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  2. Perhaps Deagan and Cassandra were a thing once, Like maybe he made his way to GDC and met Cassandra and later broke up with her and met Tesla and Amber came into the picture and made Cassandra furious. Perhaps she wants revenge on Tesla for stealing him away, hence why Isha captured Deagan Dead or not and is trying to make him hers (Cassandras). However, Deagan escaped before maybe a brainwashing could happen.
  3. Hi Rejuv fans I'm back with another theory regarding Cassandra. So let dive right in. We first met Cassandra in GDC and during a cut scene and she took Madelia in and she mentioned her sister which irritates Madelis also in v13 we learn that Cassandra created Xenpurgis and she wants to kill Tesla and Amber but the reason for that is not yet clarified but we do know that she wants revenge could for the death of Deagan who is Amber's late father and Keta's late brother. Could Deagan be Cassandra's son? Who knows and I guess we're going to find out soon. This theory is short I k
  4. Hello again, Rejuv fans and members of the Rejuvenation Squad and this 2nd part regarding the previous theory I created regarding Melia and Erin also an addition info about The Archetype. Without further ado. Let's get right into it. While playing the latest version, we learnt that Vitus used the Archetype which resulted in Melia, Erin and Allen and Alice being born and with Vitus telling Erin to watch her wife and the wife telling Erin to watch Vitus and Erin felt let's just say conflicted between the two and because of that Erin's powers started to manifest and Gardevoir sent Erin away
  5. Hello Everyone, how's it going? Here is next theory so let's dive on in. Picking up from the first part of the grotto and we learn about the Core when all 5 souls are in place the person can reset the world but it has already been reset once before by none other than the MC. According to the letter from Nymiera she retold the story but there's something new that we now know a soul appeared in front of Nymiera saying " Nymeria my child I have to tell you something now. My name is Adrest, the third being in the trifecta of this world's deity Arceus. Please bring my soul to the Grotto's Gro
  6. Hi everyone I'm back with another 2 in 1 theory. Let's get to it. When the ritual was completed two stones revealed themselves which are the Light stone and the Dark stone. And she was attacked by Madame X and she had to a prosthetic arm which was made my dark shards. When Aevium was still recovering from the calamity and she heard that Reborn City had a pokemon league and she knew if she did the same at Aeviun she could protect the region from Madame X she made connections with others and trained them if they weren't strong enough and then the first half of the Elite 8 was for
  7. She would basically have both light and dark. Like Yin and Yang. But two conflicting forces might put a strain on her.
  8. Zetta was made with Melia's DNA, right? And the Light, seems to be a power passed by blood, as Erin, Allen and Alice can use it. So, what if, Zetta's power is a twisted version of The Light? And Zetta mentions that after he was given a glove, he was able to control the rifts, so maybe if Melia obtain the same glove, she would not have to be in danger in order to use the Light?
  9. Power, Control, Healing and Destruction. Destruction links with Arceus' signature move Judgment. Your made a valid point there, Memebot.
  10. Alexander huh? Yeah she has been acting weird when Venam mention that. What about Krystal?
  11. I think the Archetype is inside of them. Notice how Melia has the rings of Arceus around her when she uses the power of the light. Now I think they have pieces of the Archetype inside of them, in various sizes. The one with the biggest piece of the Archetype is Alice, with her being able to control and change the world quite easily. Second biggest belongs to Melia, being unable to use the power at will like Alice does. Third is Erin, she manages to protect herself, Alice and Allen with the light, although sustaining fatal wounds, where as Melia manages to survive falling off Bla
  12. I think the champion is Alexandra. She acted weird when Venam wonders where the champion is on the train ride to Grand Dream City. At the very least she knows who it is or what's the situation with them is. Also she likes to change her names a lot, wouldn't be surprised if she beat the league under a different name.
  13. Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I have done a theory this It's a 3 in 1 and if you have any suggestion regarding today's theory don't hesitate to comment down below. We haven't heard much about the 'Champion of Aevium' So here we go. Why haven't they showed up to solve the current situation regarding the Petrification and Team Xen. They are considered to be the strongest and powerful trainer in Aevium and they is suppose to protect the citizens and their Pokémon. The second question is where have they been all this time? And why are they even bothered about what's going on to
  14. Hey Rejuv fans, I'm with another theory which involves the archetype For those who are new to this I'll remind you A being appeared and created the pokemon world. That being was called in today's world of pokemon Arceus. Arceus created Vitus and Nymeria. Vitus left Arceus' side an started the dark side and then Nymeria was left on the side of good and light. Arceus transformed into an item called the "The Archetype" Nymeria used the Archetype as a last resort to end the first pokemon war After the battle for the Jewel of Life at the Skyview on Eclysia Pyramid Meli

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