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  1. Thanks, if it was just simply the player's pokemon that'd make it a tad bit less fun for me.
  2. I'm thinking of trying out the randomizer for Pokemon Reborn and all I got is 2 questions before I ask, if someone could please answer them. 1. Does the pokemon for the opponent get randomized as well? 2. Are the items also randomized?
  3. Fairly smooth, got lucky hits with my Lycanroc and thanks to me boosting my stats a little for my other mons I was alright.
  4. Thanks everyone but I managed to beat her just last night.
  5. Got it. Thanks for the suggestion Edo.
  6. I need some help beating Ciel, here's my team with mainly their useful moves. Lycanroc: Stone Edge Crunch Delphox: Psychic Psyshock Mystical Flame Flamethrower Alakazam: Psychic Terrain Psychic Shadow Ball Samurott: Aqua Jet Surf Aqua Tail Razor Shell Salamence: Fly Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Crunch Aggron: Metal Claw Double Edge Iron Head and Rock Slide Do I need to make adjustments to my team?
  7. Any chance someone has a mon with Perish Song I can have? I'm gonna use it to beat Solaris's Garchomp, I'd prefer a Prankster Murkrow, but anything else is perfectly fine. EDIT: Or a mon with Destiny Bond and a Focus Sash. Either or works 100% fine. EDIT #2: Never mind, got a bud from Discord to trade me a Seel with Perish Song.
  8. XxAlexxX

    Trade bug

    He'll get himself another one and use a Trade Link Stone for it, but I figured I should report this bug anyways.
  9. XxAlexxX

    Trade bug

    I was helping my friend over Discord trying to evolve his Graveler, and when we did the trade I traded a caterpie for it since I didn't really have any other not used pokemon available since I'm still early game. When we traded, I was on the "waiting..." screen while the trade apparently when through for him. I went out of the menu and I still had my caterpie, BUT he also had a caterpie that's mine with the exact same IVs and everything. The Graveler's gone, it's in neither of our parties or PC boxes.
  10. Never mind I actually found a program that works perfect. JoyToKey's license is optional apparently and works well with my TV. I just gotta re-bind to my D-pad instead of joystick for movement so it's not all weird.
  11. Anyone know a way I can play Pokemon Rejuvenation with a controller without a program I gotta pay for? My laptop is connected to my TV that's in my room, I just wanna play from my futon so it'll be more fun. EDIT: Basically what I mean is is there a program I can use without a free trial.
  12. Alright, I'm playing a game called Megadimension Neptunia VII, and I'm on the 2nd K-sha fight. Does anyone know what could help? Noire is level 30, Uni is 29, and I can barely get just one health bar down.
  13. I am curious as to how this'll work, plus it'd be neat to have a Randomizer run.
  14. Game froze up while trying to reset Aelita Ren and I's positions in a puzzle. I don't have a screenshot for some reason it didn't save but I have a save file that's a little bit before I froze.
  15. Do you know why the site is taking longer to load on some parts?





    Something strange is going on here.

    1. Amethyst


      sorry, we were dealing with some kind of brute force hack earlier that was probably slowing the site down; it should be better now!

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