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  1. Furfrou is low-key a very solid Pokemon. It's fun to use on occasions like this one.
  2. Why does Showdown even include the option to check the Unrated Random Battles ladder? 

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    2. bobthebobby


      no clue but if you click it it says no players have play ranked i think its just how the website is designed

    3. AuthorReborn


      all I'm trying to say is it's a silly thing to have the option to check a rating that doesn't exist. 

    4. bobthebobby
  3. Man, I just love Roserade in draft leagues. It's so nice being able to have a different 90 BP coverage move of your choosing every battle. It's an excellent Steel-type lure. 

  4. The Other Meta of the Month, Full Potential, is completely insane. I encourage you all to try it before the end of the month. 

  5. Sigh, I wish Bulletproof blocked things like Fire Blast, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon. 

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    2. AuthorReborn


      Eh, it's not so much localization problems as it is just general inconsistencies. Flash Cannon in Japanese is Luster Cannon, so the problem remains. 

    3. AuthorReborn


      Although I do agree Beak Blast is a better name in general. 

    4. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      The difference in cannons might be one is firing a solid projectile while the other fires just energy.

  6. No one remembers Izana or Yukimura, RIP.
  7. While I do appreciate the buffs to older Pokemon that arrived with Sun and Moon, it does somewhat stretch the limit of which Pokemon can be salvaged by slapping Quiver Dance on there. 

    1. IntSys


      Heh, Quiver Dance Wormadam.

  8. not going to lie, Specs Swellow is a lot of fun to use this generation. 

  9. I'm making teams for a draft league that I signed up for, but I am rather unconfident in my own skills as a teambuilder. Would anyone be interested in critiquing some of the teams I design? I would rather not do an RMT on it because it opens up the potential for my opponent to see the team in advance due to public access. If you are interested, just shoot me a PM. If not, no sweat, you do you. 


  10. Time to raise up a new Lissa to give her Renewal to Femui. I swear, this Heroes update is bonkers. 

  11. so I somehow ended up with Ninian and Jaffar (idk how, but it happened). My impressions are pretty straight-forward so far. Ninian: She is like a strange mix of Corrin (F) and Azura. She has the dancing utility of azure and also buffs for her team through her weapon and another skill. Her weapon is Light Breath, which increases the Def/Res of adjacent units by +4 for their next action. Her other noteworthy skill is Fortify Defense, which becomes Fortify Dragons at the final tier. Similar to the calvary, flier, and armor versions, it grants adjacent dragon allies +6 Def/Res for their next action. This creates and interesting question of synergy, as despite their common weaknesses, it would seem like Corrin (F) would be one of her best natural partners. Corrin's debuffs partnered with Ninian's buffs could potentially result in significantly less damage coming towards you. Of course, they still get thrashed by Julia and Falchion users, so maybe Lililna or Tharja would be good there to nuke them from afar. Jaffar: He is oozing excess offense. There is no reason for him to have so much offensive pressure. To start with, his weapon, Deathly Dagger. Deathly Dagger takes the normal dagger debuff to the next level with -7 on each defensive stat, plus an additional 7 damage will be dealt if the unit initiates the attack (similar to Poison Strike from Fates). Already that makes him incredibly threatening since he can deal a reliable 7 chip damage while removing a sizeable portion of a unit's defenses. But here's where it gets to be a little too much: his skills. Life and Death 3 grants Jaffar an extra 5 Attack and Speed at the cost of the same amount of defenses. This already guarantees he will at least outspeed, and in many cases, double other units, but, as if that wasn't offensive enough, he then has Threaten Speed. Basically, he has a very high chance of outspeeding foes, doubling them, stripping away their defenses, and then dealing a set amount of damage to even the most defensive of targets. He is quite the definitive glass cannon, however, so if you can get the jump on him with a dancer+flier, or luring him out with a Hector or something, you should be fine. I do shudder to think about which units people will end up inheriting his skills over to.
  12. Fun fact, with the removal of HMs in SuMo, Cut is now Kartana's signature move. That's right, the infamously awful Cut can now be exclusively learned by an Ultra Beast with 181 base attack.

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    2. Wolfox Glace
    3. AuthorReborn


      @Swampellow it is still the only Pokemon capable of learning the move in Sun and Moon, making it a signature move. 

    4. Swampellow


      True enough.


  13. Yeah, Gaiden is a very different game from every other game in the series. Later games incorporate other elements from it, like split army management (FE10) and monster fighting (FE8, FE13-14 in some ways), but it definitely shouldn't be one of the first games you play simply because it will give you a very different impression of what the series is like. Personally, I played Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (the eighth game in the series), also known as FE8) as my first game based on recommendations from folks here on Reborn as well. It is a very forgiving entry that lets you grind up your units if you need to be stronger to beat a specific chapter (and also provides a host of over-powered characters for you to use). If you are looking to just put your toes in the water to check how you fare, The Sacred Stones is a very solid option. Other good starting options are Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (the seventh overall game in the series, but the first released outside of Japan, where it was simply called "Fire Emblem") and Fire Emblem: Awakening (13th overall game, 6th outside of Japan). Blazing Blade is a straight-forward game which includes a tutorial mode that spans the first 10 Chapters of the game, so this is a helpful tool for jumping into the series. Awakening has an extraordinarily forgiving Casual Mode (which prevents the series' hallmark Permadeath feature from taking place), a built-in Guide feature, and several tutorial levels as well. It also includes opportunities for grinding your units into the most broken characters in the series. So to surmise my recommendations for your first game: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (FE8) Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade/Fire Emblem (FE7) Fire Emblem: Awakening (FE13)

    Ah, the joy that is Google trying to translate Japanese websites. 


    That's the Offical Nintendo Thracia 776 website, in case you're wondering. 

  15. Hackmons Cup is the true test of a player's luck skill. Totally. Edit: I wasn't planning on adding another reply here, but this game was too good to not share. Warning: there is some Hackmons Cup Stall in this one.