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  1. I'm just waiting for a mega flygon
  2. Awesome! What is your favorite one??
  3. You could possibly train the budew up some to get through some of the electric types, you could also get a traded onix from a hiker in Peridot Ward.
  4. Hello StarGamingZ here, Star for short, been lurking for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself . Big Fan of Pokemon, and I'm loving Reborn as well! Also doing a little playthrough on my YT channel if you want to check it out! Also my favorite Pokemon is Garchomp and favorite Pokemon-Type is Dragon because "Nothing beats pure, unbridled power."
  5. StarGaming

    Zorua help

    First beat Corey Gym leader #3 and complete his events then go to the top of one of the Beryl Ward building (can’t remember which) then go to the Peridot Ward Pokemart then to the north obsidian ward and enter the building near the magma gang hideout, there you will have a wild encounter with Zorua
  6. StarGaming


    Idk why but my computer started lagging up on 18.3 and was like well dang but then 18.4 came in for the rescue thx
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