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  1. Currently in Eclysia Pyramid and I made it to the end with my character, however I can't progress because the game won't allow me to switch to Ren or Aelita when I hit the A key. My other backups won't help this situation so I was wondering if I could get any help? Save file below and thank you a ton for the assistance! Game.rxdata
  2. So I'm trying to get through this pyramid in Rejuvenation and it seems as though I can't really switch to Ren or Aelita. I clicked A and then I clicked every other button I have and yet it won't give me the option to select a character so now I'm stuck here... Any help would be appreciated, I really don't wanna lose all my progress in this game due to this bug Below is my save file if that can help in anyway to fixing the problem... Game.rxdata
  3. So I'm playing through Rejuvenation after not having played it for a long time and recently just got back into playing it. Everything is going fine until I hit the point in the story where Ren, Aelita, and I are hunting down a rift. We make it to this building and give it power but now Aelita is stuck in one of the rooms, I have rock smash to deal with the first rock but the second rock I cannot interact with and I have no idea how to break it...
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