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Virtual Elite Four


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I think there have been a few people talk about this one issue; basically when you're fighting the virtual elite four, you're fighting with your own team on a normal field instead of a glitch field.

However, there's  been a problem with mine? I rearranged my team before going into the fight but after I won, my team got deleted and got replaced with my old team, meaning that now I have a copy of everyone on my old team while my original team that I used to fight the E4 with is now deleted. is there anyway of fixing this? 

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I'll try to explain this as best I can since I'm vaguely familiar with how this works. So to swap teams the team file has to be stored somewhere which we'll call team A.


Team a = Var1


Team a is supposed to be refreshed and saved over before replacing with a substitute team from the virtual league choices. Team B is set in stone so it doesn't matter and doesn't need to save. What happened after the first fight seems to have skipped refreshing that variable with a new Team which we'll call Team C. So when the fight is done everything goes back to normal and the code goes to say to load the Var1 for your team. So instead of having Team C you'd get the old team back. What happened to team C? Pretty much where team B went. Gone with the wind.


And as for what to do, get a backup save. Pronto. There's no way to recover those lost mons otherwise. I opened up my own version of the game...and I forgot mine is as old as dirt. I actually don't have the changed version of the Virtual League as the version I have you fight all 5 battles in a row (with healing). Pretty much looked at it, turned around, and walked away. If someone wants to throw me map 266, I can probably do some kind of fix since I'm guessing it's just missing some call commands.


tl;dr: Game bork. Load backup save. Someone remind me tomorrow night and I'll see what's going on. Until then, don't finish quest.

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