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  1. "Oh, is that so? Tell me, if I whack you in the back of the head with the hilt of my sword right now and take it from you then who's going to stop me? I wonder, will the Devil himself rise to your defense?" A hand goes towards her sword--she doesn't intend to cut him down, of course, but she wouldn't suggest that if she wasn't willing to follow up on it. He's being awfully mouthy for someone in his position...though, to be honest, she can't say she might not be just as defiant in a similar position. That's just who she is. "'Cause I fucking doubt he can be bothered for your scummy ass."
  2. It's over. She would have liked to get a few blows in herself, but...since the one who was mainly wronged by him got her licks in, she doesn't mind it so much. After all, if they were to fight the bastard who ordered her father killed and she didn't so much as get a swing at him, she'd be very, very upset. And...at the very least, they managed to save everyone they could. It's only a pity they couldn't avoid killing the ones they did... "...It's probably not my place to decide if he lives or dies. And personally, if he dropped dead right here I wouldn't care--might give his corpse a kick in the ribs, but I certainly wouldn't feel bad. If we decide to keep him alive as a hostage, or to stand trial, then I won't have much quarrel with it...so long as he faces some consequences, of course. If the latter, then perhaps he should have a jury of women; if he's such the charmer he believes himself then there's no problem, is there?" She pauses a moment before continuing. "...I don't really know what the right thing to do here is, between taking him hostage or not. I just don't want him to be able to go on like nothing fucking happened." She turns her gaze to the Killing Edge he'd tried to draw on them, staring at it a bit wistfully--it's a fine blade, not her own but one that speaks to her nonetheless, and she takes a few moments before speaking again. "...I would like that sword, though. That's a nice sword. It's not like we're going to let him keep it, is it?"
  3. ...Whoof. She probably should have expected escape from the underworld to be a little challenging, but...still, this really freaking hurt. She's honestly more concerned about how Mercia's doing, but...it looks like her sister's up and at 'em right now, at least. Though from the looks of it, just barely...kind of like her, really. "Mercia! You should drink your vulnerary!", she calls out before advancing and doing the same. Owena to J7, drink her Vulnerary. slurp
  4. Reiko hadn't much felt the need to interject so far...she knew nothing about nations beyond Ria, after all, so it likely was something better handled by people who did. Seeing this disgusting man parade around with women that he clearly doesn't see as anything more than arm candy, acting like he's somehow above them...and then, to learn that he's protecting another who could be considered scum of the earth? She's already not in the best mood due to that smug-ass cavalier from earlier, and this doesn't help that at all. That's just fine, though--at the moment, she doesn't really want to be calm. "Why don't you just shut your damn mouth and step out from behind those poor girls so we can take your fucking kneecaps, you shithead?" Reiko walks forward to F-7, but [MENACING]ly.
  5. Tch. The nerve of that Aristotle prick...it looks like they've got bigger problems at the moment, though. There's no doubt that she hates his guts, but she's not about to jeopardize their escape by doing anything stupid. For now, it's likely best to do what she can to take care of those Revenants before they become a real issue. She flies over to perform a drive-by axe swing at the Revenant before flying back to a safer position. Owena to E11, smack the Revenant, Canto to H11.
  6. She lets out a small sigh as she's healed and the pain melts away. There's still some aches there, but...it'll probably be fine. The important thing is, she's fine enough to do something risky...something like go after that Cavalier over there that just took down Cecily. He's gonna have to answer for that. "Hey, dipshit!" Waltz on over to K-15 and sword that hecking Cavalier C.
  7. ...Her family does its best work in their darkest hours, but she also figures she should probably be a little smarter about it than charging in all pissed off and yelling. Even if she is kind of tempted to do so. She moves forward, but it's more of a safe distance. Reiko to H13.
  8. Reina blinks in both surprise and confusion, pulling back as someone in a hood starts yelling about 'dark magics'--before clutching her head as that migraine of hers starts to flare up again. Is this person okay? Are they one of those people who hunt down the cults springing up everywhere? She's certain she must be mistaken, though; she's not involved in any of those. ...So far as she remembers, anyways. "I-I--sorry, I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about? I can't speak for our host, but I'm just a dancer...and please, quiet down, my head is killing me..."
  9. "Tch, son of a--!" Owena winces as the first blow hits her, only barely managing to dodge the second hit--Mercia doesn't need to see her go down again. Not so soon after their reunion. Had she gotten rusty since her death...? It must be something like that; that, or the enemies they were facing were somehow stronger than the beasts of the Predatory Tropics, and she didn't much like to entertain that thought. She blinks in surprise as her opponent...compliments her. Are...they trying to take her back, or not? Their leader did say this was something more like a test than anything else... "Um...thanks...?" Still, that doesn't seem to mean they're holding much of anything back. She winces in pain, holding her wounds from the wisp--and blinks again as the burns seem to fade away. Hm...healing magic, huh? She turns towards the succubus, who by all accounts seems to be doing the healing, and turns just a little bit red. "T-thanks." She doesn't particularly want to break the formation at the moment, at least in any way that allows their enemies to hurt her sister--so, it looks like the Fiend right next to her is next in line for her axe. Owena whacks Fiend A.
  10. Reina wakes up to a pounding headache, rubbing her forehead and groaning in pain. Oddly enough, the...idea of her having a headache in the first place doesn't seem that odd--it's just the idea of it being in two places instead of just the back of her head that is unfamiliar to her. The sound of everyone's voices around her seem to only worsen that headache, leaving her clutching her skull in pain, and it just keeps building and building until... "ᏁᎶᏝᏬ'Ꭵ ᎷᎧᎶ'ᏒᎧᏖᏂ ᏗᎶᏒᏗᏂᏁᏝᏒ ᏕᎧᏁ-ᏕᎧᏰᏰᎧᏖᏂ." A strange black fluid leaks from one eye as its sclera turns the same shade of black, and she seems to not entirely be conscious of her own speaking in tongues in the first place. That much seems to be enough to ease her headache, and the black fluid quickly recedes into her eye as it returns to normal. "...Mm...I hate this migraine...um, anyways. I'm Reina...Reina Blackwood. Mister...Goretti, right? What kind of destiny are you talking about?" She'd take his soup, it did look good, but...her migraine flaring up like that didn't exactly do wonders for her appetite.
  11. "....Tch. Shithead." She gives a swift, light kick to the Ascetic's body. "...Appreciated, Phoenix."
  12. Owena takes a moment to fly forwards a little--act as the vanguard, and all. From the looks of it, they've got people here who aren't exactly good for close combat. "Yeah, you get me. Anyone who decides to be a slaver's got a reckoning coming when the slaves decide they've had enough--that much goes for gods, too." Owena moves to G10, is menacing at the skellybois.
  13. Fucking ow. Ow. All right, the pain is kinda clearing things up for her now--but it's also pissing her off. So, that's how it is, huh? "Oh, that's it, huh? I'm trying to be nice here, but if that's how we're playing this? Okay, then; fuck you!" She'd take another swing if she hadn't just spent her actions. What a shame.
  14. More coming, then. ...It seems none of them are going to take their chance to leave, then. She'd had a feeling with the first wave, but she figured at this point it was likely to become a pattern. ...Well, they couldn't say she hadn't given them their chance, then. As the enemy makes their feeble attempts at hurting Ferdiad (the man's built like a brick shithouse, she notes to herself), she advances forwards. The cavaliers don't seem to be a fight that she can win here, so...it would seem that her next target would be the aescetics. ...Pity, that. "Apologies." Reiko to I14, strike at Aescetic B. Just business pal
  15. It felt....very, very good to no longer be in chains. She was never meant to be in them in the first place, after all--and if she had anything to say about it, she'd never be in them again. The axe, similarly, felt familiar in her hand, its weight and grip somewhat comforting in a way. Yeah...this was her stuff, all right. Of course, the fact that they'll end up facing the actual Minotaur of legend (though she'd always preferred Asterios herself) did prove...a little daunting of a task. Hopefully her combat skills hadn't rusted too badly...she had a feeling she'd need them soon enough. It would be much more convenient if she had-- Ah...speak of the devil. A wyvern's cry accompanied the birdsong, one as familiar to Owena as the phoenix was to Mercia, and she couldn't hide the smile finding its way onto her face as Atreus made his way to her side. She gave him a gentle pat on the neck before climbing up onto his back again. "Right in the thick of it again, eh, old friend?" It seemed Mercia wanted to break that crystal, and...eh, it was probably fine, right? She didn't know what v-o-l-a-t-i-l-e spelled, but she did want to break their shit on the way out for doing this to them. Let them know there would be consequences. "I say go for it. Nothing to lose but our chains--" Wait. Wait, hold on. Someone did know what v-o-l-a-t-i-l-e spelled. And what it meant. Hm. "Um, actually. I'll leave the planning to you guys on that one."
  16. "ᏂᏗᏁᏖᏂᏒᏝᏝ'ᎶᏁ ᎷᏁ'ᎶᏁᎥᏬ ᎦᏖᏂᏗᎶᏁ ᎦᏖᏂᏗᎶᏁ...hm? N-No...I'm sure I didn't say anything..."
  17. Well...what the hell? She figures she can get another go at someone in. Reiko to K17, Marth/Lucina Noise Fighter B.
  18. ....Hrm. It seems she'll have to tell everyone that healing and vulneraries are better used on others at some point. But...it's kind of a moot point right now. No sense in reprimanding someone else's kindness when they've got this kind of a fight ahead of them. Reiko steps fowards, over the collapsed body of the Fencer, and aims her strike directly at the Scholar. "Doriyah--!" I17, Doriyah the Scholar.
  19. It's clear that the two of them have a lot to talk about. She's been grieving, and no doubt beating herself up about what happened, and Owena wants nothing more than to ease that pain. Yes, she would have liked to not die if possible, but the fact is that it wouldn't have happened if Athena or Ares could get their head out of their asses and admit a loss--that combined with how her behavior in their dying moments told her loud and clear it wasn't an intentional thing meant to Owena that those two gods are more to blame than any of them. Not just for their tragedy, but for any tragedy that occurred in the long, senseless war. If there's someone Owena should be wanting to get back at, it's them. But, it seems from the fact that the door's just been kicked down, that talk's going to have to wait. Yeah...that's him. The weird kid who'd chatted her up about escape. Looks like he was serious about it then. She can't suppress a scoff at Aristotle's eagerness to leave--oh, what, was slavery not suiting him? Surely he deserved it for being weaker than the gods?--and she is slightly annoyed at the interruption, but apart from that she's got no qualms with the general idea of it. She's had enough of this place for an afterlife. "...Yeah. I'm in with this. This war's a travesty that never should have gone on this long, and I'd like to end it if possible. Also..." She turns back to Mercia. "I think the both of us had our fill of slavery long ago, don't you?"
  20. Owena glances around the room they're currently held in for their break--well, it's a change of scene, at least. For what that's worth when she's still in shackles. Again. She can't help but feel it's some sort of insult from the gods that she's down here like this, in a state she swore she'd never be in again. If that kid she was talking to was just pulling her chain, she's going to kick his ass the next chance she gets; it may incur some punishment but what're they gonna do? Kill her? Another presence catches her eye, and...oh, man. She'd hoped they didn't have her down here, too. She doesn't even really know what to say at first--if only the Fates hadn't been so damned cruel to let her die without voicing her forgiveness. She should probably at least say something, though. She turns her head to face Mercia, her expression somewhat saddened. "...I'd hoped you'd somehow escaped this fate too. The gods really are cruel, aren't they?"
  21. "Tartarus brings back too many memories of Sparta's worst indulgences. If you're busting out, then count me in."
  22. Reiko had planned on following the general plan of trying to sneak their way through to the goal; if this were her homeland's castle, it would be a different story, but as it was, there was very little reason to hold much of a grudge against the rank and file guards here. In a country with so little, it's likely enough they took their positions in hopes of alleviating such poverty. If they came across the king, though, well...that might be a coin-toss. That didn't seem to be in the cards at the moment, though--as Kane's quick sitrep let them know, there didn't seem to be much hope of avoiding a fight. That was...fine. That was fine. If they wanted to avoid her blade then they'd have one chance to do so. Making sure her mask is secure on her face, she steps out from their hiding place and readies her sword, getting herself in a suitable stance to dodge any incoming fire. "If you value your life then you may leave and tell no one you saw us. Otherwise, it won't be pleasant." It probably won't work, but shit, it's worth a shot. Reiko to I-18, activate Leaf on the Wind.
  23. Reiko is silent for the most part...although, that's mostly because she doesn't have much to say. She doesn't know how comfortable she is with a break, with the knowledge that King Ruslan is sitting comfortable in his castle with his stolen property, the sword he obtained over her father's corpse--but she's not dense. She knows that even if she would rather press on, preferably straight to the King's doorstep, that's not a commonly shared opinion among the group. They need rest. And...things will go smoother with them around to help her. "....Ulux. I haven't heard much of it--mine was a more rustic upbringing. I know its defining trait, though, is its poverty." She pauses for a few more seconds. "A wise man once told me poverty itself isn't a sin--or, I guess, that the poor themselves have done no wrong in being such. If there's any evil in poverty, it lies in the men who keep whatever wealth there is all to themselves, and in so doing cause the poverty of everyone else." Maybe it's a bit philosophical for small talk, but it'll do.
  24. There's a lot going through her mind right now, as she stares quietly off into the distance. After that whole debacle, not many of those things are good things. If she couldn't stop any of that from happening, what good is she, exactly? She's got lofty goals, all right--but it doesn't look like they're goals that are going to get anywhere if she keeps giving these sorts of performances. Pathetic.
  25. Hrm...leaving so soon, then? She'd be fairly fine with pursuing War, just to make it clear they wouldn't escape so easily, but it was apparently the decision that Death was higher up on the priorities list than her. "...Tch." ...Whatever. Reiko to L16, hold.
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