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  1. For the first time in seven years, I actually have a normalized sleep schedule. Honestly, I feel a hell of a lot better than I did as a result.

    There's also the bonus of having time to do things around the apartment, and listen to my backlog of new music releases.

  2. Bearadactyl Prime

    Getting a New Laptop for Black Friday

    What is your definition of breaking your wallet? You can definitely find a laptop with better specs than that nowadays for not too much, but a limit would be nice to help you find something. Without any idea of what is breaking your wallet, on of the best laptops I can find; period; at what I'd call a "lower" price range would be this: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Display-A12-9720P-Bluetooth-Earphone/dp/B0748YG81P If you need anything cheaper, I would go with the one below. https://www.amazon.com/Performance-HP-Dual-Core-Processor-Bluetooth/dp/B07BS2B8DY
  3. Bearadactyl Prime

    Are thumbstick grip and thumbgrip the same thing?

    The terms are used interchangeably, and though there are some brands with better quality; at the end of the day a thumb grip is just a piece of rubber that might be attached to a piece of plastic. I wouldn't buy them in bulk, though, the ones you buy in bulk for a lower price are usually noticeably lower quality from the others. Outside of that there isn't a whole lot of difference minus a few personal preferences like fit or slight durability differences. Orb is okay if you just want a cheap rubber cover over your control sticks. Kontrol Freek generally have a higher quality and fit on to your control sticks with actual plastic caps with a rubber coating on top, I got a pair of Kontrol Freek CQC grips due to them being low profile and not actual extensions when the grips on my old 360 controller finally shredded. They lasted a couple of years before wearing down. Insten is probably the best brand for lower price rubber covers, though. They're noticeably thicker and fit on more snugly than other brands I've messed with, though again they're all basically just rubber/silicone molds. Insten is the brand I'd go with if you just want to drop around $5-$7 and not much more.
  4. Bearadactyl Prime

    Your team going into version 11

    I'll be rolling with a team of favourites: Ursaring, Alolan Muk, Beartic, Talonflame, Beheeyem, and Seismitoad.
  5. Thirty hours of no sleep later...

  6. So, when did the internet decide feelings are bad?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bearadactyl Prime

      Bearadactyl Prime

      And, that implies I am the problem; which is the exact opposite of how it should be handled. And, it isn't just online sites and communities. It's online games and such as well, so should I or others stop doing what they enjoy because of toxicity? It's just short of, if not outright victim blaming.

      And, as shocking as it may seem; there are people who say these things and aren't trolling. This whole, people being outright rude and harsh thing being generalized as trolling is a bad standard and precedent.

      But, as I said, I am not arguing this because it is a waste of energy.

    3. Zander


      Hmm well okay then. These people are trolls though and many platforms do have them which is why not talking on such applications is generally recommend for a decent gaming experience.

    4. Clownmeme Alter Santa Lexi

      Clownmeme Alter Santa Lexi

      Well you don't have to don't have to be rude. If you don't feel like continuing the discussion, that's more than fine, but I really don't appreciate your condescending

  7. Bearadactyl Prime

    Graphical Settings Reborn

    Honestly there isn't much you can do outside of maybe experimenting with the F1 menu, it's going to be mostly PC dependent; including what you may or may not have running in the background. Even then, in some spots it might not necessarily be your PC; Reborn still needs a bit of optimization work, but that's potentially entirely limited by RPGMaker, it's engine, and Pokémon Essentials; so that's to be expected. I have a pretty good gaming PC, and even it chugs some in particularly dense places. You could try adjusting Reborn's priority with the Task Manager, that could help. As could adjusting the screen size via the menu.
  8. So, Pokémon on the Switch is a massive disappointment. Guess they still haven't gotten the point.

    1. seki108


      Well, the core games for Switch aren't coming until 2019, so there might be hope still



  9. It's a good feeling to feel like you have your life together for once. You know, it's like this heavy weight I've carried for years is just... Gone. I have people in my life who accept me for who I am now, and things are relatively stable. I don't have to hide anymore, and honestly that's one of the best feelings ever.

  10. Oh boy, I get to experience having a wisdom tooth removed next week.

    1. seki108


      For me personally, it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be,  though I did get all 4 removed at once so I only ever it happen once........I might not remember it as clearly

  11. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  12. I wonder when exactly it became socially acceptable to praise toxic behaviour in online gaming.

    1. Archeric


      it is?

    2. Lancer


      it isnt, but some people like to hide behind the thing of "its the internet so suck it up". those people are also generally asshats, so whoop-di-doo.

  13. Depression is hard.

  14. I wonder how far I could get with a team comprised of Beartic, Bewear, Ursaring, Snorlax and two others. Probably Alolan Muk and Talonflame.

    1. Candy


      I thought you were going for a beary interesting run, but A-muk and Talonflame don't go with the theme... bear with me for a sec here. What about you add Pangoro to the list?

    2. Bearadactyl Prime

      Bearadactyl Prime

      I forgot Pangoro existed for a minute, honestly, lmao. Though, I'd still need A-Muk for the sake of Poison being my favourite type.