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  2. Hey Rejuv fans, I'm with another theory which involves the archetype For those who are new to this I'll remind you A being appeared and created the pokemon world. That being was called in today's world of pokemon Arceus. Arceus created Vitus and Nymeria. Vitus left Arceus' side an started the dark side and then Nymeria was left on the side of good and light. Arceus transformed into an item called the "The Archetype" Nymeria used the Archetype as a last resort to end the first pokemon war After the battle for the Jewel of Life at the Skyview on Eclysia Pyramid Meli
  3. Those are some good points. What if Xenadin became Adrest and then Adrest became the MC?
  4. I think he really is just a dead man, but on the offchance that he is a character that we know?maybe vitus, puppetmaster or but i really don't think that s them. A funny answer would be that xenadin was a previous interceptor(not adrest since he sounds like he lived a long time ago) and that when he died the interceptor became the mc Though this theory really has absolutely no basis
  5. I get what you saying and I agree with what you said about Madame X. Who do you think Madame X's Father is?
  6. I know rejuv is an anime but your japanese translation made me chuckle a bit(in a good way) Nothing much to add as i don't think we have any element to discriminate an answer over another, though i never thought that xenadin could be the yvetal.Though it would seem odd since when you dive in the sheridan wetland laboratory that talks about how yvetal is in a cocoon now, madame x note speaks of it with hostility, as if yvetal or the person that gave it to her is her enemy, yet if she is defeated she will say "i m sorry father" so it seems quite contradictory
  7. Hey guys, I'm back. I've been focusing on my media coursework and I'm my production phase on creating my magazine. Without further ado, I'm going to talk about the Puppet Master and Xenpurgis. Let's dive on in. The Puppet Master (操り人形マスター) - Ayatsuri ningyō masutā In version 9 City of Dream, My main character Ariana and Aelita meet the Puppetmaster after they successfully defeated Magenta and Neon and he mentions ' Interceptor oh Interceptor, whose mind will you inhabit next?" which means that there others before Ariana and referring back to Adrest ( アドレスト -
  8. Aww, thanks. I like creative writing so this I where I thrive
  9. The Shining Light will Obliterate the darkness I likes your poem.
  10. One will plunge Aevium into disarray One will bring Aevium into a brighter day Those who shine with the light brings order Those who obliterate with the dark brings chaos The Being of α – Beginning one that creates The Bird of Destruction one that destroys Time draws near You lose those you hold dear The time has come To prepare for what’s to come Waiting for the final battle to decide Who will win? The shining light? Or the obliterating darkness?
  11. Oooh Theories! Ok so my theories. Madame X is stronger than all her Pokemon combined. She is capable of using a sword and doesn't need the use of her pokemon. She has access to the legendary Pokemon of destruction, Yveltal. My first thought was Griselda since she seems the warrior type however, imo she seems to give off the aura of having Giratina as shown through her events of opening the treasures in wispy path. So I don't think its her, but I could be wrong because she has black hair and maybe red eyes? Ok Nora. I thought it was Nora also because seeing as her soul was eras
  12. Hey, Rejuv fans. I'm back from quarantine and I'm in second year of college. I have a theory about Madame X. She been asking "How many times are you going to make this little girl suffer?" "How many times are you willing to put her through this chaos?!" then she called Maria then saying " No matter what happens. Don't you dare lose hope. Don't lose who you are and don't you dare forget what's about to happen. But she made a choice not to kill Maria. In the alternate timeline she teamed up the MC and Melia and she knew about the interceptor. So who on earth is Madame X. Is she an ally

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