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  1. so I was starting my 2nd play frow ware I was doing typ chaling ware I gust yous water typ pokemon and then my first pokemon incontr was a shiny noibat as intunull yelling in my head. welp die noibat
  2. username : gilbert Time zone; UTC+5.00 Availability ; just message me. I may battle you if I can enough for a few. roles effets; im ok with enythig just remebur im complexly new at this so have fun testing stuf
  3. hi I just complet my frist run last nite and I just wated to say thak you to you and all the people who help on  the fun game and to have a mary christams or happy holadays wich ever you prfer      and sory for the bad seling  

    1. Amethyst


      awh, thank you! and thanks for playing! happy holidays to you too and don't worry i've never once spelled anything right in my life

  4. I just complet eps 18 and my furst run 

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    2. Gilbert


      yes for shor it was fun and im going to try owt new pokemon


    3. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Cool. I wish you luck in your endeavors

    4. Gilbert
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