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  3. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum Name: Mysterious Fox Assassin Showdown Alt(s): Usually Riku Sakuraba, but it's usually something edgy if it's not the one mentioned previously Discord: Riku Sakuraba #3632 Availability: EST (Open for anything unless I'm on nocturnal schedule, but I can adjust my sleep schedule as needed.) Favorite Types: Dark, Ice, Ghost Least Favorite Types: Fairy, Rock, Normal Last 4 digits of credit card: haha
  4. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    Family Stuff

    Hey everyone, I'm writing to you all today to share something I've kept hidden. I couldn't really talk about it before because it's hard for others to empathize to this, but it's come to a point where I must share my story with others. Keeping it to myself isn't healthy for me, and it only invites more and more suffering. It's about my "family". My supposed father (who I've come to bitterly hate) is causing me and other members of my family grief. He's selfish, manipulative, vindictive, and everything disgusting you'd see in a person. As a child to a parent, most people would expect for me to just grin and bear it until the situation got better. Well, it didn't. In fact, it got considerably worse. Something in me couldn't take it anymore, and it takes a lot for me to loathe a person to the point of detaching myself, especially if it's someone who you've given a part of your life to. I told him that I didn't consider him to be my father. The way he treated me and my mother was unforgivable. He started going on and on about the past and what he's done for me. Many people would normally say that I should apologize to him, but when you've actually met him, you'd understand why I say those things. All he cares about is taking care of himself. It's never about other people; it must always have a benefit to him in some way. He has made some attempts to reassure his "father" position in my life, but I've shut him out a number of times so that he knows I was serious. He has what I call a "god" complex. He feels as if he can't do any wrong. It's always some other factor or person that did the deed. I've grown to hate him so much the more time he's in the vicinity. This experience has not only been scarring for my mother, but it is also been scarring to me. While I'm not the one whose isn't receiving the brunt of his idiocy, my siblings and I are getting the backlash of it. He can't even take care of the kids who still trust him. Everything is always up to his knowledge and his judgment. Even when my siblings are sick, he doesn't even care for them or give the least bit of concern. If things were up to him, we would have nothing. Because of his god complex, he feels like no one except him deserves the best. I'm just tired. He's the reason why I've changed negatively over the years. When I told my aunt about this, she was surprised that I didn't need therapy after all he's put us through. Anyone with eyes and common sense knows that what he did to me, my mother, and my siblings was wrong. I haven't even told my friends, but my mother's friends know that she's going through with him, and they look at him with scorn and even anger. People often say that they wish they had a father, but in my case, it'd be better if I didn't have one at all. I would've lived a lot better if I didn't know him. The worst part is that he won't leave. He always wants to fit in any space we have in our family, and we constantly have to push him out. He's like a child trapped in a man's body, and those are the people I hate the most. I endlessly hope for the day that I never have to see him again. It's just so hard to live in the same house as him and expect me to not want to be blunt with him. It's not something I take pride in, and it's not something I could tell my real life friends either. The people I know either met him before or worked with him with volunteer work. I've grown so withdrawn from people in general. I just feel so damaged; it's as if like I'm trying to hide my brokenness between a smile and calming demeanor, but really, I want to just break down and cry. I never wanted this; we never wanted any of this. I'm tired of living this double life where I have to be this perfect little angel and this messed-up demon at the same time. It's why I've stayed away from people all this time. Sometimes, I question if I'll ever have a normal relationship with anyone ever again. Who drew up this sick plan where we all have to suffer terrible family situations? I just hope I can keep going after this; this is just too much for me to handle.
  5. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    What is Your Team Building Method?

    My method of teambuilding is covered the previous mons weaknesses. For example, if Infernape is Fire/Fighting, then I'd look for a mon that is Water/Psychic (Slowking in this case). Sometimes, if I do a challenge run, I'll have two physical attackers, two special attackers, and one defensive mon and one special defensive mon. When it comes to competitive though, let's say...monotype, you have to know the ins and outs of the type you're using. You won't always win with a standard core if your type is flexible, but if there is other mons where you can make up a new strategy or tweak the old strategy a bit, then you should test it out and see if it works for you. I hope this helps.
  6. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    The Legend of Riku Sakuraba: Prologue

    Hello everyone, I'm writing a "light" (hopefully) novel that showcases an anti-hero trying to find himself. I won't say much more than that since I'd rather let the story speak for itself. >_> Without further ado, here is the prologue to this story. Hope you all enjoy it! ~MFA aka Sakuraba
  7. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    [OOC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    I'm going to try this out. I'm sorry. I'm new to this. >_<
  8. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    Ideas for an Anti-hero Sprite

    I like these. How should his posture be? His character is more emotionless, so I don't want to use an energetic kind of pose. Something along the lines of a look of pity on his face would work. Thanks, Wolfox.
  9. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    Ideas for an Anti-hero Sprite

    Hello creative masters of Reborn, I'm having a problem. The sort of problem that others can help with. Y'see, I'm attempting to make an anti-hero protag. He's sort of a lawful evil/chaotic good character. However, I don't really know of a base where I could build upon. Could I implore some of you to throw me some suggestions? I'll try multiple to see which fits the bill. That'd help me a lot. Thanks again. ~Luciano
  10. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    I'm indecisive. Yay. Help me please.

    Hello diligent artist and persons crafty of mind, Remember when I did the old sprite for my MC/OC Akihito? You know, this one? Yeah, well, I may or may not scrap this. In truth, I want to keep him, but at the same time, I feel as if this isn't dark enough. Would you crafty-minded people help me decide on which character to make into the dark character? Here is the other one for reference sake... Thank you all in advance and I hope I can come to a conclusion soon, so that I can input a vs sprite and work on the first gym leader. Thank you!
  11. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    I've hit artist's block....again

    I'll try that. Thank you @Cataline.
  12. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    I've hit artist's block....again

    Hello people of the Reborn forums, Yes, as you can tell by the title, I've hit artist's block...again. Unfortunately, it is so. The problem I am having most of all is the vs sprite. I was going to use Pryce as a base without the challenging hand to make him look as apathetic as possible. However, it's the hair. It's always the hair. every single time.... I want his hair to be straight style or regular Asian hair, but I have no idea how to go about that? Do any of you know of any sprite that has that or will I have to suffer to make it by hand? Below you will find Pryce with no hair. This is the base I was going for.
  13. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    My First Time Spriting!

    Ah ok
  14. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    My First Time Spriting!

    Question: Might I ask where you got the bases for your overworld sprites or did you make them by hand?
  15. Mysterious Fox Assassin

    My First Time Spriting!

    It looks good from my perspective. Keep up the good work!