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  1. A bit late to the party but take your time I look forward to the difficult puzzles as if Ame hadn't broke us w/ those Reborn puzzles already
  2. Hey mate I've received your birthday message from year ago,

    Thank you & I apologize for not replying I haven't been on for a while!

    1. LykosHand


      Don't worry, better late than never right? And you're welcome 😄

  3. A bit late to the party but this is personally my favorite version thus far, loved every second of it. Great job Jan and Co.
  4. Well done Jan! I really loved this story and it undoubtedly added a generous amount of character development for Keta. I agree with others suggestion if it is possible (depending on time and/or if you desire to even do it at all) Why not have more of these side stories? We already have "Version 1" in the title of this topic, we can have a "Version 2" for the next installment. I think many can agree that this is a very unique experience even in a fan-game! I also believe with the large abundant of characters in this game it can help certain characters get more spotlight.
  5. Considering that Greninja won the popularity contest in Japan, I'm genuinely not surprised it's in the top 3 and rightfully so.
  6. Everybody loves the fabio hair-do it gets upon mega evolving, it should be called Ampfabulous.
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