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  1. Last day living in japan, it is hard to believe it has been 3 years.

  2. The only issues I can see is a lack of utility. Dual screens are great in all formats of battle for meowstic. I can see Hariyama being very useful with screen support thanks to its bulk. I also ran bulk up on Blaziken with speed boost, after a few you can sweep him pretty easily.
  3. They got Banjo and Kazooie. Excuse me wat.

  4. FF7 looks dope. Can't wait play as Cid and tell people to drink their god damn tea.

  5. Get a bronzong with light screens. I believe they can be found under the grand stairway. The spread damage as well as screens will cut the effectiveness of sludge wave.
  6. I have played through this game close 10 times and have never had a planned out team. There are a lot of mons, many good ones early. My advice is to figure out what kind of play style you like and build accordingly. I would use one of the pokemon guides. The game ramps up in difficulty by the 5 gym leader, so figuring out what kind of player you are early will help out.
  7. I got moxie mightyanna and swept her. Having one early is also good for the next few gym leaders.
  8. The feeling of dead knowing that something you love is going to end.

  9. I had a defiant primeape and competitive meowstic with dual screens. Free stat boost every time she used struggle bug and masqurain has intemidate. Primeape cross chops one shot most her team. Meowstic become a power house and screens made her not die despite being weak to bug.
  10. Yes always double save. Never trust the first one.
  11. Those Daisy nerfs hurt so much man

  12. This game has kept me here for 6 years
  13. Honestly during Titania section,  Blind Witness "what the fuck is going on" has never been more appropriate.   

  14. Today I got to fight my in game self in pokemon Reborn. For reference he is the guy fishing outside the light house in the coral ward after the city is rebuilt.  The meme team is real.

  15. The 29th I might be in the ocean at that time.
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