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  1. I feel like asking this tbh. Just to see if there are others that would be interested, since I do need two more people for it. I am looking for two people to take the roles of Marcus Adams and Delilah Hendrix in my Ace Attorney RP.

  2. tfw you remember something you had planned on doing, but never got around to it, because you were caught up in something else.

    1. PedroHenrique


      Every. Goddamn. Time

  3. I'm just gonna pop in here, since I just found it and haven't posted in a while. Trenches - Pop Evil
  4. mfw Julia's gonna be ded :c Why do you people not like the peppiness of her upbeat attitude?
  5. Heal Volkner, Hurt Fantina (Can we not pick on the leaders that most people like? What does everyone have against the cool bro?) Candice: 17 Fantina: 17 Roark: 18 Volkner: 7
  6. Heal Julia, Hurt Amaria Amaria: 9Julia: 10Shelly: 5
  7. Hurt Charlotte, Heal Shelly Amaria: 12Cain: 5Charlotte: 2Julia: 10Shelly: 9
  8. Heal Volkner, Hurt Gardenia Candice: 17 Fantina: 21 Gardenia: 2 Roark: 18 Volkner: 13
  9. Execute Wake, Heal Volkner Candice: 17Crasher Wake: 0Fantina: 19Gardenia: 10Roark: 18Volkner: 18
  10. Heal Julia, Hurt Amaria Amaria: 10 Cain: 9 Charlotte: 8 Julia: 11 Shelly: 10
  11. If I could find a Bibarel in Reborn, definitely naming it after you m8
  12. Heal Volkner, Hurt Wake Candice: 17 Crasher Wake: 3 Fantina: 25 Gardenia: 10 Roark: 18 Volkner: 16
  13. Hurt Adrienn, Heal Julia Adrienn: 2Amaria: 10Cain: 12Charlotte: 11Julia: 14Shelly: 9
  14. BRAY WYATT IS YOUR NEW WWE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Heal Volkner, Hurt Gardenia Candice: 20Crasher Wake: 10Fantina: 28Gardenia: 10Roark: 17Volkner: 15