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  1. I remember that, but I think she said something similar too, maybe I'm wrong...I played that chapter quite some times. Still, Aelita having that potential is...uhm...a bit unlogical. I understand her curse, but still.
  2. In Ch15, Erin stated that MC and Aelita are the ones with most "high results" in the gang and being the strongest. Since, for me, it's hard that Aelita is strong as MC, I did a meme about what Erin thought. Spoilers ahead.
  3. Casual Mode has enemy's mons more underleved than Reborn Style, never surpassing the level cap, exception for some lore-battles. Plus, some main characters will have less mons (Gym leaders for example) or different mons. And some equiped items are removed. Still, it's not super easy.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's her unique encounter before main story and gives 1 rp for her.
  5. Now that this mon is obtainable in early game, I found it pretty useful, thanks to the ability Shadow Tag and many other moves, like Charm and Calm Mind. Plus, I found her pretty bulky in some battles. I never was annoyed using this mon.
  6. Ooooh Zeight, interesting... Erin's art is awesome!
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. SoulOfGenji
    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome! 

  8. Chapter 15: Alexandra: "We think MC was the one who make the reset." Literally everyone: *glance at MC* MC: Ayo, I literally saved your world many times, stop watching me! Still everyone: *pressed X for doubt*
  9. I have the distinct feeling Huey's role is almost over, so I don't think he's the fourth soul. Even because he's not so powerful after all. Maybe it's someone so foreshadowed that it's hard to guess.
  10. The first piece was also Arceus and since all of the three pieces were shown to be three Arceus, that means the MC got "an" Arceus inside. The problem is: what power truly it has? The first one has the Archetype, but about the second one... I'm still blocked. Interceptor's power came from Adrest or it's completely independant? Let me explain: We know that Adrest's soul was fused with MC in the first reset of the World, or it's almost sure it's a fact. But also we know that MC is just an entity from another world who was called by Variya to "substitute" "choosen MC" to be the Interceptor in their original body, revived by Crescent. In the Nightmare Realm, NPC MC told us they got 50% of Interceptor's powers, meaning the MC never shown their full potential, other than "not dying" or something. So...Adrest? What is his role inside MC? Is it possible that MC could be even more stronger than we could imagine after Ch. 15? We only know that Ultra Beasts were important for Storm-9 and Xenpurgis, since it was said that this Rift Stakataka is the strongest Rift. Plus, Clear and Kieran both have Ultra Beasts and I don't think it's a coincidence. No no no, it's a cool theory: somewhere, it was said that Yveltal is holding a Soul Stone when we battle it in Blacksteeple. It only has Decimation and no other moves, making him really weak to many strategies, but let's put that away, The point is: the Soul Stone can hold spirits who refused to die... the player could only capture Anathea's soul and she could be seen only in areas related to Vitus in the past. So...is it possible that Yveltal is holding a spirit? Or even Vitus' spirit, despite he was "fused" with Anju this whole time? Or even Yveltal is Vitus himself and he's holding someone as hostage? About Giratina...it seems like I'm not the only one who thought it's impossible that Giratina was so easily fooled by some scientists and got captured. It's so strange that the first was in its Origin Form the whole time and the second only in the Altered form. In the Third Layer it's possible to find notes about a woman named Lunala whose body rejected the Archetype and she got serious problems after that event. Casually, Melia pointed that Lunala is also the name of a Legendary Pokèmon. Then, there is the mysterious Mewtwo called Dranna, who was freed by Crescent from Madelis' control. Then, there is the strange Hoopa girl inside Aelita, and Vivian and Taelia too before her. Then there is Meloetta who seems like to be really important for the story. Then, Storm-9 is literally an altered Xerneas. So...why we continue to see humans so related to Legendary Pokèmon that it seems like they turn into them? What is the meaning all of this?
  11. Nope, I'm pretty sure nothing in the game is shiny locked.
  12. So, I checked myself about "Winter" Alice (since she's the mc I use always, literally) and I'm sure they work pretty fine. The problem is that they all are ".wepb files" (they can't work like this and you can recognize this if the sprites are surronded by useless grey and black "objects") when you download them and they have different names from the files the game supposed to find while running. So...you have first to at least make some "backups" of the original files, to make sure they are safe. Then, changing the new files' names into the olds' name and convert those files into ".png". Doing it manually won't let them work still, so use some converters and they'll be fine. And gotcha, the job is done. Despite they were made in 2014, they work. I still didn't test the Dive ones, though...
  13. If I remember correctly, there is one near some surf zones, I'll check soon where. Maybe you have to finish the full quest but I don't think it's related.
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