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Club Type: Open This club is where you can share opinions about characters, pokemon, create poems, etc.
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  2. @OrangeOrb and @NerfMonika click on this link and feel free to battle each other : Rejuvenation Battle Tournament (RBT) - Reborn Evolved
  3. Exploud The Loud Noise Pokémon Prior Form: Loudred Method of Evolution – Level 40 Level: 100 Type: Normal H/W: 4’11’’/185.19lbs Its howl can be heard over six miles away. It emits all sorts of noises from the ports on its body. Ability: Scrappy – Makes Normal and Fighting-type moves hit Ghost-type Pokémon. Held Item - Scope Lens I met this Pokémon in Lower Peridot Ward when it was a Whismur. Ever since Exploud has helped in battles, especially with Ciel and against Saphira’s Noivern. Move set – Crunch, Hyper Voice, Boomburst, Rock Climb Main Move Boomburst Type: Normal Category: Special Power: 140 Accuracy: 100 PP:10 Move Description: The user attacks everything around it with the destructive power of a terrible, explosive voice – I highly recommend using this in a single battle instead of a double battle because the secondary Pokémon the field will take damage as well as your opponent. However, when on the verge of using sound-based attacks, Exploud got hit with the Throat Chop move, which prevented him from using sound-type moves for only one turn.
  4. Since I was exploring the club, I decided to give a try myself too, so... The character is inspired by Genji Shimada, from Overwatch, one of my favourite characters of all times. Not exactly the same, but...you know. The name took from him. Name: Genji Alexos Location: Magnas, 500 km from Alola's islands (obliviously, not real) Class: Former Champion, Trainer Main type: Fighting Main Team: Infernape Mienshao Lucario Kommo-o Pheromosa (Toxicroak previously) Gardevoir (Female, Fighting-Fairy, MegaEvolution achieved) Brief story of Genji and his Gardevoir: Genji Alexos was a normal guy like everyone, with the dream of becoming a strong trainer and the will of helping the others. At the age of 12, he found a strange colored female Ralts in a forest, where the little "gal" was attacked by a furious Poliwrath. After seeing the little Pokèmon using Mega Punch against the aggressive fighter, Genji took the chance to reach Ralts and taking her to a Pokèmon Center outside the forest, due to the Ralts having injuries in her body. After taking care of her, the Nurse discovered that the Ralts was the perfect result of a brutal experiment of some scientist of the region, where the little Pokèmon was infused with a Gallade's DNA, making her obtain strange colors, boost her physical attack and speed for the Special Attack stat, loose the Psychic Type and gain the Fighting Type. Despite the deep truth, Genji decided to stay with the Ralts until her awakening and, when it happened, Ralts wanted to follow the human who saved her. Genji and Ralts always spended time together, like best friends and partners, even in training. At the age of 20, Genji, alongside his fully-evolved Gardevoir, took the path of the Fighting Type-Master, stopped the scientists who tortured his best friend before they could harm other Pokèmons, and became Champion of his region, after obliviously obtaining every badge and defeating the Elite Four and the previous Champion. Due to the events in the near Alola region, one of the UltraBeasts, Pheromosa, went to the Magnas region and started to attack villages and people. Genji and Gardevoir managed to defeat the Beast, thanks to her discovering MegaEvolution and the value of her bond with her Master, and befriended it, after Pheromosa herself showed care towards Pokèmon and protected a Joltik from her own attack (I know Pheromosa has unspecified gender, but it acts always as female, so I give "her"). The beast joined the duo in their journey, after Genji decided to leave his role of Champion to travel the world to become stronger with his Gardevoir and help people who need a hand. Genji's Gardevoir, inspired by Genji Shimada: Physical Attacker, Speed Boost as ability (only Mega) Gardevoir was a trusty partner in many games I played, included Rejuvenation, so I decided to make her as a Special Pokèmon.
  5. Name: Charlie Aurea (commonly referred to as fae) Trainer class: Entropy angel Location: Aisle of fallen Angles Type: Fairy/ghost Badge: Angel badge Gym: takes place in a mansion. the puzzle is to have all the colored statue turn the exact same color (the colors are corresponding to each of the elemental typing and we'll have to turn them pink) by fighting trainers and getting to the switches they are blocking in each room. upon being the same color the statues will activate misty terrain and we'll have to go to gym leaders room now surrounded by mist. though you will fight on the bewitched wood field (it will make sense i promise) Team itself: Ribombee Chandelure Aegislash Clefable Froslass (with an enhanced sp.attack: 100) And a special variant of gardevoir (ghost/fairy) with a mega evolution. Gardevoir stats (mega evolved stats in bracket) Hp; 79 attack; 30 defence; 85 (95) sp.attack; 145 (185) sp.defence; 145 (185) speed; 110 Ability; misty surge (pixelate) Special move: Blessed Entropy (fairy) (a 80 bp move with 100 accuracy that has a chance to inflict paralysis) a fallen angel is portrayed as this entity who is rebelling against the system. the trope itself also can have different meanings like say: good--->bad or an edgy antihero type. i really am fascinated by Angels and Devils not religiously of course but as in how they originated and stuff like that. of course a fairy is perfect example of what an fallen angel is; while they're portrayed as innocent in popular media they're folklore cousins would like to differ, as they're origins are often gruesome and mischievous as opposed to helpful and kind the media portrays them to be and ofc i added ghost type to make them seem more evil. story: The Aurea family was an elite family living in aurora state on isle of fallen angels, they once consisted of Caroline Aurea; a famous doctor with a 99% success rate her husband William Aurea; the Administrator of the military department and they're only son Charlie Aurea. One day their house mysteriously burned down killing both of charlie's parents and leaving the boy orphaned. having lost everything the boy comes across a ralts who's parents were killed in a poaching spree, he takes it in as his first Pokemon relating to it on a personal level. little does he know the ralts is no ordinary ralts as it is a ghost/fairy type and is far more powerful than he could've imagined. after his 17th birthday he comes across another trainer, Dylan, after defeating his gyarados and evolving his ralts twice in battle he one shots all of dylan pokemon with his now gardevoir. the two become fast friends and the rest is history. for trainer vs sprite see my pfp the special gardevoir in question:
  6. There are possibilities: They will awaken Adrest, but Interceptor's powers will be still cutted in half, due to Aevis & Co. still sleeping inside MC, since the main one was "awake" thanks to the Ligosomnia Engine, but, like said from Puppet Master, he was supposed to be sleeping inside MC. Interceptium Z is not working in the real world and Interceptor's form seems like connected to Aevis & Co. , due to them having the other half of the needed power to maintain that form. Meaning that there are still "some locks we have to unlock"; The Obelisk will refuse again to awake Adrest, maybe due to the same locks: there are some places in Zeight that were locked. And I think MC will have to discover more truths about him/her/themselfs before awakening Adrest, like seeing the people with deep bonds with them in the same place (I don't think for sure that Keta is the only one), why MC accepted to take the role of Interceptor, memories (if they exist) of the world reset, ... Variya was present when Melia and MC both unlocked their forms the first time (and why? I don't know), so...months ago, in another topic, I suggested that Interceptor and Archetype are connected somehow and, if they "worked together" or bonded, they can achieve something. What things? I don't have answers, there are still few informations. Maybe Archetype can help Interceptor's power in certain ways. Thanks.
  7. So now that the MC (Arianna- I call her Georgette) and co. have all three components they will be able awaken Adrest. Do you think that Georgette will get powers since awakening adrest? It's okay what you said is awesome. Welcome to the club.
  8. Sorry If I'm answering now, but I think there are some things to tell about the Interceptor: The MC died three times: the Pre-Calamity death (Aevis and co.'s first death) is not included in the Interceptor's Life Usage, since it was Crescent's intervention to bring back to life the "choosen MC" and after that, Variya appeared to them to give the role. The current deaths which make Life Usage loose are: lava in Valor Summit, explosion in the past and Yveltal's decimation; The "new MC" (I call him Genji, since it's my main run) is another being from another world, but...how? How Variya call this being and made it possible to actually let him too forget everything? From Variya's contract, the new being will substitute Aevis and the others permanently, meaning that, even if "the world is saved", "Genji" will remain in the body. Aevis and co. cannot take control of the body again, even if they will awake completely. More Interceptors? I dunno, actually. It seems like Adrest has nothing to do with Interceptor's role, since the gang theorized that MC resetted the world once and Adrest came into contact with them at the Amethyst Grotto. If that happened, the being called by Variya was already been called to take the role for Interceptor. Or. Aevis/MC was the one who resetted the world and Adrest was already merged into him. But I think that's not possible.
  9. Arcanine The Legendary Pokémon Prior Form: Growlithe Method of Evolution: Fire Stone Level: 78 Type: Fire H/W: 6'3"/341.72lbs Its proud and regal appearance captured people's hearts long ago. Ability: Intimidate - Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Attack stat upon entering battle. Item Held: Wide Lens I met this Pokémon ever since it was a Growlithe at level 25 at the Jasper Ward Police Station, which belonged to Officer Jacob. Arcanine helped me against Grass, Steel, and Ice Type Pokémon, especially Blake. Move set: Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Outrage Main Move: Outrage Type: Dragon Category: Physical Power: 120 Accuracy: 100 PP:10 Move Description: The user rampages and attacks for two to three turns. But after the last hit, the user gets confused. - This move helped me against Solaris' Garchomp. That's it. The following data collection will be about Exploud. See you in the next one.
  10. Garbodor The Trash Heap Pokémon Prior Form: Trubbish Level: 76 Type: Poison H/W: 6'3''/ 236.56lbs Consuming garbage creates new kinds of poison gases and liquids inside its body. Ability: Aftermath - Damage the attacker landing the finishing hit Item Held: Focus Sash I met Garbodor ever since it was a Trubbish, and it's a great companion who helped me against Adrienne , Florinia along with Ciel's Togekiss. Moveset: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Dark Pulse, Gunk Shot The Main move I'm going to talk about today is Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb Type: Poison Category: Special Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 PP:10 Move Description: The user hurls unsanitary sludge at the target. This move has a 30% chance of poisoning the target. The next segment will be about Arcanine. See you then.
  11. What about the alternative timeline arc. There might be something that Anast knows about the MC ,she may be the enemy but she's merciful at heart or maybe she knows that Maria might be somehow connected to Melia. At this point I'm just grasping straws rn. Great theory tho.
  12. YO whazzup people??? Haven't been around to say much lately! Hope y'all having a good day/week! So I thought maybe I'd share a theory today after God knows how long about a certain purple haired lady. And before anyone says anything, nope not our two favorite people, Aelita or Venam since most of the theories about them have already been discussed I THINK? Nope we are gonna talk about Nastasia/Anastasia nicknamed Nast/ Anast! Yeah so it's obvious that Nast is Anast from the past whom we've prolly had a BLAST with, but what do we know about her exactly? That she was best friends with Maria? That her mom tried to force her into being the head of Rejuv co, for her good reasons of course. We already know this much about her yes, but what exactly is her endgame? She is suppose to be our enemy, right? If so then why is she going through such lengths to give us a helping hand? I'm sure some would even say that she's doing this because she's grown fond of Ren and the two seem fairly close, but what if there's more to it than that? For example, according to both Ren and Madelis she has made TWO not one, but TWO unauthorized missions involving the MC and their group? I'm sure everyone here remember the attack on SS Oceana. Nast seemed to want capture Nancy and the MC supposedly, but why? What could be so valuable that she would go to great lengths to capture us? Could it be because of us being made of a certain black box and perhaps she was trying to research us? As seen in the Blackvi- I mean Steeple arc after Nancy's death, Nast found a black box as well as Nancy's Slyveon that was about to be incinerated and asked Ren to give to us the next time we ran into each other, but why would she do that for us? Why give your enemy Nancy's belongings? As if she knew that the black box was Nancy and needed us to either bring her back somehow or because of sentimental value, or perhaps she knew that the MC themselves were also apart of the black box and tried to give it to us a hint? These unauthorized missions.... It would seem there is more to Nast than just being a part of Team Xen as if she's isn't completely on their side? Perhaps she is trying to find a way to reunite with Maria when she was captured by Gardevoir and Madame X seems to have something or know something that she doesn't and is working with her to recover it, but just what could that be? Any thoughts on this theory?
  13. I wonder about Crescent's future role in the story. I don't think she's very fond of the MC as of right now, but I do think she still cares for them. Actually, I just remembered something, and it's pretty odd now that I think about it. Remember when Xen first attacked the ship we were on in the prologue? Nancy's initial reaction was to get the player out of the danger and she asked Crescent and Gothitelle to do so. Gothitelle did teleport the MC, but it was still within the ship. I find that odd because 1) why would we still be in the ship when that's exactly where Xen was attacking (we're literally still in danger all over again) and 2) I don't think distance is a limiting factor for Gothitelle's teleportation. Gothitelle is capable of teleporting herself and others from great distances since she's already done that (literally teleported us from Sheridan/Caratos to Xen HQ and back). I think you were right, something is 'sus' about Gothitelle. Unless I'm overthinking this. Hmmm
  14. Yes. She still alive due to being an interceptor so there are two Interceptors. Team Xen doesn't know that about Crescent though only the MC.
  15. Or perhaps we'll see them in v13.5 since we're not done with chapter 15 story. So Clear really did kill her with that "blast of powerful psychic energy," and Crescent is currently still alive because she's an Interceptor?
  16. That's a really good question. When Crescent fought Kieran and Clear she lost the battle by Beheeyem and that how she lost her life due to a severe head injury by a blast of powerful psychic energy. She might have lost Dranna and Gothitelle since then I'm not entirely sure.
  17. I just saw that as Gothitelle messing with us and Team Xen. Hence, I don't think of it as much. Definitely strange though.

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