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  1. I did that but nothing appeared. I replace it but the guy don't appear
  2. it not letting me unzip the file can someone help me plz I replace the old folder with the new randomizer one but nothing happened
  3. gabe4528

    LOL random XD

    if it do work will we have to update reborn like usual
  4. I'm frozen and cant move in 7th street can someone help me plz Game.rxdata
  5. NVM I figured it out thanks for being patient with me
  6. Also I just put I back where it was when I took it out right
  7. I post the file again can you plz move my character to obsida ward plz Game.rxdata
  8. it didn't work what should I do should I give u the file again
  9. I can’t move in the cranky old lady house
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