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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. I marathon all the Persona games, yeah even the old ones. P5 definitely has the best sound track. 

    1. Vinnie


      The old ones are so grindy. Still hoping for P1 and both P2 games to get a remake 

  3. Magus

    *bleps agressively*

    I once tried to Nuzlocke Reborn, but then I remember that I suck at this game. Enjoy your stay
  4. Magus

    Living in Reborn

    Yeah as far as the ruined Reborn, I feel like people are more or less forced to live there due to money issues or other entities (like team Meteor). I would have to live close to Julia's gym, so Peridot Ward in old Reborn. I am a qualified electrician, people need power, and Julia's gym is the only power plant that isn't infested with team Meteor. Coral Ward is the dream place, after Reborn is restored, Peridot is where I can be most useful.
  5. Magus

    Living in Reborn

    Coral Ward for sure. I don't care for the fairy feel it has, but it is Reborn's port ward, and I do love being on boats.
  6. Great game, but the original's combat system was infuriating as hell. Also yeah it is very weaboo, but still fun.
  7. I have been stationed in Yokosuka for three years, and just found out that Shenmue takes place here. Pretty cool.

  8. I haven't even played the game in close to 2 years, but the thing that made me quit for a long time was the boss fight of the water cleaning plant. I couldn't beat it until today.
  9. I hit 5 years back in June, I think I was in the ocean at the time.

  10. Finally I am smart enough to dive into the mathematics behind quantum mechanics.

  11. How the hell did Pewds get a hold of this abomination. God I can't believe this is training. 


  12. That feel when you realize that your life is now a meme.

  13. Had a coworker ask me today "how the hell can I be the best and worst at my job at the same time" My response "Well I am the king bullshit"

  14. Danny don't you know is my favorite NSP song. Uh the feels are strong.

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