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  1. I want a bagon.will i get it in version 13. Please tell me
  2. Lots of love rejuv team.for your hard work. But please please please can anyone tell me is version 13 comming this month or not.
  3. Papzaz390

    E19 Release

    Please dont get angry on me... I am just asking when will version 19 will be out.really i miss reborn.please ame and reborn team release the game i cant wait.
  4. Please please please can anyone tell me..when will version 19 will be out. I have played version 18 twice.now please can anyone help me.by telling when will it be out
  5. Please please can anyone tell me.will v13 be out within this month or not..cuz really i am a very big fan of this game. Thankew rejuv team and more power to you jan.
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