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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. PokeFailure


      Thanks mate, you have a great holiday.

    2. LykosHand


      Thank you 🙂 and you're welcome 😉

  2. PokeFailure

    Your Thoughts on Mods

    I don't remember which mod had it but the one with the Debug menu was SO nice to have for specific runs and my Nuzlocke challenge. Mods are always going to be a tricky thing but they are such a nice thing to have, especially for the people like me who hate the grind when doing a new save file. Like I'll grind but if I need to train up a new team member because I'm stuck at a gym and I'm midway through the game (and the pokemon I caught is like 30+ levels below where they need to be) I'll just give myself the rare candies and do it that way.
  3. PokeFailure

    Discuss and Debate: Fan-games and Their Morality

    Nintendo makes literal billions(Give or take) from the Pokemon franchise every year so I think it's fine from a morality standpoint to make a free fun fan project that hurts no one(or Nintendo financially) by existing.
  4. PokeFailure

    Recommended the game for a friend and then...

    *Insert git gud meme here* As someone who struggled with Reborn early and realized "oh I have to actually put effort into this" you have to figure out how to cheese the field effects and figure out a way to cheese the battles. There are PLENTY of broken mechanics if you know how to do it, I'd say letting him discover them on his own will work the best. I mean Wonder Trading is basically like gambling and that's a great way to cheese through the game. If it ever gets to a point where he isn't enjoying the game, there's always that level 100 Legendary you could "Acquire" through the black market.
  5. PokeFailure

    How do you handle HM's in Reborn?

    Usually just have 2-3 dedicated HM servants who can take a hit or two.
  6. PokeFailure

    Superrod/ Simon questline issue

    Found out about the simon questline and I never started it, help? xD. Game.rxdata
  7. PokeFailure

    Missed super rod event (Ep.18)

    When you just realized you never got the superrod because you missed the simon event.....Help? here's my save file. Game.rxdata
  8. PokeFailure

    Trade Shiny for exp share.

    Just download sandbox mode and give yourself one.
  9. PokeFailure

    Smash Bros roster predictions

    I think we'll get cheap easy echos like Shadow, Rex/Pyra, The Octolings as DLC characters. They'll dump all the ones we care about in the game, some if not all of the cosmetic echo fighters will be DLC.
  10. PokeFailure

    Favourite witness(es) from Spirit of Justice

    The DLC characters are the woooorst. Rayfa is amazing and that's about it.
  11. PokeFailure

    The World's Only Spinda Apologist

    Welcome to reborn, enjoy being a lurker with an account. Makes it so much easier to lurk and keep track of things. Just don't follow 1000 threads.
  12. Woooo when can we expect a releas- *gets struck by lightning* Hope life is treating you well mate.
  13. PokeFailure

    Easiest way to grind money as of episode 18?

    I just swap between E16 and E18 with the PR mod menu and give myself $$$. Amulet coin and the grand hall trainers are your best bet if you can find one you're aces at beating.
  14. PokeFailure

    I haven't played for a few years.

    There have been so many changes since that point that I'm not sure it's possible. I think you can skip a few episodes if you save in pokemon centers but you'd definitely have to download E13 again and figure out where you can save up to get to E18. I'd also backup your current savefiles before attempting to start up new episodes that way you're not screwed.
  15. 1. Reborn since E18 came out and the new content should keep you pretty busy, might even be worth a new playthrough since it's been a few years. 2. Insurgence since it's actually complete and is pretty good overall, has a darker plot as well. Need to finish it myself but E18>Insurgence right now. 3. Rejuvenation is very good and IMO should be above insurgence but it's not done yet so I'll slot it below the Insurgence. 4. Desolation, I'm behind on that by....I wanna say a year but it was damn good. 5. Pokemon Spork - Spork is amazing for the memes and dankness but the story is pretty good, and the "CHOOSE ANY STARTER" thing is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. 6. Pokemon Uncensored - If you want a dark pokemon game set in gen 1 with crude humor this is the game for you. 100%ed and I have almost no regrets about it. There's also Phoenix rising that just came out but that was kinda light on content and while it was good it's nowhere near done, I'd say go for a complete game if you prefer so you can dive into Rejuvenation, Desolation etc at a later date with more content to make that playthrough more fun.