and I've missed a heap of the thread. I'll attempt to catch up over the next day or so before I disappear again. Once again, thanks for the huge amount of support. It's amazing that the game remained at the top of the expose.
  3. Caged room in the back of the Cellia power plant.
  4. Yes. Any more would be spoiler material.
  5. Sorry about my fumble earlier - both links are back up.
  6. No, I didn't. I'm in the middle of moving, there was lots of rushing. Thanks for pointing this out. Hopefully people realized I had made a mistake and didn't take advantage of it. If they did, however, they can enjoy reaping the editor privileges of my silly mistake. A fixed upload is in progress.
  7. Final Build of Desolation - 4.1.1 I'm super busy now so I have to rush this out. This is the final build of the game until Episode 5 comes out. Please update to this final build as soon as possible, as it fixes almost all issues within the game.
  8. Metal Coat axed in Episode 5 lolololol. Interesting to hear your thoughts, I actually agree with everything you've said. As for your questions, in order: 1: N - later episode. 2: Which one? The one on the very peak - Y. The one with people outside it - N. 3: N - later episode. 4: N - lol.
  9. There is a bug, yes. I haven't written it down mostly because the final build of the Episode is dropping tomorrow, which I believe fixes that problem and others.
  10. John Cena Remix Feeling - Broken Soul Sneasel: Trade a Scyther with an NPC on the Cellia Docks.
  11. If you check the original post - it's a bug. The final build for this Episode will drop tomorrow probably and that'll fix it, so there's no need to worry too much.
  12. Electirizer and Prism Scale are both at the Cellia Trainer Emporium.
  13. I've been really thinking about this, actually. For now, people should just enjoy the infinite credits while it lasts.
  14. Yeah, eventually. It'll be when a sub-forum gets made. When that happens I also intend on having a Guide thread, an Item location thread and finally a Pokemon location thread.
  15. Correct. I absolutely loved this music - hence why I used it for her battle, it seemed fairly fitting. Definitely search up the song itself rather than using what's in the files - the battle theme isn't the full track that you find online. A small note: Something I find very amusing is how most players follow a very particular route, and plan it beforehand (involving the key) in pursuit of a "perfect" ending. I think it should be known now: Immediately, some endings may seem better than others, but in the long run, each outcome of Episode 4 will be beneficial in its own right. I implore players to follow their own choices rather than using the forums to achieve a so called "perfect" ending - as Desolation reaches its conclusion, you will find that no such thing exists.
  16. Hey don't blame me the pink is Rosetta's choice not mine.
  17. Wait for more water, it shouldnt be too long now! I'm well aware of which Pokemon need to be added in ASAP. It's a good thing that players will be visiting a new island in Episode 5 with LOTS of water. 7.8/10 too much water.
  18. Not a bug. I'm changing the Rod system - you're not meant to get the Old Rod anymore. Nope, updating will never remove rep.
  19. Thanks mate, means a heap. Nah, you can keep using your previous save (assuming it's from Episode 3). I can't even remember where I put it whoops, I'll have to edit this post later when I'm back. Garret, assuming you've finished the quests at the manor, will be at the Cellia Library - the most southwest building in Central. Edit: I remembered. You get Togepi as one of the available rewards for completing Boss' side quest in Blackview City.
  20. In 4.1 as opposed to 4.0.1? None. The Squirtle at the southern part of the lake isn't actually wild - it belongs to another trainer. You can get your own Squirtle in the Cellia Sewers. Also, if someone would let me know how to create a poll on this newer website I would greatly appreciate it.
  21. Pokemon Desolation Episode 4.1 As a follow up to my previous post, 4.1 is out. Cool, right? Yeah. Changelog and bug stuff will be in the original post, if you're interested. Mega Mediafire Thank you for the ongoing support - as always, it means a lot. I should also mention that one sprite has been changed dramatically, that is, Deigo's backsprite. Thank you to Arkiel for the touch up. New Sprite:
  22. Yep, a bug that is fixed in 4.1 - which is being released today!
  23. 4.1 isn't out yet. The current release is 4.0.1. The final release will be 4.1. The final release will contain this tweak.
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