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  2. In other words Indriad knew that Ariana would be only left to remember that incident. No wonder the others were picked off one by one. Have you check the third part of the interceptor?
  3. It's hard to say whether they targeted The A-tagonists specifically or was used to attack everyone in Aevium since it's been implied that Indriad was the one who caused storm 9 to happen. Although, perhaps after our little invasion with him and his Gardevoir happened, he may have chosen to seek us out personally and possibly succeed as the A-tagonists turned to stone in the process.
  4. This lyrics are from 瞬動-movement- by RONDO from D4DJ Franchise Can you see the light of hope? - Melia's Archtype Form has awakened summoned a bright light against Melanie and her Yveltal Don't take my life, don't take my sight - Genesis Symdrome symptoms I've gotta change this insane world - The Interceptor role to protect the world from the evil forces of Team Xen Don't fake yourself, just face yourself - The MC and Protagonist's past self I'll carry on for sure - With the Protangonist past self and the MC are now one. With the intent to awaken Adrest to fulfill the role and awaken the true power of the Interceptor. RONDO is an all girl unit from the D4DJ Franchise which was first introduced in 2019.
  5. Yeah you got a point there and have you seen my theories about the Nihilego Incident and the third part of the Interceptor?
  6. Thanks! I believe that it implies that 4 of them are made up from the archetype the siblings, while the MC not so much the A protagonists, but the Interceptor themselves is the true archetype. Seeing as how technically the MC is artificial I think with all of the A protagonists souls in that body as well as Adrest and the Interceptor technically makes them all apart related in some way. ~~SO TECHNICALLY AGAINNNN they are siblings all together! Even if not by blood.
  7. Hey dude. So Erin, Melia, Allen and Alice bare the mark of the Archetype and the MC bares the mark of the Core. So any ideas on what that implies. Also nice theory.
  8. Wassup? How long has it been since I typed here? A week? A month? A year? Maybe years??? Wow Idk even remember, but guess what? I ain't dead so once again I say SUP. So lets talk the title, yeah? So remember the Archives in the dive spot of route 6 and v13 now we know who the MFs are, but not everything about them? Well what if they made the Archives and started or were affiliated with the research regarding the Archetype that Melia, Venam and Ren discovered? What if they were there and most likely they WERE there seeing as they witnessed the fight with the MC and Aelita against the Puppet Master Aka Rune? Maybe they were the ones who recruited the subjects the test the Archetypes power and use it as weapon? Thankfully, that was put to an end OR WAS IT? Who knows? The Mysterious Figures know far more than they act and let on as seen in the v13, huh? Who knows when they will strike again.....? Better keep your guards and seatbelts on peoples. It's gonna be a BUMPY ride in v14 no doubt! That's all for this Theory. Let me know what y'all think. Sweet Nightmares! :)
  9. Aevian Milotic The Tender Level: 90 Type: Poison and Fairy H/W:20'4"m/357.15lbs It is said to live at the bottom of large lakes. Considered to be most beautiful of all Pokémon, it has been depicted in painted and statues. Ability: Defiant - When a stat is lowered its Attack increases. Held Item: Toxic Plate If I had to describe Milotic in one it would be 'Majestic' this Pokémon may look beautiful but she is dangerous also she can do damage in any battle. Moveset: Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Gunk Shot, Poison Tail Gunk Shot Type: Poison Category: Physical Power: 120 Accuracy: 80 PP: 5 Move Description : The user shoots filthy garbage at the target to attack. This has a 30% chance of poisoning the target.
  10. host 1 was crescent host 2 is the protag. the protag lost their second life when the bomb in kureagen city explodes
  11. Zebstrika Type: Electric Level: 90 Prior Form: Blitzle The Thunderbolt Pokémon H/W: 5'3m/ 175.27lbs This ill-tempered Pokémon is dangerous because when it's angry, it shoots lightening from its mane in all directions (DO NOT GET ON THIS POKEMON'S BAD SIDE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET BURNED TO A CRISP) Ability: Lightning Rod or Motor Drive - Hidden: Sap Sipper My Zebstrika's ability is Lightning Rod which draws in all Electric-type move to boost its Special Attack Stat. Moveset :Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Thrash Held Item: Magnet - Which boost Electric-type moves This electrifying stallion is the vanguard of the team and brings a whole new level of shock to my opponents cranking up the voltage to take Team Xen down their, Water and Flying Pokémon. Zebstrika helped through any battle situation against Souta including Valerie. Discharge Type: Electric Category: Special Power: 80 Accuracy:100 - It never misses PP: 15 The user strikes everything it by letting loose a flare of electricity. This move does regular damage and has a 30% chance to paralyze the target. ( Make sure you use this move in a single battle because when used in a double battle your second Pokémon will definitely take damage along with your opponent.
  12. Hello everyone, here's another theory regarding the Interceptor. So let's get straight to it. For those who are new, the interceptor means to 'intercept fate's passage' and the MC died two time and back to life. The first during Valor Mountain and the other during the alternative timeline when she pushed Melia out of the way from Melanie's Desolation. During the Nightmare Realm Ariana was recues by Crescent and she spoke to Variya who told Ariana that she fits the criteria to become her next interceptor which answers part of my question "Does this mean that there are previous Interceptors before the MC?" which means that there are people who were chosen to become an Interceptor and during Zeight two people were injured or presumed dead according the life levels which resulted result in complete obliteration of the Interceptor and the Interceptor program. According to Life Usage there are two hosts. Host 1 has lost life 1 time - Severe head injury by a blast of powerful psychic energy and Current life lost 25% and Host 2 has lost life 3 times. These include combustion. Obliteration by an explosion. Incineration by beam and Current life lost - 75%. Back to Variya who said that Ariana will the replaced by the player that I named then during the fight against the Puppet Master the MC was in a different the Symbol of The Core of her back. So here is my question of the day - So there are previous people who were Interceptors. The question is when the final battle is over and the role of the interceptor has come to an end what will happen to Adrest and the player who replaced Arinana?
  13. Greetings, Rejuv fans and here comes another two in one theory. Today, I'm going to talk about Xenpurgis and the Nihilego. So lets get right into it. Referring back to my previous theory; Xenpurgis is considered to be the 'The most atrocious incident in the history of Aevium' and Cassandra is the one who created it and in reference to her proposal to Madame X in the School of Nightmares. " The Xenpurgis was designed to be the strongest Dimensional Rift created. Using the massive amount of energy from the shadow pokemon lab and other sources, We've made this impossible feat possible. Allowing the Xenpurigis to be set loose in Grand Dream City will ensure the success of Project Renovaré (Renovaré in Latin meaning "to renew" or "to restore").' This includes another section which mentions that Cassandra tried to make it look like a Chimera and according to Greek Mythology it's a monstrous fire breathing creature which is usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its back, and a tail that might end with a snake's head which means Cassandra is trying to using other Pokémon to fuse with it. And thanks to the Puppet Master (Rune) Erin and co found out that the Xenpurgis is a Rift Stakataka which is an ultra beast and it has underling and I get to the underlings part in a minute. Team Xen plans to unleash the Xenpurgis on December 31st which New Year's Eve and Erin and co. will infiltrate the HQ on the 27th of December. As for it's underlings I have a feeling that the Rift Nihilego from Storm 9 will involved in Xenpurgis because in the last Nightmare Realm we see that Aevis,Aevia,Axel,Aero and Alain had there life force stolen and turned to stone by the Rift Nihilego but there are thousands and it is considered to a parasite so I have hunch that Nihilego belongs to Cassandra. But were the Nihilego order to go after Aevis and the others or were they ordered to go after everyone within that place where Crescent, Aevis,Aevia,Axel,Aero, Ariana and Alain were? I will leave this question to you guys. That's for today's thoery and I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more. See you later.
  14. Perhaps Deagan and Cassandra were a thing once, Like maybe he made his way to GDC and met Cassandra and later broke up with her and met Tesla and Amber came into the picture and made Cassandra furious. Perhaps she wants revenge on Tesla for stealing him away, hence why Isha captured Deagan Dead or not and is trying to make him hers (Cassandras). However, Deagan escaped before maybe a brainwashing could happen.
  15. Hi Rejuv fans I'm back with another theory regarding Cassandra. So let dive right in. We first met Cassandra in GDC and during a cut scene and she took Madelia in and she mentioned her sister which irritates Madelis also in v13 we learn that Cassandra created Xenpurgis and she wants to kill Tesla and Amber but the reason for that is not yet clarified but we do know that she wants revenge could for the death of Deagan who is Amber's late father and Keta's late brother. Could Deagan be Cassandra's son? Who knows and I guess we're going to find out soon. This theory is short I know but at least it can get you guys thinking. This is Aozora signing off for now and stay tuned for more theories feel free to follow me.
  16. Hello again, Rejuv fans and members of the Rejuvenation Squad and this 2nd part regarding the previous theory I created regarding Melia and Erin also an addition info about The Archetype. Without further ado. Let's get right into it. While playing the latest version, we learnt that Vitus used the Archetype which resulted in Melia, Erin and Allen and Alice being born and with Vitus telling Erin to watch her wife and the wife telling Erin to watch Vitus and Erin felt let's just say conflicted between the two and because of that Erin's powers started to manifest and Gardevoir sent Erin away including Melia, Allen and Alice. During the Diamond Arc (That's I call it when Erin, Kanon, Damien and Alexandra to find the Diamond Component) when Cera and Erin went into Kanon psyche or cognitive palace and that is when Erin regained her memories. Back to where Gardevoir sent Erin, Melia, Allen and Alice off to a different location and dimension and a voice said " My lovely children, how I adore you. No matter what, remember this feeling. Through your sadness, my warmth will bring you hope. Remember me , Remember me. Don't forget." Which heard once before at the Blakeory Athenaeum at GDC and the voice was by none other than Anathea. She used to black hair but it's now blonde was it because she dyed it or was it because of the Archetype? Now that Erin's regained her memories and she's vowed to fight Vitus and what will happen when they face each other and I'm definitely certain they are going to reminisce about the past and they are going to fight each other. This concludes my third theory today if you want state your opinion don't hesitate to comment down below. See you later and stay tuned.
  17. Hello Everyone, how's it going? Here is next theory so let's dive on in. Picking up from the first part of the grotto and we learn about the Core when all 5 souls are in place the person can reset the world but it has already been reset once before by none other than the MC. According to the letter from Nymiera she retold the story but there's something new that we now know a soul appeared in front of Nymiera saying " Nymeria my child I have to tell you something now. My name is Adrest, the third being in the trifecta of this world's deity Arceus. Please bring my soul to the Grotto's Grounds. Lay my soul to rest and heal. Please I beg you." And Adrest said " I shall lay here for the rest of eternity. Until one day, when this world needs me again, I shall reawaken. And I will inhabit the being that set me free. Together, we shall bring peace to this world again. Keep this a secret, even from your family until the time is right. Hope for this world is not yet lost." Now MC is inside the Obelisk now called Zeight and the Mysterious Black box fit into the slot and then Nancy appeared we learn that Zeight is a dimension constructed around your cognition ( Persona 5 vibes anyone or is it just me. Metaverse/ Cognitive World ) While inside the Zeight we have found Adrest but and he can't wake up and along with checking the life levels and they appear to extremely low. Please continue with caution. The loss of life levels will result in complete obliteration of the Interceptor and the Interceptor program. According to Life Usage there are two hosts. Host 1 has lost life 1 time - Severe head injury by a blast of powerful psychic energy and Current life lost 25% and Host 2 has lost life 3 times. These include combustion. Obliteration by an explosion. Incineration by beam and Current life lost - 75%. Does this mean that there are previous Interceptors before the MC? The current host is the MC and the Secondary Co-Host is Crescent and her soul appeared. The shocking surprise is that Nancy and MC are not related but I still of Nancy as the MC's mother and Nancy is not human. She was created to look like another person and her true form was the Mysterious Black Box we had earlier and Nancy came from a lab somewhere in the Aevium Region and was created by two people and the black box was stolen by Crescent and gave her the name Nancy and the MC couldn't talk to Crescent and decided that Nancy is Ariana's caretaker. Which got me thinking that if Crescent doesn't show will Ariana really die and so Ariana needs to be careful for if she dies there is no second chance. This concludes my 4 in 1 theory. See you later and stay tuned for more upcoming theories.
  18. Hi everyone I'm back with another 2 in 1 theory. Let's get to it. When the ritual was completed two stones revealed themselves which are the Light stone and the Dark stone. And she was attacked by Madame X and she had to a prosthetic arm which was made my dark shards. When Aevium was still recovering from the calamity and she heard that Reborn City had a pokemon league and she knew if she did the same at Aeviun she could protect the region from Madame X she made connections with others and trained them if they weren't strong enough and then the first half of the Elite 8 was formed when it was completed she recruited the top three students at Axis High to become her assistant and scouts and they scouted to find the 18 potential Gym Leaders. News of the league spread all over the world then she was worried that Madame X took down the leaders and won everything that she created would be destroyed and in order to prevent it from happening she built the Aevium League in secret alongside the original Elite 4. When they finished, she recruited four more Elite members and designated them as Gatekeepers. Once all four Gatekeepers are defeated the league would appear. Madame X attacked Alamissa and the true objective was to kill the Champion of the Aevium League. And turns out Celine is alive in her garden we see Celine encased in the Preservation Crystal which preserves her body while slowly healing her wounds which she was carrying from a spring found in Evergreen Forest and with Celine currently recuperating Alexandra is the current Champion. Alexandra and Damien's father knew that it would come back in the form of Nim. Their father said " The wretched storm will return, and it will curse us with its presence with a sign. " so the and Nim appeared from the dark core saying to the MC " Watch Out!" (Does this means that the MC and Num met before?) and she was screaming " I can't. " She can't control something the darkness inside her maybe and she became something else and they said wind and Alexandra and Damien started to battle Storm 9 when they defeated the storm Nim gained control and she shouted " Please stop fighting." the council came to their decision and voted to have Nim executed. But now that Nim has become Lorna she became unhinged and the weather started acting up. This concludes my two theories, don't hesitate to comment down below. See you
  19. She would basically have both light and dark. Like Yin and Yang. But two conflicting forces might put a strain on her.
  20. Zetta was made with Melia's DNA, right? And the Light, seems to be a power passed by blood, as Erin, Allen and Alice can use it. So, what if, Zetta's power is a twisted version of The Light? And Zetta mentions that after he was given a glove, he was able to control the rifts, so maybe if Melia obtain the same glove, she would not have to be in danger in order to use the Light?
  21. Power, Control, Healing and Destruction. Destruction links with Arceus' signature move Judgment. Your made a valid point there, Memebot.
  22. Alexander huh? Yeah she has been acting weird when Venam mention that. What about Krystal?
  23. I think the Archetype is inside of them. Notice how Melia has the rings of Arceus around her when she uses the power of the light. Now I think they have pieces of the Archetype inside of them, in various sizes. The one with the biggest piece of the Archetype is Alice, with her being able to control and change the world quite easily. Second biggest belongs to Melia, being unable to use the power at will like Alice does. Third is Erin, she manages to protect herself, Alice and Allen with the light, although sustaining fatal wounds, where as Melia manages to survive falling off Blacksteeple Castle without a scratch. Lastly, Allen. He hasn't shown off any powers yet, except for destroying the machines in the pyramid, which might have been created by Alice in he first place.

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