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  1. I hit 5 years back in June, I think I was in the ocean at the time.

  2. Magus

    Hello Everyone; I'm new here!

    Hi there welcome to Reborn.
  3. Finally I am smart enough to dive into the mathematics behind quantum mechanics.

  4. How the hell did Pewds get a hold of this abomination. God I can't believe this is training. 


  5. That feel when you realize that your life is now a meme.

  6. Had a coworker ask me today "how the hell can I be the best and worst at my job at the same time" My response "Well I am the king bullshit"

  7. Danny don't you know is my favorite NSP song. Uh the feels are strong.

  8. Guam...Guam never  changes. Oh well to the beach.

  9. A friendly reminder that KH3 is never coming out.

  10. Magus

    pokemon you hate for personal reasons

    Cresselia, fikken sailor moon. I like using Cress, she has always been used on my trick room teams. But god damn I was on a 48 win streak in the battle Maison, and then I ran into this trainer that had a bright powder minamize toxic stall cresselia. Needless to say I had nothing to beat it and I lost. It was a slow and painful death to my streak.
  11. It is sad really, I really can't have as much fun as I used to playing video games.  

  12. One of the best things about Japan is the vending. They are every where and sell all kinds of things.

  13. Let's go, it has been almost a year since I last played Reborn. Never played episode 17.

  14. Anybody seen 4000 volts arc? I have it's pretty scary.

  15. Hooray I got orders to the Shilo, wait... that is in Japan...Damnit.