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  1. Kudos to the dev team for delivering this banger for version. The graphic, music, gameplay and plot was just what I needed to spend my vacation on. My personal highlight of this version is the dancing maid and Erin trying dance made me laugh my ass off!
  2. Amazing work, whose the character beside Angie?
  3. I have found new TM in the game that were not there in the previous version, but I'm not sure if this is all of them.
  4. If you get to late part the game you should get Torterra with its crest which make it resistant to most of the Grass type weaknesses
  5. Yo, I just got a new PC!! Oh well, just have to start all over again and I know it will be more fun!!
  6. Hi yall, Pokemon Rejuvenation and Reborn have inspired me to make my own pokemon game. This is a new experience and I am lacking quite in the art and music department, so I have used resources from various sources (Including Rejuvenation) to make decent progression of the game I am making. It's common knowledge to credit the maker of all the resources that has been used, so the question is how to properly do credit the resources when the game is released? Feel free to leave you suggestion.
  7. I get you, play the games you want to play.
  8. Would recommend Pokemon full moon. The game is quite like pokemon reborn and rejuv. It still in development but has 14 of 18 gyms completed. The game shares almost the same art style as Rejuv and have an interesting story with the main character Luna and you start off with an Arcanine. The major downside with this game is its legendary, won't spoil but you will know when you play the game
  9. The hype is real now. V13 is finished when it is finished and I hope the Rejuv team don't get any pressure to work on the game when you don't have the time or motivation. I have one question: What gamemaking program are you using to create pokemon Rejuv? Is RPG maker XP or something else?
  10. I highly suggest Pokemon Full Moon if havent played it
  11. While I wait, I study how the game was made in RPG maker XP and how I can learn to make a pokemon game. I admire how much work has been done for this game and eventually I will release my own game.
  12. Hi I recently downloaded pokemon essentials and used it to analyze pokemon rejuvenation for quite a while. Im just amazed of the sheer amount of time and effort put in to this game. I've been a big fan of the art style of rejuvenation and would like to implement some if not most of assest into the game Im working on. I have aleready taken some but so the question is do I need full premisson if I ever gonna release my game using their assets? Here is a sneak peek on the first map im working on.
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