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  1. Really?! Wow that has changed, thanks for letting me know
  2. For Some reason when I did the West Gearen help quests, I ended up getting a Litten for some reason
  3. For Primarina if she is not listening, use the reverse candies so she is at least 2 stages below level that ignores orders. Bewear if memory serves is a normal/fighting type so fairy, psychic, fighting and flying types will do major damage. Try to get Flechinder to evolve so it can become more faster when facing Bewear. Primarina can take a few of her pokemon down but then there's the electric type who will be a problem for her but I'm sure your Lycanroc will do decent damage. Hope this helps
  4. Hope this helps, Good luck getting a new computer
  5. coreys ring

    Okay thank you so much for your help
  6. coreys ring

    Thank you! do I just copy and paste the file into the folder? Thank you Do I just copy and paste this into the file that I am using?
  7. coreys ring

    Where do I find it and what is it called? Never mind ^-^' Insert other media Game.rxdata Thank you for letting me know
  8. coreys ring

    Do you mean the - rxdata Is this it? 982 - Alice - 48h 18m - 13 badges.rxdata
  9. coreys ring

    It's still in the item pocket but it has no number on it, would there be any problems if I see any of Corey's pokemon later in the game?
  10. I don't know if anyone can help, for some reason when I updated from ep15 to ep16 I was looking through my items and saw that Corey's ring was no longer able to be held by a pokemon anymore. Is there a glitch or problem? Is there a way to fix this?
  11. The other RP games did work. Thank you for your help, did delete .mid files from BMG and ME and it's working now
  12. Hi I have tried playing the game from the beginning but for some reason I cannot capture pokemon, it just freezes and a pop up shows that there is an error and that the game crashed and will need to close. Is there a way to fix this please?