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  1. Every time I try to access Online Play, I get this message. Is it just down or is there something wrong with my file? It was working yesterday just fine so I have no clue.
  2. Game froze up while trying to reset Aelita Ren and I's positions in a puzzle. I don't have a screenshot for some reason it didn't save but I have a save file that's a little bit before I froze.
  3. Do you know why the site is taking longer to load on some parts?





    Something strange is going on here.

    1. Amethyst


      sorry, we were dealing with some kind of brute force hack earlier that was probably slowing the site down; it should be better now!

  4. Time to drop everything and find out all the new content.
  5. Crud, even Lostelle will need help, and they are the main puzzle guide!
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