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  1. Hello! I’ve recently been playing (and enjoying) Reborn after seeing what it’s really like instead of secondhand tweets. And I have a few questions (if you don’t mind answering)


    I heard that you made Reborn as a way to like vent or whatever, and the fact that your insert is uh, yeah, just made me want to ask if you’re in a better state right now, concerned.

    Secondly, do you think a version that does not include, all the, death, will ever be made? I’m thankful that the wiki has listings for it and TWs but it’s still hard to play with them and I know other people have issues like that.


    I’m not good at ending messages so, have a nice day(?)

    1. Amethyst


      Hi there! Thanks for playing and enjoying the game. It's very sweet of you to be concerned, but yes, don't worry, I'm okay. The self-insert version of me died for story reasons more than emotional ones, but other parts of the game are more emotionally-relevant... and also, thankfully, in the past. Everything is okay ^^


      As for the second one I have no plans to make a version of that myself but it's possible if there's demand for it, someone could mod the game that way or something.


    2. Sallymencer


      I’m very glad to hear you’re all better now, happy holidays!

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