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Welcome to the Rejuvenation Squad!!! The Rejuvenation Squad is an open club where members can share their opinions about characters and Pokemon, create poems, and interact with like-minded individuals. It's a great place to meet new people, learn new things, and express your creativity. Whether you're a fan of the games or the anime series, there's something for everyone in this club. So if you're looking for a fun and friendly community to join, the Rejuvenation Squad is the perfect place for you!
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  2. Walrein The Ice Break Pokémon Prior Form: Sealeo Method of Evolution: Level up to 44 Level: 70 Type: Ice/Water H/W: 1.40m/150.6kg Walrein is a formidable Pokémon with a strong combination of Ice and Water-type moves. Its impressive stats and abilities make it a valuable addition to any team. Ability: Thick Fat/Ice Body and Hidden Ability - Oblivious - Ice Body: During the weather condition of Hail. Ice Body heals 6.25% of HP during each turn the Pokémon with the ability doesn't take hail damage. Held Item: Never-Melt Ice - Boosts Ice-type moves by 20% I met this Pokémon at Keneph Beach when it was a Spheal. Walrein has helped me against Fire, Dragon, Ground, Grass and Flying-type Pokemon along with Sceptile it has helped me through countless battles. Moveset: Iron Tail, Ice Fang, Ice Beam, Hydro Cannon Signature Move Ice Fang Type: Ice Category: Physical Power: 65 PP: 15 Accuracy: 95 Ice Fang is a powerful Ice-type move with a physical category. It has a base power of 65 and the accuracy of 95. When this move is used, it has a 10% chance of causing the target to flinch or become frozen. This move is particularly effective against Dragon, Grass, Ground and Flying-type Pokemon. This concludes my data collection on Walrein. Thank you for your patience and see you in the next one.
  3. Sceptile The Forest Pokémon Prior Form: Grovyle Method of Evolution: Level up to 36 Level: 70 Type: Grass H/W: 1.70m/52.2kg Sceptile agilely flits through the jungle and uses the sharp-edged leaves on its arms to cut down its prey. Ability: Overgrow/ Unburden - Unburden: Speed stat is doubled when using or losing a held item. Held Item: Sceptilite I met Sceptile at the Redcliff Research Lab when it was Treecko and this Pokémon has helped me through battle after battle, especially against Ground, Rock and Water-type Pokémon and I'm proud to have this Pokémon on my team. Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Frenzy Plant, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm Signature Move Leaf Blade Type: Grass Category: Physical Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 PP: 15 Leaf Blade is a powerful Grass-type move. It is a physical move with the base power of 90 and 100% accuracy (The move doesn't miss). When Sceptile uses this move, it swiftly slashes the target with its sharp leaves, dealing significant damage. Leaf Blade is known for its high critical-hit ratio, making it a formidable move in battles. With its combination of power and precision, Leaf Blade is a signature move of Sceptile, showcasing its agility and mastery of the natural world. This concludes my data collection on Sceptile. Thank you for your patience and see you in the next one.
  4. Yeah, you're not the only one. But Rhyperior is one of a kind. I figured I might as well use a different pokemon on my team. And boom along came this guy. He has helped me a lot in battle especially against Ice and Fairy types.
  5. The amount of times I got cocky and got one shotted by this move gives me nightmares. But still the best rock type move.
  6. Rhyperior The Drill Pokémon Prior Form: Rhydon Method of Evolution: Trade holding Protector. However, in Pokémon Desolation I used a Link Stone. Level: 65 Type: Ground/Rock H/W: 2.39m/282.8kg Its body is covered in sturdy, rocky plates that provide excellent protection from physical attacks. Its most notable feature is the large drill-like horn on its nose, which it uses to plough through even the toughest obstacles. Rhyperior is incredibly strong and can easily move boulders weighing several tons with ease. Overall, Rhypeior is an impressive and fearsome Pokémon that should not be underestimated. Ability: Lightning Rod/ Solid Rock - Solid Rock: Decreases damage taken from super-effective moves by 1/4 in other words 25%. Held Item: Hard Stone - Increases the power of Rock-type moves. It is vulnerable to Water and Grass-type moves. However, it dual typing of Ground and Rock make it resilient to many types of attacks. I met this Pokémon when It was a Rhyhorn alongside Walrein has helped me against Aderyn the Flying-type Gym Leader in Celeste City. Moveset: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rock Wrecker Signature Move: Rock Wrecker Type: Rock Category: Physical Power: 150 Accuracy: 90 PP: 5 (I used PP up to increase the moves' Power Points to 8) This move can cause massive damage to opponents, but it has the drawback of having to recharge after use. However, with the help of PP Up, the move's Power Pints can be increased to 8 making it an even more formidable attack. If used correctly, Rock Wrecker can make Rhyperior a force to be reckoned with in battles. This concludes my data collection on Rhyperior. Thank you for your patience and see you in the next one.
  7. Hisuian Lilligant The Dancing Pokemon Prior Form: Petilil Method of Evolution: Using Sun Stone in the Hisui Region Level: 50 Type: Grass/Fighting H/W: 3'11/42.3 lbs Description: Its well-developed legs are the result of a life spent on mountains covered in deep snow. The scent it excludes from its flower crown heartens those in proximity. It is known for its graceful movement and elegant appearance. Ability: Chlorophyll or Hustle Hidden: Leaf Guard Held Item: Power Bracer Its new fighting type gives it a strong advantage against Rock, Steel, and Dark-type Pokémon. With its powerful moveset and unique typing, Hisuian Lilligant is a formidable opponent in battles. Moveset: Close Combat, Victory Dance, Axe Kick, Petal Blizzard Signature Move Victory Dance Type: Fighting Category: Status Power: Unknown Accuracy: 101 PP: 10 This move raises the Lilligant's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats by one stage each. This move not only makes Hisuian Lilligant stronger but also enhances its ability to defend itself and outpace its opponents. With Victory Dance, Hisuian Lilligant is a force to be reckoned with in battles, and it is a valuable addition to any trainer's team.
  8. Hisuian Decidueye The Arrow Quill Pokemon Prior Form: Dartrix Method of Evolution: Level up 34 in the Hisui Region Level: 45 Type: Grass/Fighting H/W: 5'03"/81.6 lbs Description: The air stored in the rachises of Decidueye's feathers insulates the Pokemon against Hisui's extreme cold. It is also said to have the ability to shoot its feathers as sharp arrows at its opponents in battle. Ability: Overgrow and Hidden Ability - Long Reach Held Item: Miracle Seed This stunning creature is the final evolution of Dartrix and boasts an impressive array of moves that can take down even the toughest opponents. With its razor-sharp feathers and unique typing, Hisuian Decidueye is a force to be reckoned with. Don't miss your chance to add this powerful Pokemon to your team! Moveset: Energy Ball, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Leaf Storm Signature Move Triple Arrows Type: Fighting Category: Physical Power: 50 Accuracy: 100 PP: 15 Decidueye delivers an axe kick, then fires three arrows at once dealing massive damage and lowering the defence stats of its opponents. With its accuracy and critical hit rate boosted. Triple Arrows is a devastating move that can turn the tide of any battle. If you're looking for a powerful addition to your team, Hisuian Decidueye and its signature move are not to be missed.
  9. Hello everyone, Welcome to another review of other fanmade Pokémon games. Today I'll be doing a review of Pokémon Insurgence. Before I start, for those new to the club, I am Blue, aka Cerulean Azure Brawler, leader and creator of the open club Rejuvenation Squad. I create posts about Rejuvenation and Pokémon in general. Without further ado, let's start. Pokémon Insurgence is a complete fanmade created by thesezerain, which was released on January 22 2014, which has a level of difficulties from Easy to Hard which you can change in the options section of the game and includes Pokémon from Gens I to VI - Flygon. Milotic, Froslass, etc., and Delta Pokémon can Mega Evolve. So find those mega stones!!! Before you start your journey, the game will show you a cutscene set in the Torren Region a year ago then you can choose which mode for the game, either Tradition or Dark; Traditional has more plot to both storylines, including cutscenes the route features no character deaths for those who don't like the death scenes and want to keep it PG - I highly suggest you chose this route. However, for those who want to see the game's darker side, go for the Dark, which contains all on-screen deaths, and strong language, including a non-censored storyline. At the start of the game, you can customize your character to be male or female, allowing you to choose between three avatars; you can choose clothes and hair color; the choice is yours. You get hit with amnesia and, with the help of a mythical Pokémon, disguise yourself as a cultist member to escape the base. There are five cults in Torren, from Darkrai to Perfection. Each of them worships different legendary Pokémon. In Telenor Town, you'll meet Damian, then later Professor Sylvan; in addition, she introduces you to three Delta Pokémon consisting of Bulbasaur (Fairy/Psychic), Charmander (Ghost/Dragon) and Spuirtle (Dark/Fighting). Still, if you don't want to choose one of them, you can choose to get Eevee from Professor Sylvan. During the journey, you battle eight dual-type gym leaders, including cultists and their leaders. For gym leaders, depending on the difficulty that has been selected, I advise you to come up with a strategy to beat the gym leaders and they also mega stones. You must be in a different realm for the final gym leader to battle him. Then you battle the big bad—the one pulling the strings. I advise using Delta Scizor, Delta Gardevoir or Delta Gallade to beat them. I strongly recommend Delta Scizor. He is a battle beast and can outspeed some Pokémon with Low Kick, which lowers the opponents' speed stat. When successfully defeating all eight gym leaders, the next destination is Torren's Pokémon League. While inside, you get an explanation of the place and rules when you're ready to battle Elite Four; the minimum level is 88 for the first playthrough on the Easy Level. Again, as I mentioned before, I advise you to come up with a strategy to beat the Elite Four has a specific theme (I'm this in the order of the one that I find tricky); they also have a main Pokémon that can mega evolve; for the first member, Baton Pass is when a Pokémon has its stats increased, such as Special Defense or Special Attack and when that Pokémon Baton Pass switches to a different Pokémon that has that same stats increased (Which is a pain in neck trust me I know I went through it ) If one of your Pokémon has the move Taunt you're in luck when that move is used you sweep her whole but be careful on Speed Boost so make sure you have a Pokémon that can outspeed the opposing Pokémon. Next, the second member, Trick Room, when this move is active, the Pokémon, which has the lower speed stat, will attack first for five turns. So, if your Pokémon holds a Quick Claw, it will go first. The next speed-boosting moves I will mention are Rock Polish, Dragon Dance, Agility, Automize, Shell Smash ( Lowers Defense but increases Speed) and Gear Shift for ability; Speed Boost in addition to items; Choice Scarf, Carbos, Swift wing (raises Speed stat by 1 EV), Lagging Tail and Power Anklet. Moving on to the third theme Sandstorm, the first Pokémon's ability is Sand Stream which causes Sandstrom to activate instantly for five turns. I suggest having Pokémon with the ability sand Veil which prevents it from taking damage due by Sandstorm during the five turns. Finally, onto the fourth and final theme; Hail. At the start of the battle, it'll go smoothly until the opponents' Pokémon have the ability Snow Warning will active hail for five turns, so for this battle, I don't think that you will have a problem with this elite four member, in other words, so from easy to hard - Hail, Sandstorm, Trick Room and Baton Pass, therefore, you can battle them in any order you want. For the Champion, their first Pokémon has armor, so use a super effective move against it, and they also have two legendary Pokémon; also, their party has a delta, which uses the move New Moon, which turns the battlefield pitch black. However, this move is a double-edged sword, and what I mean by that is not only it boosts ghost and dark-type moves that Pokémon will take damage due to New Moon during each turn; it also has the move Spacial Rend which doesn't miss but with New Moon still in play you will have no trouble with that specific Pokémon because the damage dealt by New Moon will take it out. So once you deal with those, you should have no problem dealing with the rest. Overall Rating - 10/10 This concludes my review of Pokémon Insurgence. I hope you enjoyed it; so this took yesterday and today (two days)to complete, so it was a lot to put together. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next one.
  10. Greetings and Hello, Sharing an idea for the "If you can change one thing in Pokémon (games, anime, manga), what would it be? " section of the club; this topic is about pokemon games. I'm sure that Pokémon fans and players might or might not agree with this, but I'll give it a shot. Let's start In Pokémon and fan-made games, when you come across a wild Pokémon that you want to catch but end up using a move, take it out, and it faints, you won't be able to locate it again. It's a pain in the neck. Trust me. So if I would change the way you capture fainted wild Pokémon. I got this idea from my younger cousin when he was playing Pokémon Infinite Fusion, so the idea popped into my head. In the anime, you can capture a wild fainted Pokémon; for example, in Pokémon B/W anime, Ash battled a wild Pidove then it fainted, and then he was able to catch it successfully. So why not add that to a fan-made game that could be good, in my opinion. That was short, but I could only come up with this, so if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to create a topic of your own. That's all for now until next time.
  11. Corviknight The Raven Pokémon Prior Form: Corvisquire Method of Evolution: Level up to 38 Level: 100 Type: Flying/Steel H/W: 7'03''/165.3lbs Description: With their great intellect and flying skills, these Pokémon very successfully act as the Galar region's airborne taxi service. Ability: Unnerve - Prevents the opponent's Pokémon from eating held berries. Held Item: Metal Coat - Boosts the power of Steel Type Moves I met this noble raven when it was Rookidee ever since it has helped me against Milo and Bea and in its Gigantimax form its unstoppable. Moveset: Fly, Fury Attack, Steel Wing, Dual Wingbeat Signiture Move Dual Wingbeat Type: Flying Category: Physical Power: 40 Accuracy: 90 PP: 10 Game Description: The user slams the target with its wings. The target is hit twice in a row.
  12. Cinderace The Striker Pokémon Prior Form: Raboot Method of Evolution: Level up to 36 Level: 100 Type: Fire H/W:4'7/72.8lbs Description: It juggles a pebble with its feet, turning it into burning soccer ball. Its shots strike opponents hard and leave them scorched. Ability: Blaze - Powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. Held Item - Charcoal - Boost the power of Fire-type moves. I met Cinderace when it was a Scorbunny and it has been a great help against Grass, Ice, Steel type Pokémon. Even against Hop's Rillaboom. Moveset: Bounce, Focus Blast, Pyro Ball, Fire Pledge Signature Move Pyro Ball Type: Fire Category: Physical Power: 120 Accuracy: 90 PP: 5 Game Description: The user attacks by igniting a small stone and launching it as a fiery ball at the target. This may also leave the target inflicted with the burn status condition.
  13. Lucario The Aura Pokémon Prior Form: Riolu Method of Evolution : Reaching Maximum Happiness during the daytime Gender: Male Level: 100 Type: Fighting/Steel H/W:3'11/119lbs. Description: It controls waves as auras, which are powerful enough to pulverize huge rocks. It uses those waves to take down prey. Ability: Steadfast - Boosts speed stat each time it flinches. Held Item: Expert Belt - Slightly boosts the power of super effective moves. I met Lucario when it was at level 67 and ever since it has helped against Ice and Fairy type Pokémon. Moveset: Meteor Mash, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Close Combat Signiture Move Aura Sphere Type: Fighting Catergory: Special Power: 80 Accuracy: Unknown PP: 20 Game Description: The user lets loose a sphere of aura power from deep within its body at the target. This attack never misses. This concludes my data collection for Lucario. Thanks to @NeoBolt for coming up with name for Lucario. See you in the next part.
  14. Infernape The Flame Pokemon Prior Form: Monferno Method of Evolution: Level 36 Gender: Male Level 67 Type: Fire/Fighting H/W: 3'11/121.3lbs. Description: It uses a special kind of martial arts involving all its limbs. Its fire never goes out, its crown of fire is indicative of its fiery nature it is beaten by none in terms of quickness. Ability: Blaze Held Item: Black Belt I met this Pokémon when it was a Chimchar and it has been great against the Gym Leaders especially the Bug Type specialist of the Elite Four. It can hold it's own against other Fighting-Type thanks to Acrobatics. Moveset: Flamethrower, Close Combat, Acrobatics, Flare Blitz Signiture Move Flare Blitz Type: Fire Category: Physical Power:120 Accuracy: 100 PP: 15 Description: The user cloaks itself in fire and charges the target. This also damages the user quite a lot. This attack may leave the target with a burn. The users takes damage via recoil also it helps with the freeze status condition. This concludes my data collection for Infernape. See you in the next.
  15. Garchomp The Mach Pokémon Prior Form: Gabite Method of Evolution: Level 48 Gender: Male Level: 68 Type: Dragon/Ground Tera Type: Dragon H/W: 6'3/209.4lbs Description: The protuberances on its head serve as sensors. It can even detect distant prey. Ability: Sand Veil - Boosts the Pokémon's evasiveness in a sandstorm. Held Item: King's Rock I happen to meet this Pokémon at the Great Crater of Paldea on my way to the Pokémon League, which has helped me in battle ever since. Moveset: Draco Meteor, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dig Signature Move Draco Meteor Type: Dragon Category: Special Power: 130 Accuracy: 90 PP: 6 Game Description: Comets are summoned down from the sky onto the target. The recoil from this move harshly lowers the user's Sp. Attack stat. This concludes my data collection for Garchomp. Next is Infernape. See you.
  16. Staraptor The Predator Prior Form: Staravia Method of Evolution - Level 36 Gender: Male Level: 59 Type: Normal/Flying H/W:3'11/54.9lbs. Description: It has a savage nature. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger than itself. Ability: Intimidate - The Pokémon intimidates opponents upon entering battle, lowering their Attack stat. Held Item: Razor Claw I met this Pokémon when it was a Starly, and it has been a massive help against Gardenia and Mylene. It has Steel Wing to help against Fairy-Type Pokémon and Close Combat against Steel-Type Pokémon. Moveset - Close Combat, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird Signature Move Close Combat Type: Fighting Category: Physical Power: 120 Accuracy: 100 - It never misses PP: 5 Game Description: The user fights the target close up without guarding itself. This lowers the user's Defense and Sp. Defense stats. This move is a double-edged sword meaning it will take out Normal-type in one hit, but this reduces Defense stats meaning in the next round, Staraptor were to get hit by a super effective move that takes it out instantly. This concludes the data collection for Staraptor. Next is Garchomp. See you.
  17. Clodsire The Spiny Fish Pokémon Prior Form: Paldean Wooper Method of Evolution - Level 20 Gender: Male Level: 69 Type: Poison/Ground Tera Type: Poison H/W: 5'11/491.6lbs. Pokédex Description: It lives at the bottom of ponds and swamps. It will carry Wooper on its back and ferry them across the water from one shore to the other. Ability: Poison Point - Contact with the Clodsire may cause the attacker. In other words, if the opponent uses a physical move on Clodsire, the opponent will get inflicted with the poison status problem. Item Held: Bright Powder - This lowers the accuracy of opponents' moves. I met Clodsire when it was a whooper and 'whoop, whoop!' (Sorry, I had to :)) Clodsire, in its Tera form, has helped me in battle, especially against Penny's Tera Sylveon and against Steel-Type Pokemon. Moveset: Liquidation, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Earthquake Signature Move Sludge Wave Type: Poison Category: Special Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 PP:10 Game Description: The user strikes everything around it by swamping the area with a giant sludge wave. This may also poison those it hits. This concludes my data collection for Clodsire. The following two data collections I'll create are Staraptor and Garchomp, so stay tuned for them.
  18. Talonflame The Scorching Pokemon Prior Form: Fletchinder Method of Evolution - Leveling up to 35 Gender: Male Level: 70 Type: Fire/Flying Tera Type: Normal H/W:3'11/54lbs. Description: When it gets exciting, it vents sparks from the gaps between its feathers. These unburnable feathers are used as a fireproof material. Ability: Flame Body - Contact with the Talonflame may cause the attacker. In other words, if the opponent uses a physical move on Talonflame, the opponent will get inflicted with the burn status problem. Held Item: Lucky Egg I met Talonflame when it was a Fletchling. It was beneficial for the Bug and Grass-type gym leaders. For its fire type, move against steel type and fairy-type Steel Wing. Moveset: Flame Charge, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Acrobatics Signature Move Steel Wing Type: Steel Category: Physical Power: 70 Accuracy: 90 PP:25 Game Description: The target is hit with wings of steel. This may also boost the user's Defense stat. This move is beneficial, in my opinion, because it's not only super effective against Fairy-Type Pokémon but also increases the user's defense every time that move is used, so you don't need to worry about those moves that take down Talonflame in one shot. This concludes my Pokémon data collection for Talonflame. There's another one in the works, and in that one, I'll be talking about Clodsire; also, I'm thinking of doing either two or three more this time, so see you in the next one.
  19. That's a good its spider webs can catch along with Ariados. Both of them using string shot to catch the criminal I mean two is better than one. Also it sneaks on then without making a sound which makes catching them more effective.
  20. Crawli is part of the International police, Spidops is a secret agent spider, it just makes sense for it to be on his team in the Goldenwood fight as a sticky web setter. Its porbably just not strong enough for his gym fight though.
  21. As the title says MASS DESTRUCTION. Personally I feel like Tinkaton would be perfect because like Saki she stole parts of her hammer from bisharp and pawniard like Saki did with her Lawn mower (LOL) and they both have cute appearances, but on the inside these 2 are some bad bitches. Pardon my French. So no doubt these two make a deadly combo. I mean look at it. Nothing EVEN IF she's banned for using her hammer, just like Saki that won't slow her down!  So y'all better watch out because these two no doubt are about to bring down the hammer! Literally!

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