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  1. Hackmons Cup is the best Pokemon format in existence. 

  2. Okay so I managed to beat the Robin-F Hard map, although I spent almost the whole 50 stamina doing so. I ended up using my +Def Julia who is honestly a godsend, Takumi, and Femui with dance support from Azura (Olivia works in her place since she never saw any combat). Julia went out and fired off some damage at the axe user after receiving the +attack buff from Corrin. Takumi stood adjacent, blocking the area my units come from. He is -Res, so I have to play him carefully here. Corrin stands by behind him to be able to support more next turn, Azura doing the same. Enemy phase: Axe user advances on Julia and deals a lot of damage, but she lives fairly comfortably. The mages advance and deal damage to Takumi and Julia, but the mages take the brunt of the exchange. From there, Takumi polished off Robin, Julia executed a mage, Corrin killed the Lancer, and Takumi killed the axe-man and the remaining mage with a dance from Azura. Bam. Although tbh, Robin-F probably wasn't worth the effort to get her, but hey, limited characters are limited characters, right?
  3. Every gym around me is Valor and the world is as it should be.

    1. Ojama Brown

      Ojama Brown

      cracks knuckles


      instinct represent buddy

  4. Often times the AI will simply go for the highest base power move. It's why sometimes pokemon will go for Solar Beam when the sun isn't up and when attacking a Grass/Poison type. When the AI doesn't factor in type resistances, it will simply attempt to go for the most powerful attack. Since Explosion is 250 base power and Stone Edge is only 100, the AI simply tried to go for what it saw as the more "powerful" move.
  5. My first *4 I moved up to *5 (yes, past tense) was Corrin-F. I enjoy running a lot of mages and destroying teams from a far, so Corrin is an excellent asset for that. She is all about debuffing foes. After combat, she gives the person she was engaged with -7 Resistance and if she initiates comabt she gives all nearby enemy units -5 Attack and Speed for the next turn. Couple that with her being a blue unit that can at least halt the advance of the numerous reds out there and decent bulk, she seemed like the best option for me. Julia and Leo especially love to abuse the lower enemy Resistance and Speed, greatly increasing their damage and sometimes letting Leo double a foe when he otherwise would not have. Furthermore, she boosts the Attack of adjacent allies, meaning that, due to resistance debuff and the attack increase, one of my mages can potentially do +12 damage for every attack they get in. So my team atm is Takumi/Leo, Julia, Corrin-F, and Lucina, although idk if I will keep Takumi or Leo on there. Takumi is generally better for certain sticky situationz with fliers, but Leo can help with my Kagero weakness. I am also training up Azura, Camilla, and Lyn simply because I have them and I might as well have all my *5s at 40.
  6. So I ended up pulling *5 Julia this morning and I have to say that while she is not anywhere near the hilarious level of broken she is in FE4, she is a potent unit in this as well. I haven't finished raising her to level 40 yet, but her stats are still quite impressive. At level 32, mine has 33 HP, 42 Attack, 23 Speed, 16 Defence, and 30 Resistance. Biggest standouts are obviously what Naga holy blood specializes in, Attack (Magic) and Resistance. If you want a unit to destroy enemy mages, she is a solid pick. Plus, her tome is effective against Dragons, meaning she can decimate Tiki, Corrin (F), and Fae, all of whom are normally rather annoying. One of the nicest things about her though is definitely her C Skill, Breath of Life, which restores HP to adjacent units after every time you attack with Julia (up to 7 HP per unit). It seems like it would be easy to pair with Azura, Takumi, and maybe Lilina for a potent ranged offensive force which utilizes Sing for either healing and damage from Julia or straight up offense from one of the others. Another option for partners would be Leo, since he can slow the advance of enemies with his tome, letting you put a fat unit in front while you shoot them from behind/
  7. I swear, Jakob's Fire Emblem: Heroes art makes him look literally insane. His gaze makes me uncomfortable. Just compare it to his Fates art and boy oh boy is there a difference.

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    2. Fabled Asian

      Fabled Asian

      That's what I was thinking too when I first saw him

    3. Inactivity


      While I don't like Fates, I like Jakob's character. Then again, his Heroes art makes me not want to use him.. he looks like a serial killer, or something. (Which he technically is, I guess.) On another note, I really love Camus' art for Heroes. Hope they'll make him playable at some point. I love the desperate look on his face, it's so out-of-character.

    4. AuthorReborn


      Camus will probably end up in a similar boat to Narcian, where there is a difficult limited event for him. 

      Also, I probably wouldn't use Jakob in Heroes either, but I ended up pulling a *5 of him today while going for the new Heroes, so I am going to give him a shot. So far tho, ranged characters + Azura is pretty damn hard to beat.

  8. how to use Vespiqueen effectively
  9. "Wait For It" from Hamilton is my favorite song to listen to while I play strategy games. 

  10. How exactly do type berries, like Yache or Charti Berries, interact with multi-hit moves? Does it reduce the damage for every attack or just the first one one? As an example, if you gave a Swampert a Rindo Berry and it was hit by a Bullet Seed, would the Rindo berry reduce the damage done by each of the up to five hits or would it only reduce the damage of the first seed to strike? 

    1. InnocentSerenity


      I believe it only affects the first hit, similar to Focus Sash.

  11. Oh okay then. I must have missed that when I glanced over initially. My apologies.
  12. For Incineroar, I would recommend going fully physical. It has very nice Attack and eh special attack, so it's better to capitalize on what is better. Darkest Lariat is fine as is. I would recommend Flare Blitz (lvl 55) or Flame Charge (TM 43) to have a nice, strong physical Fire STAB move. A set-up move like Bulk Up or Swords Dance can be utilized to great effect (I used Bulk Up when I played through Moon) to help it sweep. For the last move, I like Leech Life to hit other dark types hard and have some nice recovery because I am stingy and don't want to spend my hard earned Pokedollars on potions. Arcanine could use Leftovers just for some extra health back. Maybe run something like Extreme Speed on it over Crunch since you already have a dark type on your team? Agility seems like a fun in-game option. You might consider Wild Charge (TM 93) as a better move than Outrage on it just to handle weaknesses a bit better. For GenVIBirb, that set seems OK. You've already got multiple fire types, so you don't need the coverage from Flare Blitz or anything like that. Bulk Up is an option over SD if you want to be a bit bulkier, but other than that, it should be OK for in-game. Don't forget about Accelerock Lycanrock-Midday though, because that will still one-shot you. Um, Fearow doesn't learn Smart Strike according to Bulbapedia and Serebii. I'll just assume you got it mixed up with Steel Wing. Anyways, without changing it to a different Pokemon, all I'd say is add on Drill Run instead of Agility to let it hurt Steel-types for SE damage. Parasect is neat. Fury Cutter is nice for in-game. Leech Life might be better than Growth tho, since you can already increase in power through Fury Cutter and Leech Life gives you delicious HP. It's hard to say what to do with Mudsdale without knowing if it had Stamina. If it does, then remove Iron Defense for something like Superpower or Counter because you don't need extra defense boosts. High Horsepower is mostly useless in singles, so I would consider dropping that for Rest just to abuse its bulk a bit more or one of the aforementioned moves. For the lion, you could run EQ over Crunch or Cosmic Power for extra coverage or a fire/rock move. Your choice, but it does work best as a physical attacker. Hope this helps, I tried to leave your mons as intact as possible while helping them use their movepools to the best of their abilities.
  13. You might wanna take a look over some of those teams again for unavailable mega stones, since not all the XY and ORAS Mega stones are in SuMo. For example, Altarianite, Medichamite, Aggronite, and Galladite are all presently unobtainable in Gen VII. The teams themselves look fun, though.
  14. how to beat baton pass
  15. Nintendo saw everyone fantasizing about No Guard Fissure Machamp and completely prevented it by giving all Pokemon transferred from Gen I games their Hidden Ability (Machamp's is steadfast). And in case you are wondering, Ability Capsules don't work on Pokemon with HAs. 

    1. pyrromanis


      It was people's fault cause instead of speculating they said it will definately happen! We didn't even know how the gen1 mons will be compatible with gen7 and they were saying "this will happen for sure, missigno in gen 7" etc. etc.
      Heck, Gamefreak could easily give each pokemon trash IVs but I never saw anyone saying that...

    2. Ikaru


      Pokemon still had DVs back then that ranged from 1-15. I don't know how that translated into the new games, but abilities didn't exist it all. I don't think that's comparable.

    3. Ikaru


      er, at all.