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  1. So, after looking around the site, I see the latest version of Rejuvenation is V11 Unfortunately, I downloaded V10 What's more, I've progressed up to Blacksteeple castle. Is it possible to update without losing my data. And if so, where do I go to update my game? Thnx so much in advance!
  2. Upon my arrival, i've been told that i should ask for help whenever i need it. Well, i need some now. I've been searching about for these "audino trainers" for a while now. I've searched Shredian village up and down and have just about covered Golden leaf. Have audino trainers been removed completely since V10? Plz tell me so i don't stress over trying to find 'em Thnx in advance
  3. Greetings, salutations, konichiwa to you, my fellow trainers!! A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Names Javarus Leary. But you can just refer to me as Ulti here. Born: October 3, 1995 First thing i'd like to share about myself is that i'm a sucker for a good story. And this place has it in spades! I just recently found out about rejuvenation. But the game had me hooked the minute it turned into a prison arc. Lol. I literally had to stop watching a playthrough on YouTube just to experience it myself. Also, its been so long since I've seen Reborn, i didn't think it actually went anywhere. So glad i was wrong. Can't wait to see both finished . In all honesty though, wouldn't mind seeing another Pokemon fan game like this. Or maybe even a yugioh fan game. Eh, man can dream. Anyways, I also like to draw a fair amount. (Whenever I'm not procrastinating anyways) I like to think i have at least a little skill. And i plan on drawing some fanart of these games at some point. Don't expect any digital work though. Certain complications prevent me from doing so just yet. Lastly, Madam X and Lin Both powerful female trainers Both in dire need of a good dose of karmic justice. Mind you i barely know anything about either yet but still. After what they've done, it's a bit of a mute point. Oh, one more thing. Can you people cool it on the difficulty? Money and items are sparse enough as it is in normal mode. I ain't going nowhere near intense. Lol. Hope to see more great things from this place.