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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. Teto


      Congratulations! You're the first ^^ thank you!

    2. LykosHand


      Oh nice to know 😄 and you're welcome 😉

  2. Teto

    Episode 18 Rainbow Team

    Seconding the question above, I really don't know how to counter your team, except by setting up sand or hail maybe. Did you have trouble against opponents in-game since the moment you were able to acquire this team? I mean, story-wise, you need to reach at least neo-Reborn in order to get most of your mons.
  3. As promised, fairies are back on track. And this Reborn run is kind of bullying them.

    1. seki108


      Dammit Reborn!


  4. Miss this run? Yes, no? Regardless of your answer, I would like to pursue it and share all the fun I'm having. I like to think that Corey was the early-game first true boss (even if Florinia gave me serious trouble). So, the previous posts could be called Season 1:"Lost Fairies". Season 2 would start now and the main gimmick of this part is that I will finally make use of a team of 6 pokemons. I may drop the title later. So, sit down and enjoy these apparently weak fairies proving that there should be underestimated (From now only, because let's be serious here, Popplio has done most of the work and saved the run countless times and he isn't a true fairy type yet. Is this following the true monotype rules? I hope so.)
  5. Teto

    Ground Gym Leader team i made

    This team is really interesting. With the terrain and some pokemons such as Gastrodon, the Water weakness is highly reduced. I would like to battle you some day. However, I'm really afraid of Grass and Ice moves now. That is why I would like to propose some changes. I feel pretty ironic because I would know your team regardless ^^ While I gave more thoughts to your team, I realized that your team is so slow and so bulky. Then, I saw Claydol and I screamed "OMG Trick Room". With Camerupt, and Steelix, the offensive power is present.
  6. Finally got accustomed to the new life, the new town and the new job (and got Internet too after two months).


    I'll get back to my monofairy run soon. You might expect even more Icy Wind spam during this Winter.

  7. Teto

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    Story-wise, the glass gauntlet is the best piece of staging in Reborn in my opinion. I was defeated during my first try against the last opponents (curse you Gear Grind miss three times in a row). I went to sleep and kept thinking about who the hell I had been fighting. There were a big smile in my face one hour later. And it's worth everything. Yeah it's difficult but "victory without risk brings triumph without glory". And we're acknowledged by everyone for this achievement. Don't complain yet because E19 will have tougher challenges.
  8. Teto

    Late Game Team Advise

    You can improve your team by giving them better natures in 7th street for almost free (farm some heart scales on Luvdiscs in Flore Mansion if necessary). What are your items by the way? In neo-Reborn, you can find good ones such as Choice items, Toxic Orb, Flame Orb (Alakazam could make good use of these two) ... I see that you have a lot of moves such as Fly, Waterfall and Surf. In the following battles you will encounter, you don't have to use these moves to reach bosses so I suggest considering other TM moves to fulfill your movesets. Concerning the pokemon, even if Primarina should be good with Liquid Voice in Double battles, I'd rather use Torrent and Hydro Pump. Nuking your enemies in one-hit is always a good choice. But again, you can change moves and abilities between battles. Additionnaly, I feel that Silvally could run utility moves such as Toxic and Parting Shot. Good luck! I don't think you'll have a lot of issues your team anyway!
  9. I really like this thread. I have really high expectations for the post-game teams of our Reborn Leaders (if there will actually be ones). With every move available and the terrain shenanigans, we can expect really interesting challenges. I put some thoughts to your Julia's team. I So I made a team without legendaries. We will miss the heavenly useful Tapu Koko (RIP the physical set with Brave Bird and Flyinium-Z) and the mighty Zapdos. But hey, maybe obtaining these guys will be part of a post-game side-quest that includes beating Julia again. Who knows ? Anyway, here is what I would do. Most of the team is the same because you did well. That was really enjoyable to think about.
  10. Walrein should tank some hits if you level him up. He learns Encore and Sheer Cold. If you suceed to Encore Mewtwo on Thunderbolt, you can go to Ampharos and use Thunder Wave on it.
  11. Teto

    Rank the worst puzzle this game has

    1. Amaria because it's pure memorizing 2. Torchic because it's impossible to know where to go next (same as Beldum but Beldum is a meme to me) 3. Iolia Valley (sorry not sorry if I spelled it wrong). Because it's tedious. I like Route 2 because we can jump in rythm with the music. Little guilty pleasures ^^
  12. Hello. You have good pokemons in your current team. The only problem is the moves that you use. Some pokemons just don't have the stats to use special moves. For example, Snorlax, Absol and Sandslash are physical pokemons. They won't be efficient if you use moves such as Frost breath, Shockwave, Charge beam or Flamethrower, which are good moves but special ones. Additionally, some of your team lacks STAB moves. I don't know if you're familiar with that term. But a Normal move used by a Normal pokemon will be enhanced by 50%. For example, Snorlax and Absol haven't any ... Here is my advice. Go to the Circus and use Heart Scales in order to teach your team old moves: Alolan Sandslash: Icicle Crash instead of Frost breath. The best physical ice move. Versus Blake who will set Hail, Sandslash will outspeed everyone with his ability. Fern's Grass types will be destroyed. Snorlax : Body Slam in priority then Crunch. You don't need Shockwave and Metronome. Snorlax win't make use of these moves. Druddigon: Surf and Flamethrower ain't very useful imo. You can try Superpower instead. Absol: This guy is very frail. You were talking about Mamoswine earlier and it will help with moves such as Earthquake and Icicle Crash. However, if you keep him, try using Sword Dance, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Psycho Cut and Detect (useful in double battles). Malamar is ok, especially if you spam Superpower with Contrary ability. you can replace Pluck with Light Screen or Reflect which can be useful in double battles too. Blastoise : Just use Hydro Pump instead of Waterfall (you can switch between Brick Break and Waterfall). Yes, it can miss but it's deadly powerful. If you're afraid of that, try an item that improve your accuracy. If you lack of Heart Scales, go to the mountain and mine some rocks. Good luck!
  13. Teto

    E18 Boss Stats and Wild Encounters

    It's clear. It's useful. It's well detailed. This is ART. Thank you so much.
  14. Teto

    In-Game Team Advice

    Quite an all-out attack team. I understand you had trouble, as sheer power doesn't like to take hits back. I think you should improve your offensive power in order to give no chances to your opponent to fight back. Just suggestions of course. Flygon should run a Dragon Dance + Outrage + Dragonium Z set. Otherwise, you can try Choice Band with U-Turn when it's available Z-Crystal or Life Orb on Volcarona. You can try a more bulky set with Def EV with Leftovers but Rocky Helmet won't help eitherway. You can try utility moves such as Toxic on Gengar or Toxic Spikes on Greninja because you have enough coverage with your attacks.
  15. Teto

    Talonflame vs Charizard In-Game

    There is Altaria in Route 1 too but it's still late.