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  2. Oooh Theories! Ok so my theories. Madame X is stronger than all her Pokemon combined. She is capable of using a sword and doesn't need the use of her pokemon. She has access to the legendary Pokemon of destruction, Yveltal. My first thought was Griselda since she seems the warrior type however, imo she seems to give off the aura of having Giratina as shown through her events of opening the treasures in wispy path. So I don't think its her, but I could be wrong because she has black hair and maybe red eyes? Ok Nora. I thought it was Nora also because seeing as her soul was erased by accident. Honestly this is still up for debate as we have yet to meet or see her, for ourselves. Although in WLL it looked as though she was turned into stone when the hooded pokemon pushed her and Taelia to their deaths and only Yveltal is capable of doing so, but if that's true how did she survive? Again, up for debate. (BTW you put Nora's name twice for votes) Now we go to one of my favorite people, Melia/Marianette and yes I'm using both blonde's in this. So Marianette, I can't come up with theories for this since Madame X approached her way back when so that's out. MELIA. Ahh Melly Belly. Sooo something about her I find extremely interesting. Team Xen is after her because of the light inside her that's been somewhat established. She is able to purify/bring things to life possibly using her power as seen in v10. So based on what we know from Pokemon XY, Xerneas the pokemon of life is able to bring people, plants, pokemon to life if you aquire it. Yveltal the pokemon of destruction able to destroy/turn people and pokemon to Stone. What does this stand? Madame X weilds Yveltal, Melia possibly weilds Xerneas or Arceus via her Golden light. So what does this tell you? Personally speaking Idk who Madame X is. It could be anyone, or someone we may have come across. But I'm guessing either Nora or an evil version of Melia who has lived through the same hell that storm 9 has inflicted and is in an infinite loop of failure. This my theory!
  3. Hey, Rejuv fans. I'm back from quarantine and I'm in second year of college. I have a theory about Madame X. She been asking "How many times are you going to make this little girl suffer?" "How many times are you willing to put her through this chaos?!" then she called Maria then saying " No matter what happens. Don't you dare lose hope. Don't lose who you are and don't you dare forget what's about to happen. But she made a choice not to kill Maria. In the alternate timeline she teamed up the MC and Melia and she knew about the interceptor. So who on earth is Madame X. Is she an ally that we have met or never heard of, is she just a puppet in someone else's schemes or is she someone who the MC fought before? Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section.
  4. Now that you mentioned it I remember the scene. I played the game twice but only got the Anju's pendant in the second play so i didn't remember the content related to it very well.
  5. Yes as they show how Angie turned psycho. After you defeat her, there is a room where the curtains block the entrance, you’ll see Anju and Indriad fuse together.
  6. I agree with everything said in this thread but I would like to say why I think Angie can't be their mother. I believe Angie is a fusion of Idriad/Vitus with Anju since when we go to Idriad's mansion after Kenneth's badge, Anju is imprisoned in a room in the back of the mansion and she talks to us like she won't live any longer (at least with her own mind). Also i believe this because Angie has the personality of Idriad/Vitus and a similar body and powers to the ones Anju had.
  7. Makes you wonder what they mean by "Doll". Are they implying that Nancy is an artificial person? She did say "she wasn't made like the others" I wonder if it was Team Xen that built her. It would make sense because Ren has a mechanical body so maybe they built a body from scratch.
  8. Yeah your right. But Nancy was a doll who is meant to have no emotion but somehow the MC caused to Nancy to have those emotion maybe when MC was born? And Crescent was to protect or guide the MC and the rings on Arceus are connected so Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice they are siblings
  9. Yeah maybe, there is definitely something supernatural about the MC. I think the Interceptor is like a force of nature pretty much. It is basically just spawned into existence to change the world's fate. I am not sure what role Nancy and Crescent play in this though because they clearly both knew more than they let on
  10. You think the MC is born somewhere else than Aevium? Because I think that Arceus has a ring around it's body and four crosses on it so Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are the four people from the Archetype. Four people four crosses.
  11. Yeah I think so. Arceus has been referenced quite a few times in Rejuv so I think it is very possible.
  12. So since Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are part of Archetype, they can understand what Arceus is saying. Does this mean that they can one day find Arceus?
  13. To be honest, I'm not sure about the first part but I think it happened there of all times because that is when they truly bonded. I'm not sure but it's the best answer I could come up with.
  14. I won’t doubt your theory because it sounds like a good theory, but just a couple questions like, why did they say it was their mother and why did the golden light happen to appear then of all times? Not that I dislike family moments or reunions.
  15. Yeah it is probably possible. The only thing that can take down my theory is that we have no idea what the voice sounds like but Erin and Melia believe it to be their mother, so it must be a female voice. So either I'm wrong, Arceus has a female voice, or that's just one of its abilities.
  16. I had no idea about one but the part Arceus I just realised. That's highly possible.
  17. I actually have a thought of my own about this. We know that Melia, Erin, Alice, and Allen were able to form into the Archetype (We don't know if that was actually the Archetype or just something that has to do with it somehow). My theory is that if that was actually the Archetype, then that means that they are pieces of the Archetype which Arceus turned into, like mentioned in Nymeria's story. Allen and Alice both recognized Erin so that confirms that they are most likely related somehow and Erin and Melia recognized the voice, from where? I have no idea. But hear me out, I think that Erin and Melia misinterpreted the voice to be their mother, I believe that the voice is actually Arceus.
  18. That’s true. Maybe they’ll all meet in the future version(s) if we so happen to go back in time with Melia and co, since Anthea only seems to appear in the past.
  19. That's exactly what I was thinking. You sumed it up, Bro. But, Erin and Melia doesn't know it's Anthea.
  20. If I had to choose other I’d say the other would be Anthea. My reason is because as The MC, Ren, and Aelita explored Zone Zero, they came across the old hospital where the MC was hospitalized in the past. As they ventured through to find the exit Ren and the MC saw documents of Anthea stating she had black hair and 4 children. These 4 being most likely Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice. Why? Because Anthea somehow made her hair blonde as her children’s hair are blonde as well. Another reason for this is when the Blonde quads were together, they formed what we know as the archetype mentioned in Nymiera’s story. So perhaps, Anthea is/was connected to the archetype at one point as well as her kids either before or after they were born. Vitus/Indriad must have noticed this, possibly had domestically abused Anthea (as seen at black steeple castle, hope I spelled that right) and had the 4 children separated. Where Melia(heavily implied Maria Reincarnate) stayed with Anthea and Indriad and Allen, Alice and Erin in the unknown dimension. However, Erin somehow escaped(probably due to Souta saving her). So my best bet, either Angie or the past Anthea whom we carry inside the soul stone may tell us more in v13(hopefully). Anywaaaaay, this is my reason.

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