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  1. Hi, so apparently if you use surf then land in tall grass it locks you in place. The most I can do is move in a circle on this grass patch, but I can't use surf again. Or move.
  2. I'm sorry for being a little clueless in this, but I'm not sure what the next story quest to do in this game is? There's no synopsis so it's a bit hard to remember, I'm right after beating
  3. Can someone help me find all the grid fragments, I can't find the one in adderfall && ;w ;
  4. Hi, I was wondering if I could get help finding type: null in the sewers?
  5. I thought I had the latest patch, they made a new one? Sorry, I usually hear about these things late.
  6. I can't continue because this lady won't move, is she supposed to do that?
  7. Ahh, that's so exciting!! Thank you, i'm excited to play as the yellow haired chara again, it's been a while!!
  8. Hi, i'm new here!! Will the game also feature the overleveling pokemon don't listen to you mechanic after the rework? / will it be possible to turn that off in settings? For a more casual experience?
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