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Pokémon Forêt Éternelle

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Hello trainer and welcome on the Forêt Éternelle (FR) fangame! 🌲

A 2D Pokémon game created by fans... for fans.


Play now


The game is still in development. You can follow us on social medias to know when the game will be released. Please make sure to check that page too.



Game Engine: LiteRGSS (Ruby 2.5.0)
Default screen size: 1280x720
Sound: FMOD
Map Editor: Tiled
Event Editor: RPG Maker XP
Database Editor: RubyHost

Main characters





Pokémon starters



Smettle, Pachyball & Squini
Which one will you choose?






Game Features

720p Screen Resolution: Game’s UI are made in a 720p screen’s resolution.
Better Graphics: Due to the screen’s resolution, we will have to work on bigger assets then improving them.
New Pokémon: Forêt Éternelle has a brand new Pokémon generation with 179 Fakemon. Pokémon will now evolve during a battle if they reach the proper level.
Main Menu like old RPG ones.
PokéNav: Very early in the game, the player has a device that combines several features.
Karma: The player's choices & the completed quests allow the player to vary (in positive as in negative) his Karma rate.
AI & Difficulty: It’s important to remember that the game will be more strategic. Trainers’ classes influence the AI’s reactivity & logic.
Many Side Quests: Side quests that give your more content & strengthen the Lore of our little monsters.
Misc.: The game will have some classic features too like Running shoes, Fishing, Pokéblocs, Hoenn's contests & many more...

Follow us


Follow us on the medias for upcoming news & more visuals!




Game Credits


Credits of the game

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Hey Pokéfans! We're proud to reveal to you the Forêt Éternelle Kanto region's World Map you'll use in the first demo! Hope you'll enjoy it! 😄




🖥 Jayzon & Aerun
©️ Forêt Éternelle

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Hey trainers! We're proud to release the first fully live recorded song by Kunning Fox for Forêt Éternelle! 🦊




👉https://soundcloud.com/foreteternelle/capturing-a-wild-beast-foret-eternelle 👈

Make sure to follow & support him: Follow KunningFox 👍


This is a revised version of the Wild! Battle Theme that Kunning Fox wrote for the game.


Special thanks for the incredible performance to the following artists:

Strings (Violins, Violas, Celli): Elizabeth Lister - Twitter
Brass (Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns): Will Allen Jr. - Youtube
Woodwinds (Piccolo, Flute): Davide Bonomo - Youtube
Piano: Kirill (k33rya) - Instagram
Harp: Lishan Tan - Youtube
Bass & Rhythm Guitars: Artem (boor_metal) - Fiverr
Drumkit: Silvio Centamore - Youtube
Glockenspiel & Timpani: Elisa Lencioni - Fiverr


See you soon for some game characters release! 🌲

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Hey trainers ! 🌲

A small overview of the work done last months:

🔹 Big step forward on the Main Menu programming. As a reminder, we have a single block menu with 13 different interfaces, like classic RPGs. Main ones are there, and are working well. Our programmers are geniuses!

🔹 With Jayzon, we worked on the User Experience (UX) of interfaces. We mainly use green & yellow, and we wanted to work on accessibility, especially for people with color blindness. A very good way to improve readability, colors, contrast. Many interfaces are already created, so it was only a matter of replacing resources, and possibly adjusting things.

🔹 Regarding graphics resources, when we decide to go on a larger resolution (720p), that requires adaptations. But we have made great progress! You've already had a large overview of the Characters & Pokémon made by the team, but what about internal resources? Our Pixel Artists did a great job too! You'll find just after the resource percentages of the elements found in the demo.

📦 100% of the items menu icons.
🦋 91% of the Official Pokémon sprites & 86% of the Fakemon ones.
🐌 40% of the Pokémon menu icons.
🐾 0% of the Fakemon's overworlds. Starters are coming!

🔹 Event Making already well started! Maps have been done with Tiled, so let's go! We are therefore at more than 70% of the main plot's Event Making. We will make side quests & NPC just after that.

We'll continue to work with the goal of having a fully functional Main Menu for March. Then things will follow! 😄
In any case, alpha is coming. Brace yourselves. ❄️

The Forêt Éternelle team 🌲

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Hey Pokémaniacs! HERE WE ARE! 
We're glad to show you the new designs of heroes you'll be playing in Forêt Éternelle!

Now they are revealed, will you play the girl, Yana 💙 or the boy, Swan? ❤️






🖌️ TheFearFear

💻 Aerun
©️ Forêt Éternelle 🌲

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9 times outta 10 in pokemon games i play as a female and this game will be no exception to that


also i forget if it was asked or mentioned but are the main character gonna follow the iconic "silent protagonist" trope or will they actually speak?

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The overall aesthetic of the game kinda reminds me of Phoenix Rising, which I really enjoyed

Let's just hope that it takes less than 3 years for another update for this game to come out lmao

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Thanks a lot! Of course that takes a lot of time to create a game. We're working slowly but surely for the first demo to come. The main goal is to keep subsequent redesigns to a minimum so that updates are just content updates. :)

We have a lot of graphic assets to do, but for now the biggest part is the programmation of the UI & Systems :)

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Hey trainers!

Today, we're proud to reveal to you the very famous Red, which you'll be able to meet during your journey on Forêt Éternelle.
New format, new character! We hope you'll enjoy this video:




🖌️ Mikado - https://twitter.com/twisted_limbo
🎹 EthilielGautier - https://soundcloud.com/ethiliel-gautier/
🖥️ Aerun
©️ Forêt Éternelle

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