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  1. I mean some of us play our own music for our battles, so it's not that hard to do.
  2. Not necessarily, I'm potentially waiting to see if we can get one more, because I don't want to be swamped in playing both the judge and an NPC.
  3. Just asking is fine. I'll update the roles
  4. Ahem, I've taken the time to think this over and I'm reopening this thread for two more people that want the remaining roles.
  5. I'm just actually wanting to get around to the Ace Attorney RP if everyone involved is still wanting to do it, since I have been busy with the Redemption League and haven't had any real time to get it prepared.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      I'll take Marcus Adams, then. Do you have an overview on what his role is?

    3. Captain Breakfast

      Captain Breakfast

      The character overviews are here.

      @Mr. Divergent

    4. Mr. Divergent
  6. Someone send help. I can't log on to the showdown server :c

    1. The Caveman
    2. Sparky


      Bibs pls, it's not funny :c

  7. Shadow Tack mah boi, it's been far too long. I might've forgotten about ya, because of life. We must welcome back the leader of the fuck everything cult
  8. New cards for you restarters comin in Alex Amine Bibs Cobalt Cyanna DW Inno Mr. Divergent Nagisa Hideyoshi Pyrrhon St3ffo Vince
  9. Cyczer DeeEmZee DreamblitzX HUEnd Juniper Kamina Kiri-kun Lightseeker MonoComplex Shing Shingo/Ice Braand Stryker Wendel
  10. This status flood tho

  11. I feel like asking this tbh. Just to see if there are others that would be interested, since I do need two more people for it. I am looking for two people to take the roles of Marcus Adams and Delilah Hendrix in my Ace Attorney RP.

  12. tfw you remember something you had planned on doing, but never got around to it, because you were caught up in something else.

    1. PedroHenrique


      Every. Goddamn. Time

  13. I'm just gonna pop in here, since I just found it and haven't posted in a while. Trenches - Pop Evil
  14. mfw Julia's gonna be ded :c Why do you people not like the peppiness of her upbeat attitude?
  15. Heal Volkner, Hurt Fantina (Can we not pick on the leaders that most people like? What does everyone have against the cool bro?) Candice: 17 Fantina: 17 Roark: 18 Volkner: 7