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Scorbunny: Now you might think I'm crazy for putting scorbunny over torchic but hear me out, it is basically like if greninja and blaziken fused together.

Scorbunny is almost always good in every battle because it actually has a great movepool to abuse even early game, the only one it really isn't that good is against valarie and even then, poison sweep can help a little against primarina if you are feeling lazy. Obviously it isn't Incineroar or anything but it is decent in doubles as well.



Torchic: It is a pretty brainless mon, get a mon which you semi wall, set screens, bulk up, gg. It is pretty reliable and usually basically carries all the mid game single battles.



Mudkip: Decent mon with no big weaknesses, Mega Swampert is decent as well in rain, it does have tough competition but being a ground type gives it a good niche there.


Poplio: Not really that strong on paper but fairy typing is kinda just op, dealing with special dragons aswell as dark and ground types is quite good


Chimchar: Is a good pokemon with a really nice special movepool, really solid in many fights, also gets a nice support movepool for doubles.


Litten: A very strong pokemon especially in doubles, it can still hold itself in singles with intimidate being great in the early game where most mons are physical.



Totodile: Completely busted with its crest, decent without it but kind of outclassed without. Still ok with DD.


Grookey: It is Super Powerful and has great moves like knock, would probably be the best if we could get Grassy Glide

Fennekin: A quite underrated starter that is overall quite strong and psychic stab makes it threatening



Bulbasaur: Good in sun, meh without it but usable, has sleep powder + other cheese moves to braindead spam.

Piplup: Steel is always a great type to be especially when you get it as a starter, kinda like primarina without HA  and steel for fairy.


Froakie: Super bad in the early game, pretty good in the late game especially with mat block and happy hour.


Chikorita: Same as above but also has cheese to spam like bulbasaur but is worse than froakie in the early game. Crest saves it from being irrelevant.



Cyndaquil: Kinda useless crest aside from slash and burn, Eruption is very threatening with flash fire and tailwind in doubles, sun? GG. It does take a village to make it work +.


Squirtle: Now this kinda depends on if you have the mega stone, if you do squirtle is probably S+ and easily the best mon to literally sweep in the whole game after you get it.

Now you can only get it in V12 sooo.


Turtwig: Decent crest ground typing is good with the crest if no crest pretty good still, decently good support as well.


Snivy: Has contrary, useless until that and decent after that, unfortunately steel spam does make less viable.


Sobble: Has u turn, great speed  and sp attack, sucker punch helps aswell, pretty ok mon with petaya + sub to sweep.



Charmander: Pretty outclased sun abuser as well as sweeper with belly drum, gonna be a beast when it's mega comes out. For now mostly outclassed by typhlosion and blaziken respectively.


Tepig: Ok mon with good attacks and nothing more.


Rowlet: Rowlet is pretty outclassed especially cause no poltergiest and low speed.


Treecko:Can't really take advantage of its speed cause no swords dance and no sleep. kinda just does nothing.


Chespin: Has a decent fighting type and spiky shield added. Again no sleep makes it unviable.


Oshowatt: Pretty useless and not much more to say, Crest is cool but not that useful 





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4 hours ago, NerfCaulifla said:

Cinderace with Libero trips really hard enemy's AIs and can access to many moves, like Sucker Punch or Bounce. Greninja with Protean too but too poor.

Yea especially cause it gets type immunity moves that are actually good as well, gren kinda needs hidden power for this.

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